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Police Update Oswald Meyers Shot Dead Also Video Accident

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Police Update Oswald Meyers Shot Dead Also Video Accident
By St Maarten News , May 9, 2021
Police Report Update 2 French European arrested in the shooting death of Mr Meyers. Mr Meyers installed security, and was well known Dawn Beach for the security work thar he did in the area.

The shooting occurred at approximately 9:30 pm, by 10:00, residents reported that police had already swarmed the area.

POLICE STATEMENT: when police and ambulance personnel reached the scene they found a man in a vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds in his lower extremities.

The preliminary investigation reveals that the victim had suffered a gunshot wound after engaging in a scuffle with the suspect. During the course of the brawl, the victim was wounded and got into his car, and attempted to drive away from the scene but didn’t get very far. Reasons for which the two men were fighting are so far unclear to the police.
Ambulance personnel attended to the victim at the scene and later rushed him to St. Maarten Medical Center in critical condition.
After conducting a quick investigation, the police were able to determine who the alleged suspect was. The suspect who was still in the area was immediately arrested and handed over to the detective department for further investigation.
Later in the evening, the police were notified by the personnel of the Sint Marten Medical Center that the victim Oswald Myers had passed away from the injuries. The Sint Maarten police force would like to express its condolence to the family of the deceased.

RIP to victim, condolences to FAMILY.

Police squad cars rushed to the area earlier. We were contacted by frightened residents in the area about the sounds of gun shots,and then presence of police vehicles. The shooting took place on Trumpet Shell roads and the shots could be heard Ocean View.

This area is Dawn Beach Estate, and although police rushed to the scene, and got Meyers to the St Maarten Medical center, he did not make it.

Reports are coming in that the shooter has been nabbed by police.

With the accident video. I just spoke to my source at the Herald. Once there is another update or police report, I will add here

The accident is not related to the shooting to my knowledge. Click back more video and info coming in

Also video footage, another bad night for accidents. This is what happens at three in the morning.Like everyone else, I will wait for the official statement or something verifiable. The police have been busy this weekend, so stay tuned, no doubt there will be more. Any other police incendents this weekend will be posted below.

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