Bitcoin Cash St Maarten

Bitcoin Cash St Maarten Preliminary Review

Bitcoin Cash St Maarten Preliminary Review

I’m confused…If my doubts about Bitcoin Cash is unwarranted, why do ALL Cryptocurrency experts AGREE with me? It’s not a scam as I originally thought, but it is a Bitcoin knock off… Why switch from American dollars to an inferior Cryptocurrency? If you want Cryptocurrency legal tender, why not use Bitcoin? That’s what confused me. Latest St Maarten Weather March 27 2022

The best option in Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, and even Bitcoin is unstable and risky.
Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have the network, and on a continuous downward trajectory.
Bitcoin Cash is not guaranteed to fail, it has its niche, so there are future possibilities.
It’s not doomed, like I thought..but what does it offer other than speed and ease?
People will always pick the original over the generic, so they need more than just low fees.

If St Maarten wanted to go Crypto… why not Bitcoin? Why choose Bitcoin Cash, which is considered a FAILURE in the Cryptocurrency community?

1) Bitcoin Cash has a few advantages, faster speed and much lower fees than original Bitcoin, but they’re trying to convince me that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are like the same thing… Bitcoin Cash is the inferior currency.
2) If Bitcoin wants to shut down Bitcoin Cash overnight, they can. So how can Bitcoin Cash be at Bitcoins mercy AND be our legal tender? You want it to replace the American dollar, not as an ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY?
THAT’S SIMPLY MORONIC… Ask the Kalmera genius how crashing our economy, with cheap knock offs benefit anyone but the POLITICIANS AND THEIR CRONIES?

Rolando Brison wants us to switch from American dollars, And we are supposed to be as stupid and greedy as Rolando Brison… How stupid is it to risk your entire salary? And St Maarten is expected to be as dumb as Rolando Brison, these clowns want to risk our entire future, our kids future by DOWNGRADING OUR ALREADY WEAK ECONOMY.
What Rolando did was DUMB! But he is getting money, to IGNORE ALL THESE RED FLAGS…
3) There is a reason Bitcoin is the preferred Cryptocurrency.
4) Bitcoin doesn’t have the hash power.
5) It’s deceptive for Rolando Brison and Bitcoin Cash to knowingly use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash interchangeable. The sales pitch is that they are basically the same. Of course their is confusing in St Maarten, we’re being intentionally being confused with slick language, clever editing, bots and Bitcoin Cash Trolls.
6) Bitcoin Cash is not necessarily a scam, like I thought. It’s real, but can crash at anytime. At any given moment, Bitcoin the original can shut Bitcoin Cash down, bring their value down.
Then Bitcoin Cash is using deception… that does not sit well with me.
They are profiting by deceiving people into believing St Maarten has already accepted Bitcoin Cash… That’s why it seems their numbers are going up…


I love to be intellectually challenged. If you tell me I’m wrong, I retreat to research, I DON’T BACK DOWN. So the Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash people have been trying to convince me that I’m wrong. Emilio Kalmera, so called economics experts, let me know I know nothing. So rather than doing languages, I’m doing MORE Cryptocurrency courses.

And the experts are reinforcing what I said, Bitcoin is on the way up…. BITCOIN CASH IS DEPRECIATING, SINCE 2018, Bitcoin Cash has been going down.

St Maarten is being USED to boost Bitcoin Cash, an illusion of growth, any growth is short term.

The more I research, the more I realize EXACTLY what’s going on.

This is not my introduction to Cryptocurrency… I’m just refreshing my memory.
When I have completed all research, I will post to blog.

Expect not just bombshells… but BOMBS.

Sometimes you gotta dabble, to see exactly what’s wrong.

Now… I gotta go. So I’m just busy. If you don’t fully understand a topic, you don’t know what questions to ask.
Well I do!
The Netherlands won’t allow it.
I am done for today.
Next week I will have enough for the FULL BITCOIN CASH REVIEW.

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