Curacao’s MFK & PNP Sign Coalition Agreement. IMF In COHO Out!

Curacao’s MFK & PNP Sign Coalition Agreement. IMF In COHO Out!

This agreement forms the guideline for the 2021-2025 government period of the cabinet MFK / PNP that is yet to take office. Pisas spoke of “a historic moment when the world is beginning to realize that the new government is going to change the course of the country.”
The accord is called “Un Gobernashon di Pueblo, pa Pueblo i huntu ku Pueblo di Kòrsou. Ta Pueblo su Bùrt! “(A government of the people, for the people and together with the people. It is the people’s turn!) And discusses the different ministries and the priorities that are set in this regard. By being ‘a government of the people, for the people and together with the people’, MFK and PNP intend not to hide anything from the population and indicate that there is no room for things like ‘non-disclosure’ without a representative is informed. “In addition to consulting the population for actions to be taken, all results should be for the benefit of the population. That’s why our slogan: It’s the turn of the population! ” thus the introduction to the coalition agreement.

MFK and PNP recognize that the country faces enormous challenges. “It is a reality that in the coming years our community will have to deal with socially complex situations, such as the aspect of sustainable development and of course that of the prevention and eradication of the pandemic.” The parties cite the following challenges in the coalition agreement: growing unemployment; social problems related to growing unemployment; stuck economy; global corona pandemic; an outdated education system; difficult relationships within the Kingdom; high public health costs; an outdated civil service; the bad condition of the roads; and obsolete financial statements of the Country.
The vision of MFK and PNP strives to achieve the following five strategic goals: increasing the quality of life (meaning that everyone should be able to enjoy job security, as well as medical care, education and training, housing, transport, social care for young people, adults and the elderly, accompanied by safety in everyday life); high standard of living (meaning that everyone must enjoy an income that must guarantee what is necessary to lead a healthy and safe life); social cohesion (promoting strategies to avoid community divisions); an effective and efficient democratic government that is close to the community (a government that cares for the people, works for the most vulnerable); and creating conditions through which every citizen of the Country of Curaçao can develop well spiritually, mentally, physically and culturally.
To start on the right foot, the new government will have a baseline measurement carried out at all ministries, government companies and foundations to analyze the state in which they are found at the start of the new term of office. “This analysis will indicate whether there has been mismanagement at the ministries and will also give a projection of possible challenges for the future,” said the coalition agreement.

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