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Minister Knops And PM Jacobs talks ‘unfruitful’

Minister Knops And PM Jacobs talks ‘unfruitful’

Minister Knops And PM Jacobs talks 'unfruitful'

The meeting of the Parliament of Sint Maarten with the Dutch State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops “did not bear fruit”. Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said this after the meeting last Wednesday.

The prime minister is concerned about the delays in the provision of the already pledged liquidity support. & Nbsp; Knops visited Sint Maarten this week after he informed us by letter stop financial aid due to maladministration at the airport.

,, In the planning for the meetings this week, there were originally only meetings with the Minister of Justice about the progress committee and their recommendations. In retrospect, and also when the Secretary of State said he would seek clarification on what the government is doing to address corporate governance issues at the airport, I committed to attend that meeting. Was it fertile? In my opinion not ”, says Jacobs about the meeting with Knops.

According to her, the meeting only served to further clarify what was contained in a letter from Knops and another letter from her.

She said that while some clarity may have been obtained in the discussions, it is clear that Knops was “very offended” because she had made public her writing to the Reich Council of Ministers.

Jacobs on May 6 asked Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to intervene and address “unnecessary delays” that are holding back the provision of the fifth tranche of liquidity support for St. Maarten. She wrote the letter given that there were no positive responses at the time, nor that the support loan agreement had been received (and still has not been received).

Knops accused Jacobs of ‘publishing’ her letter to him, but she said she hadn’t. “On the contrary, the Secretary of State’s letter was actually in the press before I could catch it in my email, so I think the allegation is for the Secretary of State himself,” Jacobs said.

She insisted that she does not agree that the fifth tranche of liquidity support that had already been approved should be put back on the RMR agenda for discussion.

,, I even said to the Secretary of State that now for the implementation agenda it is discussed that corporate governance at the airport must be at some stage by the next time we need liquidity support, I could understand that condition for future liquidity support, but for liquidity support that has already been approved, I cannot agree with the move that has been made, ”said Jacobs.

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