Black Byte Ransomware


NV GEBE HAS TO PAY BLACK BYTE RANSOMWARE IN 30 DAYS, AFTER 30 DAYS RANSOM DOUBLES TO Videos MP Christopher Emmanuel Dissing The Integrity Chamber To Their Faces Today St Maarten Parliament

Black Byte Ransomware Nv GEBE

Black Byte Wants NV GEBE To Pay $52 Million. They Have 29 Days Left.

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Black Byte Wants NV GEBE To Pay $52 Million. They Have 29 Days Left.


MARCH 17TH 2022

For Immediate release
March 17, 2022

NV GEBE hereby informs the general public that on Thursday, March 17, 2022, the company was hit by a ransom software virus “Black Byte” which interrupted our systems.

We are advising the public that with immediate effect not to open any GEBE emails or attachments until further notice.

Due to the aforementioned, NV GEBE offices will be closed to the public until further notice.

Please share


All staff are hereby informed that you are to continue with your regular schedule tomorrow March 18, 2022. Please report to your respective departments at 7:30AM.


Beware of BlackByte ransomware

16 FEB 2022
Earlier this month, it hit a portion of the San Francisco 49ers’ network.

The FBI has issued another warning about a new series of ransomware attacks known as BlackByte. This threat isn’t new — researchers discovered it last July — but nevertheless, it’s gaining traction. In fact, it hit a portion of the San Francisco 49ers’ network earlier this month.

It comes in two versions: one is a direct attack, while the other uses a ransomware as a service version that’s operated by other malicious associates who have paid the malware authors to use their software tools. It’s like some ransomware versions that deliberately avoid computers with Russian-language settings (hence the assumption that it originates from Russian sources). And like many malware products, it exploits the ability to infect the boot sector of a computer (so turning it off and on doesn’t matter — it will still run).

BlackByte has some very sloppy programming with its encryption methods. However, it still is dangerous because of how it can enter your organization by targeting Microsoft Exchange servers. Taking down an email network can be devastating to any business, but Exchange is particularly vulnerable because so many organizations are running older versions. BlackByte targets the 2013 and 2016 versions, and because upgrading Exchange isn’t a very simple or quick process, many IT managers are still using these older versions.

Exchange has been the target of other malware, including ProxyShell and ProxyCache. Microsoft issued patches for these for these threats last year, yet many organizations haven’t actually patched their versions.

Another reason for the FBI alert is the fact that the group behind BlackByte continues to be successful with past ransomware attacks, so they should be taken seriously.

What can organizations do to protect themselves?
If you’re running a version of Exchange that is vulnerable, you should implement the various patches from Microsoft as soon as possible. Better yet, you should put together a plan to either move to the most current Exchange version or switch to either Office365 or Google Workspace as soon as possible.

You should also ensure that your backups are valid and can be used to restore your servers. Also, if you haven’t isolated your Exchange server on a separate network segment, now may be a good time to investigate how to do this to minimize potential email-borne threats. This is apparently what the 49ers did and is likely the reason why their entire network infrastructure wasn’t damaged by BlackByte.

If you do get infected, you should make use of the decryption key that was built for a previous BlackByte attack. While this is a wise move, there’s still no guarantee that this key would work if attackers are using a more recent version of the malware.


March 21, 2022

We hereby remind the general public that our offices are temporarily closed until further notice.

Our Help Desk can be reached at 5461100 or 546 1160.

Thank you for your understanding, we will keep you updated via this medium.


Notice, March 24, 2022

The general public is hereby notified that our Main Office in Philipsburg and Branch Office in Simpson Bay is still currently closed to the public. Our Help Desk and Customer Care can be reached on 1 721 546 1100 / 5461160 or via whatsapp message or direct call on 588 3117.

Customers who needs the following services:
Move in / Move out
Installment plan
Emergency service (utilities)
Can call the following numbers for assistance 1 721 546 1100 or 546 1160.

We also inform you that customers who uses the online banking system can make payment via online banking or can walk into the bank(s) and pay their utility bill(s). When doing so, please ensure that your contract account number is included in that transaction. Once payment(s) are made and our system is up and running we will then verify payment and you will receive your receipt via email. Please note the above mention are only for those that pay via their banking system. The NV GEBE MyLogin is inaccessible due to the system being down.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this closure may have cause, we however, assure you that we are doing our best and working expeditiously to restore normalcy to company.

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