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French Saint Martin Bac 2022: specialty tests postponed to mid-May due to Covid-19

Bac 2022: specialty tests postponed to mid-May due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the baccalaureate specialty exams, scheduled for March 14 to 16, have been postponed to May 11, 12 and 13, 2022, the Ministry of National Education announced last Friday.

The baccalaureate specialty exams, which account for 32% of the final mark, will take place from May 11 to 13, 2022, i.e. a two-month postponement, with two weeks of vacation in the middle. This will give students and teachers an additional six weeks of lessons to complete the program.

The specialty tests were initially scheduled for March 14 to 16, in order to count in Parcoursup. This new development will not make it possible to integrate specialty notes into Parcoursup: only continuous assessment will count.

“The program of events will be the same as that fixed for the month of March. The candidates will therefore not have more themes to revise, but only more time to work on the initial program, ”detailed the ministry.

In addition, “the two days preceding the tests will be devoted, in the establishments, to the revisions of the exams, the students of Terminale having only their specialty courses”, he added.

Third development of the ferry in three years

In its press release, the ministry underlines that the current health situation “has consequences, not only on the very organization of the examinations, but also and above all on the conditions of preparation of the candidates”, because “of the numerous and successive absences for illness “.

“Keeping the tests unchanged in March would therefore have led to breaches of equality between candidates depending on the territories or personal situations,” he added.

These written tests, which concern the two “specialties” chosen by high school students in Terminale, were born from the reform of the baccalaureate decided by Jean-Michel Blanquer. They count for 32% of the final grade for this exam. They have never been organized before, due to the health crisis.

In 2021 (first year of the new baccalaureate), these tests had been canceled and replaced by continuous assessment. This is the third time that the ferry has been fitted out, since the start of the pandemic.

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