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500 euros suspended for stealing water from Saur French Saint Martin

JUSTICE: 500 euros suspended for stealing water from Saur

A resident of Cul de Sac, partly French, JB, was accused by Saur of having made an illegal connection to connect to the drinking water distribution network. The company filed a first complaint in 2019 but it was dismissed. A year later, she filed a second complaint that would lead to legal proceedings.

Accused of stealing water, JB appeared before the Saint-Martin local court in mid-January. The case had been enlisted in October 2020 but had been adjourned at the request of the defence.

In 2019 and then in 2020, JB made connections to the network because he needed water urgently. At the helm of the court, JB claims to have contacted Saur several times to have a new meter installed, his being defective. “It’s an obligation,” says his lawyer. But nothing is done. The court is surprised that JB did not bring any action against the company.

In his defence, JB insists on his multiple unsuccessful requests and that he paid for the water he stole. His lawyer also reveals that his client pays a subscription to Saur.

After deliberation, the court pronounced a sentence in accordance with the requisitions of the prosecution, i.e. a suspended fine of 500 euros. He received the civil party application from Saur but dismissed his claims for compensation due to the lack of supporting documents.

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