St Maarten Border Wars

New Video 1 Great Job Minister LOVING IT! The Latest

New Video 1 Great Job Minister LOVING IT! The Latest

1) St Maarten businesses are majority foreign owned, they are committing crimes, they should be more than fined, they should be ARRESTED.


2) As a St Maartener, I speak to everyone, and locals and legals AGREE.
3) St Maarten people are tired of watching police and authorities drive by illegals to harass and arrest locals
4) St Maarten is a sinking ship, hurricane to pandemic, yet the parasites won’t stop feeding until the host, St Maarten is dead, then they will move on to the next.
5) I lived in America and Europe, 18 years tital by law I had to have an ID at all times, if you cannot abide by the laws and rules locals have to… DO NOT CO E
6) Macos upset by local immigration doing their job, but defending the foreign slavemasters abusing undocumented employees.
7) When Dominicanos are your main sponsors, you are NOT for the St Maarten people, isn’t that right Gtomyko? You are a foreigner, and you are for YOUR people, the politcians and foreigners is how your bread is butter. So like any, you parasitically live of this island, with no positive contribution. Attacking locals who are doing their job in their country, a country that allowed you in to criticize and condemn using fake Christianity, to fool the dotin. Hhe question is…. why not YOUR own country? Because you are the maco, that dare not criticize your own country. You can feel every one with eyes wide open prayers, but you cannot hide your hands and thoughts, from who you call the almighty.
8) Only in St Maarten they are allowed to refuse to learn English, Dutch and French.
9) How long these fake reporters in St Maarten calling themselves journalist, but writing “BRAKING NEWS”. I had to CORRECT these fake reporters and journalists, CANNOT SPELL BREAK… But on his page pretending someone wants to steal story from his page. FIRST learn the English language, or French or Dutch. If they refuse to abide by laws, SEND THEM PACKING!
10) God don’t sleep, karma is deep, everything done in darknes…must see light.
11) St Maarten can never recover, being weighed down by tens of thousands of illegals.
12) Foreigners cutting us down, diminishing and and degrading locals for foreigners, can NEVER thrive, degrading the country and its people that took you in.
13) They got issues with locals, and they have ONE CHOICE!
GT FO. You will NOT dictate to us or run us in our own country. They LUCKY, I don’t head Immigration. I would pack these charlatans on the same plane with them. Send them with all illegals to CURAÇAO… OH WAIT… CURAÇAO TURNS THEM BACK AT HATO AIRPORT.

Anna needs to tell that Parasite, to TRY IT , in his country. Monkeys believe St Maarten and St Maarteners, like ME… are the right tree to climb. I will die for my country …. But I taking every sellout, fake Christian, charlatan with me.

My country that I support will bless me, cutting down people and a country that took you in means, these ungrateful big mouths will forever be cursed, in this here, MY COUNTRY.

6 New prison officers at Prison and House of Detention Latest

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