Colin Kristensen prolific Child rapist raped his 6 year old daughter and is free to rape more children

Warning Disturbing & Graphic: Court Transcripts English: Paedophile Colin Kristensen Raped His 6 Year Old Daughter, Police Officer Jerry Gerardus Took Money, Freed Him

Good morning St Maarten, there are issues uploading at this site, so I am switching to the new one where I can upload more. I have used up most of the data on this blog, because of the video. I will finish uploading these transcripts here. Then I will switch to and post links here

If you are clicking back for updates, full Court Transcripts are being added below. Sources will be cited in chronological order below. In the Dutch Court System, everything is completely anonymous when Court transcripts are published, so as I am collating all available info, I am also going through years of anonymous court transcripts, written in legalese, Chaucer Dutch. Everything has to be converted, then translated. I will also post the PDF of court transcripts. Kristensen, it seems has been trying to scrub all content from the internet, but there are ways.

The definitive history and biography of Pedo Colin Kristensen for the Redditors, and everyone else out there. This blog will be strictly fact based, with verifiable links to sources. Documents etc…

Interpol is now active in extradition of this predator back to St Maarten. Aggregating the latest info and Updates. Please be patient, there is a lot to upload here and at sister sites….this blog is being edited, updated and is UNFINISHED, contact 721 527 6730 for additions and corrections. NOBODY wants to spend their weekend in the Caribbean collating and translating incestuous pedo info. Click back, by tomorrow, all court transcripts should be up.

In order to do an ‘Epstein’, you need to buy the local government and authorities. If you are bribing the Prime Minister’s bodyguard, police officer Jerry Gerardus, and she is covering for him, the way he covered for her crimes, you might get away with raping your own 6 year old… again and again and again. Do not forget he was busted with 1000’s of images and videos, and RELEASED back into the St Maarten streets, to prey on more victims. The officer even forged documents… but we are getting ahead of ourselves.


2018: 3 years requested for police officer Jerry Gerardus suspected of theft and embezzlement.http://Officer Jerry Gerardus

PHILIPSBURG:— The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested a 3-year prison sentence for police officer J.V.G. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has also requested the Court of First Instance to prohibit J.V.G. from working as a civil servant for a period of 5 years.

The investigation WHALE conducted by the National Detectives has resulted in the prosecution of
J.V.G. Jerry Gerardus (43) and Colin Kristensen C.K. (33) for the following charges.

J.V.G.: theft of diamonds, cut stone, or jewelry and embezzling proceeds of the sale, bribery in service as a police officer, forgery and breach of confidently.

The case against co-suspect C.K. has been postponed until November 21, 2018, at 2:00 pm. C.K. is suspected of stealing diamonds, cut stone or jewelry, accepting bribes from a police officer and inciting forgery.

The Public Prosecutor emphasized during the court hearing on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, that attention should be placed on the fact that this case unraveled after a concerned citizen filed an official complaint. “This person should be complimented, because of their complaint various investigations have been launched and subsequently disclosing the truth. The safety of Sint Maarten is a case for everyone, not just the Public Prosecutor’s Office and investigation

The Public Prosecutor has requested to prosecute J.V.G. for embezzling the sale of fake and real diamonds. “What’s alarming is that the suspect in service as a police officer happened to become in possession of some diamonds after hurricane Irma. The guilt is not based on whether the diamonds were real or not.”

The Public Prosecutor also asked to convict J.V.G. for bribery of a 3 year period. “The WHALE investigation has revealed that suspect C.K. had regular contact with police officer J.V.G. and gave J.V.G. money, friendship, all expenses paid vacations and other things. In return J.V.G. provided C.K. with confidential information about ongoing investigations. This is already sufficient for a bribery conviction.”

Moreover, J.V.G. is guilty as a police officer for sharing confidential information about ongoing investigations with suspect C.K. It can be alleged that J.V.G. was bribed to provide C.K. with information about cases in which C.K. was a victim or suspect during the period of 2015 to 2018.

