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Jamaican JANKROS Attack Beat St Maartener Photos. Tired of Jankros

Please don’t start shit with me today about xenophobia. There are Jamaicans and there are Jankros…

We don’t have a Jamaican problem, we have a Jankro problem. Jankros only know crime, violence and pregnancy. I am not in the mood, so this is my article: J.J. Hodge was viciously attacked by Jamaicans. In St Maarten they want to shame and censor you for using Nationality and Race when discussing crimes.. We name and shame everyone. Nobody has issues when we say St Maartener arrested. They only have issues when we post the nationality. Since I am in the mood today, let me break down my feelings about the Jamaicans I know. There are TERRIBLE, VIOLENT, KNIFE Wielding Jamaicans fresh out of West Moreland Bush who have yet to be CIVILIZED. You find them on the beach pretending to give massages, when they are giving handjobs and blowjobs to tourists under the towels. They are the first to brag that dey nah bow and dey nah nyam. For American dollars they will. Some of the best people I know are Jamaicans, but the few scalliwags and JANKROS in St Maarten destroy the reputation of the Majority good Jamaicans. Before I tell you how I really feel…let me explain

There are two types coming from Jamaica…

Yardies are ..always workin, ten jobs seven days a week.


1)Pregnant on day one of first date. Trapped some stupid man, who is just realizing his mistake. 18 years of child support for an ugly Jankro baby that looks just like it mother, probably not even his. Photo link: http://ALAIN ERGERONUGLYMANTRAPJANKROHO.jpeg

2) JANKROS love to fight you pregnant, Because they know St Maarten women respect the baby’s life more than the Jankro does. Jankros pop out ugly babies like a Pez dispenser.

3) JANKROS are the only female species who can have one baby with two biological baby daddies because they are taking so MUCH dick on the Boardwalk and behind the casinos for money to play bingo and slot machines they are basically autonomous, bad sperm repositories

4) Educated Jamaicans are great people, embarrassed by the JANKROS

5) Only Jankros can be six months and nine months pregnant, at the same TIME by two different men.

6) A Jankro man NEVER works, he sits around plotting all day about who to rob and hurt…for 10 dollars for a pack of Benson and a Red Stripe and a five bag of weed.

7) Jamaicans always wonder who called Immigration and got them deported. They need to ask their Jankro friends because St Maarteners don’t know your immigration Status, and we don’t care. You want to know who called immigration? Your Jankro Jamaican roommate who wants your job and the apartment for themselves. I know hard working Jamaicans deported, because their best friend wanted their job or man, sometimes woman.

Anybody curious about studying the Indigenous, Parasitic, 100 baby, Must trap a man and fight pregnant JANKRO… in their natural habitat. Their sanctuary Is at JUMP UP CASINO on the Emmaplein…between opening and closing. You will recognize them because they will be the ones fighting 9 months pregnant, getting their two dollar blond-Orange weave tangled fighting each other over a MARRIED man, who wouldn’t be caught dead in public with either of them. There are many ways to identify the indigenous Jamaicans Jankros, but I have to work get to work, I don’t sell bushy front like them..

P.s…. Jankros on Facebook selling used, not quite fresh, not quite washed, stained underwear and lingerie ON FACEBOOK

It got many Jankros mad at me for calling them out. How you sell front, then want sell your used underwear and lingerie then want to come at me in GANG because it is unhygienic to sell used underwear because…. disease. How is Ms Jankro on Facebook selling used underwear, when she could make more money selling it to a DNA Analysis factory? Freshly used underwear, 100 different varieties of sperm still swimming around. More nuts in your panties than a Snickers bar?

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