110-year-old Aruban, Mary Benjamin probably oldest knighted person ever

110-year-old Aruban woman probably oldest knighted person ever 04/26/21 1:02 PM Update: a minute ago 2 responses Share via Whatsapp Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 2,832 people will be told on Monday that they have received a royal decoration. The oldest person to pin a ribbon this year is 110-year-old Mary Benjamin from Aruba. She seems to be the oldest knighted person ever, reports the Chapter of the Civil Orders. Benjamin was a “dedicated volunteer” with the Women’s League of the Methodist Church for 44 years. She has been appointed Member of the Order of Oranje-Nassau. Last year, 95-year-old Toos Wierema-Ballings from Eindhoven was probably the oldest recipient of an award. It is not entirely possible to say with certainty who the oldest recipient is. The award system has existed since 1815 and the age of the recipients has not always been kept up to date. At 35 years old, Marleen Mulders from Tilburg is the youngest person to receive a ribbon in 2021. She has been committed to children with cancer since 2002. Just like last year, 65 percent of those decorated are male. Almost all people who receive a ribbon receive it for their work as a volunteer (97 percent). In the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, eighty people receive a royal decoration. Book & CultureSee also: Claudia de Breij receives royal decoration during ribbon shower Nine out of ten requests were granted The vast majority of people have been appointed Member of the Order of Oranje-Nassau. Eighteen persons have been appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion. In total, the Netherlands has about a hundred official decorations, but orders of knighthood have a special position. The people who receive a ribbon have been nominated by citizens and social organizations. This year it concerned 3,117 proposals. As many as nine out of ten proposals have therefore been approved. Due to the corona measures, the ribbon shower has an adjusted character, just like last year. Mayors call the lucky ones on Monday. The awards are spread over the week. The names of all those decorated will appear in a special edition of the Government Gazette on Monday afternoon . Difference in awards Order of Orange-Nassau: The Order of Orange-Nassau has existed since April 4, 1892. For an award in this order are eligible persons who have made a special contribution to society. Think of volunteers who work for young people, the environment, (informal) care, sports, neighborhood associations or refugees. Order of the Netherlands Lion: The Order of the Netherlands Lion was established in 1815. For this purpose persons are eligible with exceptional merits to society, greater than could be expected of him or her. For example, people who have carried out pioneering (scientific) work that is useful for society. The keyword is always ‘exceptional’, in other words people with a talent who deliver a brilliant performance. (Source:

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