C.K. bribed J.V.G. to write a false report, which the Prosecutor’s Office finds a serious offense. “The accuracy of official reports is vital. We must be able to rely on law enforcement.”

“Further it is also documented in the defendant’s file that background investigations were or were intended to be carried out for a fee. This is what the Public Prosecutor’s Office considers unwelcomed extracurricular activities for a police officer on Sint Maarten. However this is not a chargeable criminal offense,” The Public Prosecutor pointed out.

“Bribing a police officer and investigating detective is a serious offence, but the role of J.V.G. is more incriminatory. J.V.G. worked for the Afdeling Zware Criminaliteit of the Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM). This department conducts the big investigations. Consequently an already pending case was postponed in order to carry out further investigation.

“With regard to this investigation, the Public Prosecution does not see any malicious intent on the part of the accused J.V.G., but the Public Prosecution was forced to do an extra investigation in order to dismiss doubts. The suspect has compromised trust in St. Maarten’s law enforcement.

“At the time of arrest the accused J.V.G. was working as a policy advisor in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister. Because no legal measures have yet been taken against J.V.G. by Country St. Maarten, I will also request to prohibit the defendant from working as a civil servant for a period of 5 years.”

The judge will close the case against J.V.G. on November 21, 2018. A decision on the case against J.V.G. and C.K. will presumably be rendered 3 weeks later.

Prosecutor’s Office Press Release

Colin Kristensen Was Protected by Prime Minister Leona Marlin’s Inner Circle

JERRY GERARDUS 2019: SZV Doctor threatened after she refused to backdate documents for convict associated with PM Romeo Marlin.

APRIL 18 2019: A doctor working for the Social Insurance Bank, SZV was threatened if she did not comply with the requests of the Prime Minister of St. Maarten Leona Romeo Marlin and backdate certain documents that will benefit convicted detective Jerry Gerardus.
According to the well-placed source, Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin instructed the Director of SZV Glen Carty to have the documents backdated for Gerardus who is currently on sick leave (A/O) but is still receiving his government salary even though convicted.

Jerry Gerardus was an advisor to the Prime Minister prior to his arrest on July 4th, 2018. Gerardus had to remain in pre-trial detention until his court date. However, the stained police officer fell ill while in pretrial detention and had to be released on special conditions. The source said the SZV control doctor refused to commit the fraud and forgery and as such she was threatened. It is not clear if the documents were doctored after the threats were made. On October 19th, 2018 the Prosecution requested 3-years prison sentence for Gerardus who was charged with theft and embezzlement.

Details on the charges are as follows: theft of diamonds, cut stone, or jewelry and embezzling proceeds of the sale, bribery in service as a police officer, forgery and breach of confidently. More on the Prosecution case against Gerardus can be found here

While the dirty cop had several brushes with the law while working in the Police Force of St. Maarten only in 2018 actions such as charges and prosecution was ever brought against Gerardus. At the time he was working in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin, while in detention the Prime Minister is the one that met several times with the Attorney representing Jerry Gerardus compromising the integrity of the cabinet of the Prime Minister. Besides meeting with Gerardus Attorney Romeo Marlin allegedly went to the Philipsburg Police Station and created a commotion there when Gerardus was in custody.

It is further alleged that was not the first time the Prime Minister tried to use the power of her office to interfere with judicial proceedings. On February 13th, 2019 the Court of First Instance handed down its decision on the WHALE investigation whereby Jerry Gerardus was convicted to 3 years in prison while he was banned from holding any position in the Korps Politie for a period of 8 years

While the Court of First Instance pronounced its decision the Prosecutor’s Office is yet to make the decision of the Court public while the published decisions of the Court have been manipulated in order to save the face of the justice system. It is should also be known that Gerardus has been in the pockets of several business people where it is alleged, that he was leaking information regarding criminal investigations.

Besides that, Gerardus has been the pockets of several persons and has used the office of the Police to threaten several persons. Some employees of Government-owned company GEBE has had their share of harassment and threat from the stained cop who is a friend of GEBE Internal Auditor and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SZV Sharine Daniel.

