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UPDATE 2 FATAL Accidents RIP Tragic Accident Young Female Rider Today

⬛️ Two fatal accidents in 3 days: Be careful on the road!

We deplore the death of a young man, then of a young girl three days apart, both victims of a traffic accident while driving a two-wheeler.

The first crash happened near the entrance to Baie Rouge on Sunday, May 16, and the second on the Sandy Ground road today. Each time, the emergency services found that the driver was not wearing a protective helmet.
Two young people whose lives were cut short, two families plunged in mourning to whom all our thoughts go and to whom we send our condolences.

The road is dangerous by definition, let’s be vigilant, respect the speed limits and safety instructions. They have been put in place to protect you.

Wearing a helmet and safe and responsible behavior on the road can make a difference.

🔺 Think about it!
🔺 Protect yourself!
🔺 Protect others!

Serious accident – The girl died

A serious accident occurred this morning around 11:30 am on the road to Sandy Ground. According to information communicated by the gendarmerie, a young moped rider (19 years old) was overtaking and collided with a van coming in the opposite direction. The gendarmerie specifies that the victim was not wearing a helmet. Transported in serious condition to the Louis Constant Fleming hospital, she died of her injuries. In 3 days, this is the second dramatic motorcycle accident, two deaths.

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