Kendall Dupersoy Semen Is Fattening

The St Maarten Government Is Under Investigation.

Good morning St Maarten, the new site, just got started after a long delay. For months, I have been trying to get my internet turned on, so that I can try to work, and for months they have been trying to stop fate.

I was not stealing with them, or enjoying the spoils of their crimes, now I am supposed to be trying to protect them?

For months I have pretended to play along, as I listened to excuse after excuse about why I am not allowed to work.

Kendall Dupersoy, if it takes more than a month, for basic internet service in 2021, you are simply not qualified to call yourself the CEO of Telecommunications. You were great when it came to awarding those contracts to the Irish, as you locked the locals out.

I am not the first, the only, the last. And in his bubble, he really think he outsmarted someone.

Kendall Dupersoy is offended when you Point out he would be a trash collector if not for nepotism. Jobs for doing dirt work for politicians. Favor for favor, it is generational with Kendall, but nobody is supposed to know.

How to you look into your sons’ eyes and tell them to work hard, when all their life they’re only seeing you take handouts. Calypsonian Fish agrees, that after years of taking abuse to get better jobs, Kendall like many are starting to forget how they got those jobs, what they had to do to get those jobs.

Kendall has every name in the book for me, because I refuse to prostitute myself for high paying positions, that I NEVER earned. You will see my skills at play, I will finish that site today, yet I am surrounded by people APPOINTED through Nepotism and favoritism… pretending like hard Workers envy them.

So after months of trying to have the potential to work, I am done being nice. Kendall has the Nerve to talk Karma when he curses his own children every day doing dirt for William Marlin.

Today, I am setting up RSS of 25 feeds to attach to the new blog. So I have to post blogs through 25 different sites today, so I will be writing about TELEM, Kendall Dupersoy, The National Alliance, Vance James, SPA/SPM/NA because I need an interesting topic to practice on. So it might seem redundant, but it is not. Every blog will be ubique… An Easter basket filled with ‘eggs’.

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