It should be noted that Jerry Gerardus has been convicted so is Regina Labega and both persons are still working in the cabinet of Ministers and Prime Minister while other civil servants have become targets if they were even questioned by police or suspected of committing any type of crime. The UD/ SMCP coalition government seems to think that the people of St. Maarten and those in the outer world are not taking notes on their flip-flopping when it comes to matters of integrity. Government chooses to go against the principles of good governance, integrity and the LMA to keep their cronies on the government payroll and in office. Bear in mind, the Public Relations Officer for the Minister of TEATT Stuart Johnson and Perry Geerlings was also convicted in his native country St. Kitts for murder/ manslaughter.

While the people of St. Maarten seem to understand and have accepted the modus operandi of the UD/ SMCP Government the very people are still wondering what the point of views of the Dutch Government regarding matters of integrity are and if they have raised any concerns with the country’s Chief Minister. Did the Dutch Government use their power to silence the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of First Instance on releasing the Courts Verdict that was rendered on February 13th, 2019?

The very Dutch Government have been using microscopic lenses to target certain politicians and high ranking business people on St. Maarten however, they seem to have some type of agreement with the current Government of St. Maarten since they have allowed these blatant integrity breaches to continue even though the former Government were forced to accept their conditions for the Recovery Funds, one being the Integrity Chamber. Is there an agreement with the Council of Ministers of St. Maarten and the Dutch Government regarding matters of integrity especially since the present COM have to decide to sell the assets of the country to the Dutch Government one being the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) in order for them to take over supervisory and management of the Government-owned company for it secure a loan through the World Bank and the European Investment Bank are only some of the questions that are being asked.

Colin Kristensen is more than St Maarten’s Jeffrey Epstein, he is a million times worse, he prefers toddlers, even his own, and if you think that’s bad, understand he is NOT in prison, has not been for while, and has no intentions of being punished for his crimes. After posting to various platforms that he was fighting extradition, I I realized very few people knew who he was or his evil deeds. The reason I will spend the afternoon compuling this blog is because when I tried getting info and links to share, I realized info on him was almost non existent. There is very little info about this guy because he spent a lot of money, covering his tracks. Another factor us that no sane person wants to write about or research pedophiles. Many contacted me about Colin, like Jeffrey Epstein he loved St Maarten, a pedo friendly country. I cannot write a complete blog about Colin Kristensen without dedicating a section to the St Maarten police and authorities who take money from convicted Child rapist to allow them to destroy more lives

Colin Kristensen spent a lot of money and time to keep his name out of the blogs and press. While every authority has been playing checkers with a depraved Child rapist, he has been playing a long game… chess. Although he believes he has scrubbed the internet ,if you dig it is still there.

No opinions, just records and facts. MORE INSIGHT

The facts are way more horrifying than my opinions, trust me. This is more than a blog about a prolific child child predator, it is also about a Justice system in the Caribbean that you can pay to make ANYTHING go away.

Pedophile Colin Kristensen used St Maarten as his base, his playground to rape children, including his own 6 year old daughter. He used his daughter in his own homemade porn along with her little friends to be shared and redistributed in the underground pedophile community. When he was busted, thousands of images of children, babies, toddlers being used in graphic porn was found.

Colin Kristensen (59)
PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Everything started with the case of Colin Kristensen, a 59-year- old Scotsman, who was arrested for possession of child porn and for sexual assault on several minors.
UPDATE #2: Detective Gerardus officially arrested for stolen jewelry –

Colin Kristensen (59)

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Everything started with the case of Colin Kristensen, a 59-year- old Scotsman, who was arrested for possession of child porn and for sexual assault on several minors.

His crimes were allegedly committed between May and December 2017.

There is a pending court case against Kristensen for the possession of child porn and for sexual assault on several minors.

The defendant is currently detained at the Pointe Blanche prison. The case first appeared in court on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Kristensen, who had the bottom part of his left leg amputated, appeared on crutches in the courtroom.

The case was subsequently postponed until May 30, 2018.

