Curaçao’s Largest Parties Sign Coalition Agreement Sends Letters To Netherlands, Aruba & St. Maarten Parliaments. Prefers IMF

The leaders of the Curaçao political parties MFK and PNP signed a coalition agreement on Friday. The most important part of the agreement: ensuring that Curaçao gets out of the crisis in which it now finds itself due to the corona virus. The parties called on the population for unity and cooperation.

The two sides are the big winners of the parliamentary elections on March 19. Together they have 13 of the 21 seats in the new parliament, which will be installed on May 11. Citizens’ well-being is central to the coalition agreement, they emphasize.

The current caretaker government of Curaçao signed an agreement with the Netherlands at the end of last year on the establishment of a Caribbean Body for Reform and Development (COHO), with the Netherlands guaranteeing money for the coming years. That body has yet to be established, but the upcoming Curaçao government wants to renegotiate this.

The leaders of MFK and PNP this week sent a letter to the parliaments of the Netherlands, Aruba and St. Maarten in which they announce their plans and state that they want to engage the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF should “create, guide and monitor” a reform program for Curaçao.

Cooperation with the IMF offers, according to the MFK and PNP, thanks to years of experience, a greater guarantee that Curaçao can emerge from the deep economic valley than the establishment of a new body. The coalition wants to discuss this with outgoing State Secretary for Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops. In recent weeks, delegations from the PNP and MFK have already spoken virtually with Knops about their policy plans More Insight

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