Anna Richardson Rablis

Minister of Fineness Anna Richardson Meets Rocco Tjon

I had the honor of meeting my colleague Minister of Justice, Mr. Rocco Tjon at the VIP lounge of Reina Beatrix International Airport, a little before my departure yesterday April 1st, 2022.

We had a meaningful conversation about matters of shared interest such as preventative justice, youth violence, immigration management and much more.

I took the time to compliment the minister on how well the Aruban immigration system is working, how impressed I am with their 30 year (and counting) professional and satisfied relationship with Gamma IT Solutions, who provides the Radex system.

I’m grateful my colleague and staff of the various departments and agencies are ready to support efforts to equally get Sint Maarten’s immigration management and processes going in a stronger direction.

Thank you Aruba 🇦🇼 Thank you Colleague Minister Rocco Tjon 🇦🇼


Alison Williams Johishi Romney

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