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, the case came to court again as was scheduled earlier in March after its initial postponement. On May 30, the Court in First Instance moved the child porn and sexual assault trial against Kristensen to Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Further charges against Kristensen that came to light were possession of a Molotov cocktail and cocaine and fencing jewelry.

Information reaching 721news roomreport that from the investigation of this porn case the “WHALE” case was born. The suspect Kristensen gave a statement that the jewelry he was fencing belonged to Detective Gerardus and other accomplices.

The investigation team then split the case and started with the one called “Whale,” since the beginning of this year they have questioned different persons of interest in this particular case.

On Tuesday, July 3, 2018 in the early morning hours, the investigating team consisting of Lands Recherché, RST, Prosecutor’s Office and the Judge of Instruction moved in on two locations. One was the home of detective Jerry Gerardus located across Zo Zo Moran Road in Cole Bay, and the other was at an apartment complex on Wellington Road.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the suspect Jerry Gerardus is allegedly accused of being bribed, forging documents and breach of confidentiality.

The investigating team is also looking to see if the jewelry may have come from possible past armed robberies on jewelry stores.

At the moment of his arrest, Gerardus was not working for the Police force, but was executing his duty as Advisor to the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.

The prosecutor said more arrests are possible.

The Public Prosecutor issued a Press Release, which you can read below:

Police Officer J.L.V.G., (42), a member of staff in the cabinet of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, was arrested this morning, as suspect in the WHALE investigation.

This investigation is led by the National Detectives, with assistance from the Police Force of Sint Maarten and Customs, and overseen by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A search was carried out at a residence in Cole Bay this morning.

J.L.V.G. is suspected of being bribed, forging documents and breach of confidentiality. J.L.V.G. remains in restrictive custody. More arrests are possible.

Original Article on


Colin Kristensen – Glasgow

December 2020

One-legged paedo diamond thief on the run to Scotland ‘to get fake leg fixed’

A one-legged paedophile diamond thief wanted in the Caribbean has fled to Scotland after claiming he needed to get his false limb fixed.

Predator Colin Kristensen has refused to return to the billionaires’ playground of Sint Maarten where he was convicted of abusing a six-year-old girl and looting jewels as part of a corruption scandal that rocked the West Indian paradise island.

The 62-year-old expat is back on the streets of Glasgow claiming he needs to stay on for medical treatment. But authorities in the Dutch territory have now issued a warrant for his arrest and alerted Interpol in a bid to haul him back to face justice.

Police Scotland swooped to put him on the sex offenders’ register to limit the danger he poses to children here while extradition papers are prepared.

A source close to the case said: “His crimes prove just what a devious, dangerous and morally bankrupt individual Kristensen is. I’d imagine Scotland will be quite glad to get rid of him.

“Every time he is supposed to be back in Sint Maarten, another excuse is rolled out. The suspicion is he has no intention of ever returning and doing his time.

“The court gave Kristensen the benefit of the doubt in allowing him to leave for Scotland for medical treatment but patience has run out. If he won’t come back of his own accord, he’ll be dragged back kicking and screaming.”

Kristensen ran a yachting technology supply company called Advanced Marine Systems with bases in Florida and Sint Maarten – which is one half of a Caribbean isle split in two between France and Holland.Home to 40,000 people, it is a hotspot for the mega-rich.

In 2015, Kristensen received a suspended sentence for Tasering his ex-wife’s new boyfriend but further claims of child abuse were made and police began an investigation.

He started bribing senior cop Jerry Gerardus – an adviser to the isle’s prime minister – with money and holidays in return for information about the inquiries.

The bent officer also forged a document to try to put the paedophile in the clear. But their web of corruption began to unravel in the wake of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, which left a £2billion trail of devastation.

Police were tipped off that the day after the island was left in ruins, the pair had conspired to steal diamonds from the rubble of a jeweller’s shop. The haul turned out to be fake.

Gerardus – who subsequently received a three-year sentence – was busted in July 2018 and Kristensen was lifted days later.

