Sint Maarten

Justice Minister New Decree To Counter School Fights. Police Patrolling St Peters and South Reward

Justice Minister New Decree To Counter School Fights. Police Patrolling St Peters and South RewardDUTCH ROYALS ATTACKED IN ARUBA BY REPORTER- KING TO THE RESCUE :

Preventative patrols around St. Peters South Reward to curb school-related fights
Over the last couple of weeks, police have again noticed an uptick in school fights in South Reward. Police have reviewed several videos circulating on social media in which students are seen assaulting others.
To curb this aggravating trend once again, police will re-implement its patrolling in the densely populated school district. This plan of action plan based on the ministerial decree, issued by the Minister of Justice, to reduce the fights and other illegal acts committed in and around the schools especially in St. Peters and South Reward.
Police force of Sint Maarten and the Prosecutor’s Office urge students to think deeply about their actions, to keep tempers in check, and avoid starting or instigating fights.
Participation in fights around school areas can land participants in trouble with the law, and getting in contact with the law can harm future prospects – everything from gaining entrance into institutions of higher education to job prospects.
Aiding someone in a fight can constitute complicity, which is also punishable by law.
Further, fights create an unfriendly and unsafe atmosphere for fellow students and sets a bad example for other (younger) students. Bystanders who cheer on and/or film videos of these fights should reflect on their behavior as they are creating and contributing to an atmosphere where people get hurt.
Other actions will be undertaken by KPSM to further safeguard everyone in the affected areas.

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