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8 detained during inspection of a business located on the A.J.C Brouwers road

8 detained during inspection of a business located on the A.J.C Brouwers road

During the night from Friday to Saturday the police together with immigration personnel from TEATH and other government agencies conducted a control on several licenses establishments in connection with violations of the Covid-19 measures enacted by the Government of St. Maarten for the safety of the general public.

One such check was carried out at a licensed establishment located at Brouwers Road. This particular premises, have in the past, been issued several fines; yet the owner declined to comply with the stipulated conditions and frequently continued to operate after hours.
It became common that the proprietor would refuse to unlock the entrance for inspectors and then simply continued to operate after closing time.

Over the weekend another control was conducted on the mentioned venue. As custom, the proprietor refused to open the doors of the establishment.
Requests were made several times to open the business but he refused. Contacts were later made with the Public Prosecutor’s office and, with the necessary approval, the door of the establishment was opened.

It later emerged that the establishment had been opened after the closing time and was frequented by a number of patrons.
A general control was conducted by the team on the premises. This resulted in immigration arresting 8 persons for violation of the National Ordinance on Admission and Explosion.

The owner/license holder could not be located at that time but, again another fine was issued to the permit holder.
These inspections will be continued during the upcoming period.

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