The sex offender was jailed for seven years in February 2019 for abusing the girl, distributing child porn images of his victim and other
unidentified girls and fencing the faux jewels. He was also locked up for bribery and another Taser assault.

Kristensen denied the offences from 2015 to 2017 but admitted a further charge of possessing cocaine. He lodged an appeal but remained behind bars until December 2019 when jail doctors diagnosed him with a slipped disc, which had been made worse by his homemade false leg.

The predator was given a five-month free pass from jail to jet to Scotland for spinal surgery and a new false limb – but he failed to return. Police Scotland were alerted to the paedophile’s presence and won an order from Glasgow Sheriff Court in August, forcing him to join the sex offenders’ register.

He was granted a deadline extension till last month to return to jail in the Caribbean.But Sint Maarten courts ran out of patience at the latest hearing, via videolink, on December 11.

Kristensen’s appeal is due to be heard in April.

Predator Colin Kristensen has refused to return to the billionaires’ playground of Sint Maarten where he was convicted of abusing a six-year-old girl and looting jewels as part of a corruption scandal that rocked the West Indian paradise island.null

The 62-year-old expat is back on the streets of Glasgow claiming he needs to stay on for medical treatment. But authorities in the Dutch territory have now issued a warrant for his arrest and alerted Interpol in a bid to haul him back to face justice.


PHILIPSBURG–Although previously ordered by the Joint Court of Justice to be in St. Maarten for Tuesday’s hearing, convicted sex offender Collin Kristensen (62) has defied the authority of law enforcement, showing up for his day in appeal court via video conference from the relative safety of Scotland.

  In February 2019, the Court of First Instance sentenced Kristensen to seven years in prison for many crimes, including the sexual abuse of his then-six-year-old daughter; the possession, production, and distribution of child pornography; fencing a number of looted diamonds in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in September 2017; mistreatment with a Taser gun; bribery of a police officer; and possession of a quantity of cocaine.

  The judge also ordered the execution of a three-month suspended sentence for a previous crime.

  Kristensen – who is of Scottish/Danish descent – appealed the lower court’s verdict, as he pled guilty only to the cocaine possession charge. The child pornography charge concerned both videos and photographs of his own daughter and other unknown children.

  After roughly 16 months in prison – which included his time in pre-trial detention – the Joint Court temporarily lifted his detention for “urgent” medical reasons.

  While in prison, Kristensen was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lower back and his condition was aggravated by a “homemade” prosthesis on his left leg. Kristensen claimed he would require highly specialised surgery to his spine which is not available in the Dutch Caribbean.

  In December 2020, the Joint Court ordered him to return for Tuesday’s hearing, and even allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to pursue extradition. However, there had been no extradition in the five months since this hearing.

  The Joint Court said at the time that Kristensen had not made sufficient efforts to obtain treatment and had failed to provide clarity about his medical condition, which was mainly based on his own words and not supported by medical certificates from doctors, physical therapists, or suppliers of prosthetic limbs.

  On Tuesday, Kristensen told the Court that his medical treatment has been continuously delayed because British hospitals are currently not conducting elective surgery due to being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. He also said British travel restrictions prohibited him from travelling abroad.

  The attorney-general requested that the three-judge panel of the Joint Court reinstate Kristensen’s detention, saying he had contacted authorities in Scotland to begin the process of extradition.

  The attorney-general said Kristensen has continuously acted “in bad faith,” clearly showing that he does not respect the judicial system. “He makes his own rules, as can be seen today,” the attorney-general said. “He does not intend to return.”

  As for Kristensen’s argument that he could not travel from Scotland because of coronavirus-related restrictions, the attorney-general said attending trials in foreign countries is one of the reasons the United Kingdom (UK) accepts as essential travel. 

  Kristensen’s lawyer Sjamira Roseburg opposed the extradition request and the reinstatement of detention. She told the court that her client had finally been able to secure medical appointments after long coronavirus-related delays. She also argued that video conference should be seen as an acceptable method of continuing the case.

  The attorney-general argued that Kristensen keeps claiming that he has made medical appointments, but he is yet to submit documentation of this. “It is too late,” said the attorney-general.

