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Ongoing traffic controls by officers of KPSM, St Maarten

Ongoing traffic controls by officers of KPSM, St Maarten

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Ongoing traffic controls by officers of KPSM
Considering the ongoing traffic situation on the island, the Sint Maarten police are currently still conducting traffic controls in the interests of safe traffic.

The purpose of these actions is to provide information to the
public about their driving behavior and the consequences thereof.
Also, to take action against drivers not abiding by the rules set forth in traffic ordinance; and other legal regulations applicable on Sint Maarten.

On, Friday, February 11, 2021, a control was once again conducted by officers on the airport road During this traffic control,27 cars stopped and controlled and 7 fines issued.

Controls were also carried out on Saturday morning February 12, 2022, on Union Road near the French border and Carrefour supermarket.
During these controls 56 vehicles were stop+ and 27 fines were issued

KPSM will be continuously carrying out these controls, due to the fact that some road
users are not respecting nor obeying traffic regulations of Sint Maarten. Their behavior have
become a nuisance to the community and, more important, it endangers the lives of others. Update Immigration Raids Simpson Bay St Maarten Strip Undocumented Detained

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