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Elco Rosario Pretended To Be A Chinese Girl To Beg The Dutch Queen For Money, He Went To Prison For Trying To Sell Our Land

Slavery is Claude Wathey giving you money decades ago, to further this charade. Who was St Maarten’s biggest slave master? Claude Wathey…. Who is his biggest SLAVE? That one eyed demon he paid to retain…Elco Rosario, who is not a St Maartener went to prison for illegally trying to sell St Maarten land… The last time the queen visited Elco pretended to be a Chinese girl, Julie He, to beg the queen for money to build some Chinese foundation. My brother was your right hand man when they Raided you, Rosario, Timpf the Kadaster and Johnny Erato for trying to fill in land Mullet Bay to sell to foreigners. People actually trying to pretend Elco is a Black revolutionary. Elco needs to get back to his fraudulant and screwing the Chinese men wives, to fix their immigration papers. Elco Rosario is one reason why the Chinese now outnumber the indigenous Blacks. I confronted Elco and Julie when Elco was trying to use Julie to defraud the Dutch queen of millions. Elco cares about his people, the Chinese and NOBODY else. If you want to see the latest in criminal trash destroying this island for their master Claude Wathey, turn on your TV. That, my friends is modern day slavery. NOTHING EARNED…gifts and bribes. And that is why the one eyed snake NEVER looks comfortable in its skin. What I am saying here, I told that STINKING crook Elco in his face, blocking my gate everyday to ride Chinese wife. People want to talk about Karma. And that SLAVE who Claude Wathey bought a studio for, you know Claude beaming up from hell proud. A bunch of busted Criminals, destroying my country not theirs, these demons are not from here. Let me get back to the real News about when Elco the Black Revolutionary was pretending to be a Chinese girl to scam to scam the old WHITE, DUTCH, COLONIAL QUEEN OUT OF HER MONEY! I don’t fear snakes nor slaves. Only FOREIGN Criminals and crooks to so called represent St Maarteners… I am the only true St Maartener in this conversations, Foreign Chinese Agent Elco Rosario needs to get back to cuckolding Chinese husbands. He really thinks he got away.


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