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Photos+ Videos St Maarten Border War: The Unethical French Authorities Vs. The Criminal Dutch Authorities

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Today I’ll be spending most of the time, I guess translating Italian to English documents, concerning a one Mr Francesco Corallo Sr and a one Mr Francesco Corallo Jr. I also have to translate French to English. That concerns the French Saint Martin + Dutch Sint Maarten border conflict. I will blog about it, but to keep it short, sweet and simple…..

French St Martin dominated Dutch Sint Maarten, until the Euro. With the advent of the Euro, Dutch Sint Maarten wisely chose to stick with the Antillian Guilder/Gulden and the American Dollar. The French economy sunk with the Euro, and now French St Martin is the poorest territory within the French sovereign states. (St Barths is the wealthiest).

Anyway, sometimes the French get flashbacks to the good old days and try to use their assumed superiority against Dutch Sint Maarten. The Dutch Sint Maarten’s response is… “You need us…

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