Omar Ottley The Woman Beater Criminal Brother Contracts Political Favors Ministry

Omar Ottley Were You Awarded Contracts And A Ministry As Political Favors? Quid Pro Quo

They want St Maarteners to believe that they actually have a shot, a chance to be awarded a contract. It is a joke, already decided behind the scenes… Ask Kendall Dupersoy about those Telem contracts….. There is a new website for a reason. One of the main topics is bid rigging, the other is bribes. We will post actual Government bulletins here, but there needs to be a place where we can discuss what is actually going on with the political favors and Quid Pro Quo which is what our government thrives on. Everyone believed that with the Dutch investigating the local government would slow down their criminal activity, but in reality their crimes and ethics violations have been increased. People like Kendall Dupersoy, who was given his position as CEO of TELEM, and has been questioned by the RST do not want that information out. These bloated government pigs all lose weight when they are eventually busted and are wrung through the Court system. Knowing the scale and size of the issues of criminal behaviour within our government, not every government crook will be caught. The Dutch Investigator Cats, won’t catch all Sint Maarten Government Rats, but they will be well fed….

Irony, is these bloated Ministers who receive everything based on behind the scenes wheeling and dealing, congratulating workers on labor day. Omar Ottley is Labor Minister, but he did not earn that…How does a known woman abuser pass screening? MORE Omar Ottley’s Ministry Plus Million Dollar Contract

** Workers of Sint Maarten **

I am pleased to extend Happy Labour Day wishes to all workers on Sint Maarten. I only wish that the circumstances were different. As we celebrate Labour Day fully aware of the fact that many workers are out of work or working on reduced hours, we must still acknowledge the importance of Labour Day.

Labour Day is a very important annual event in which workers worldwide, and also on Sint Maarten, are recognized for their contributions and hard work this past year. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all workers and essential workers for your hard work throughout the past year, under these circumstances. A special thanks and recognition goes to our frontline workers who selflessly put their own health and lives at risk, to ensure the care and safety of others in our community as we continue to experience the effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic. We are extremely thankful for your commitment to caring for our community

The pandemic has shown us that labour protection is not just a popular political phrase, rather a dire necessity for the workers who contribute to our economy. It is especially for that reason that labour protection is one of my priorities for the labour force of Sint Maarten.

The devastation caused by the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and now with the global pandemic, has no doubt resulted in severe negative economic consequences for Sint Maarten and thus the labour market. However, crises give way to new opportunities and therefore should encourage governments to be innovative in times of uncertainty. Sint Maarten in this regard is no exception.

In consultation with the social partners, I intend to revisit present labour legislation and policies and provide adequate labour protection where needed. I am passionate and determined to find a solution to the short term contracts that many face. I have already tasked my policy team with the mission of finding a transparent and impartial solution that will protect the workers.

On behalf of the Government of Sint Maarten, I wish all workers on Sint Maarten/Saint Martin a Happy Labour Day and warm thoughts to all of you who are working through these challenging times, may God bless you all.


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