  After a 10-minute deliberation, the three-judge panel ruled that Kristensen’s detention will be reinstated and ordered the Prosecutor’s Office to file an extradition claim with Scottish authorities.

  Co-defendant Jerry-Lee Valentino Gerardus (45) – the police officer Kristensen had bribed – was physically present for Tuesday’s hearing. Like Kristensen, Gerardus’ detention was suspended for medical reasons; in his case, when he suffered cerebral haemorrhage in August 2018, before he had been convicted.

  Gerardus is still ill, telling the judges on Tuesday that he is scheduled to travel to Panama in September for medical treatment.

  In February 2019, the former St. Maarten police officer was found guilty of providing Kristensen with forged and back-dated police reports in exchange for airline tickets and other gifts. He was also found guilty of helping Kristensen fence the diamonds.

  For his crimes, Gerardus was sentenced to three years in prison and an eight-year prohibition on performing the duties of a police officer.

  The next hearing in this appeal case is scheduled for July 14. On this day, if extradition is successful, Kristen will be led before the three judges in handcuffs. 

Published: 06 August 2011 Philipsburg Detective Jerry Gerardus claims he is a victim in the ongoing investigation of fraud and embezzlement that is being conducted by the St. Maarten Police Department. Gerardus in an interview with SMN News on Saturday said he was surprised when he read on SMN News that he was under investigation when he is the one who notified his superiors of his predicament with Jet Blue on July 13 2011. “I was shocked to learn that Internal Affairs is investigating me and no one informed me of it” Gerardus said.
Detective Gerardus said that he was never held by the US Border Control as was reported last week. “All that transpired happened at the check-in point, there was no police or Border Control involved in this issue. I am the one who filed a complaint when I returned to St. Maarten for embezzlement which was on July 15th 2011.”
He said on July 13th, he along with his three children and sister in law approached Jet Blue Airline to check-in as they were in the USA on vacation but when he approached the agent he was informed that the family’s tickets were cancelled.
The detective said that he was shocked to learn that his tickets were cancelled since his intention was to spend seven days in the United States and to return to St. Maarten. Gerardus said the Jet Blue agent told him that the person who purchased the tickets with a credit card is the one who cancelled the tickets.
The agent he said further informed him that he had to purchase new tickets to return to St. Maarten. He said at that point he informed the agent that he did not use any credit card to purchase his tickets. He further explained that his sister in law gave a lady the monies to purchase the tickets since this person told his sister in law that she has contact with Jet Blue and could obtain tickets at reduced prices. “While I was at the Airport and I was confronted with this problem I began questioning my sister in law about the person she gave the money to buy the tickets.” Gerardus further explained that he then asked the ticketing agent to print out the tickets for him so that he can query it. “When I was given the tickets, I noticed that the price for each ticket was different and they were purchased with different credit cards, at that point I realize something was wrong so I asked to speak with one of the Jet Blue supervisors who made contact with Jet Blue manager on St. Maarten. I also informed Jet Blue agents that I am a detective and I will launch an investigation into the matter. At that point, Jet Blue offered me an office and they allowed me to make as many calls I wanted to clear up the matter and to obtain new tickets for me and my family to travel back to St. Maarten.” Gerardus said his wife had to purchase new tickets for them to return home. “I also called the chief of Simpson Bay Police Outpost Mr. Barnabella since I could not reach Detective Krips by phone. Barnebella connected me to Krips and Denise Jacobs, I informed my superiors of the incident. I also provided all the information that was on the tickets so that they could launch an investigation to see if there was fraud going on at the Airline.” Gerardus said when he returned to St. Maarten on July 15th 2011 he filed an official complaint for embezzlement with the detective department against the lady his sister in law gave the money. He further explained that he has no update on the case. Gerardus said he also does not know if anyone filed a complaint about their stolen credit card which would allow the Detective Department to investigate.
In the meantime, Chief of Police Peter De Witte confirmed that the investigation is ongoing to determine what role detective Gerardus played in the purchasing of the tickets.

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