Cornelius de Weever aka Lord Highbottom


These Maricus need to get down on their knees and pray, I don’t go ‘Judith Roumou’ Today…

They stay on their knees all day… already anyway.

Tossing old man salad and blowing for promotion and higher pay. While they down there they might as well pray.

NEVER envy these government demons. When you see them in expensive cars and suits, understand they wear diapers or Depends, their worn out Bottomholes SO LOOSE. At least your bottom hole a Virgin. Most men in Government CANNOT say that!

They scared every time they take a fart, that some ten inch dildo they forgot up in there might fall out.

So, be content with what you were blessed with, don’t envy anyone’s material or job position, you don’t know what they did to get it.

Is it just me?
Nobody else notice the pattern in St Maarten Government?

Each time our officials rise in government…their boomsie gets a little bit higher, and their shoulders get lower. Every time they get a promotion it seems, shoulders go low…And their boomsie grow.

By the time they become Governor or Prime Minister. Their heads touching their toes. I got 35 years of yoga under my belt. Females are more flexible than men,

I’m an advanced yogi, and I cannot contort like them. Their lips also seem to protrude and grow with every promotion. And for some reason promotions seem to increase the size of their D S L’s. Look at Cylred Richardson👀!

Isn’t that strange? Or is it just me? Am I they only one that notices that stuff. I noticed it with Cylred Ambulance crew too. Explains A LOT!

Google “Urban Dictionary D S L”…

How St Maarten politicians, got bigger D S Ls than ME?!!👀🤷🏿‍♀️

Let me know if you see it too, or if I’m just seeing things. I know I got terrible vision, but I can spot most St Maarten politicians bottom from space, using Elon Musk starling satellite. Don’t believe me? The Photo is exhibit A.

St Maarten people are dying, because the people in charge of our health, only true skill is twerking for government for promotions and raise. We women twerking since BIRTH, still cannot out-twerk these St Maarten Government Maricu…so called ‘Men’! Cornelius twerking skills better than any Jamaican DanceHall Queen!

Now…THAT my friends are SKILLS.

If you are in Government or police, are unable to get a raise or promotion promotion, it’s not that those being promoted are more qualified, intelligent or a better choice than you…

It’s because your parents raised you with morals and ethics, and you cannot lower yourself for money, and do the things they do.

You make less money, but you sleep well at night. So, we’re proud of you.

Isn’t that right? Chief of Criminal KPSM Police…Carl John and Cylred Richardson. Isn’t that right Former Minister of Health, Cornelius de Weever.

As soon as Connie’s significant other pounded in and deflated his once ginormous battom, he lost his power and position.
Are you finally noticing the pattern?

Speaking of ahem… ‘Power’… and speaking of ‘Bottoms’….

I have a question for my my dear cousin, former Health and VSA Minister The HONORABLE Lord Highbattom himself, Cornelius Van Hugh de Weever….

I loved how your boyfriend panicked and was frantically inboxing me to remove all his pictures 📷 when I was in Rotterdam. Of course I saved ALL communication. It’s EVIDENCE. So I dare you to deny what I’m saying. I dare you to try anything with ever again. I got all evidence from your man ex girlfriend. The one he choked out and beat down for you, because you were upset that he bought her, and she asked him a simple question. A.l of you closeted homosexual, up in down with fake girlfriends to cover your tracks. You beat and abuse them out 9f frustration and resentment. Most of you hate women you stinking misogynistic pigs. So your gaping ass and entire family came at me… thinking I was one woman, and would be easy. Nigga if your asshole is wider than my mouth, and you can you can deep throat a banana sideways, don’t come st me, I got too much evidence. Ask André Bosman to send you copies of what I sent the Tweede Kamer as evidence. The videos and photos I sent Bosman is why he beat you in court based on MY videos, photos and evidence. You didn’t even get an apology from hi you dotin skunt. When you sued André Bosman and swore under oath, you PERJURED yourself. Perjury is a crime, and they had the video evidence. They could have arrested you for perjury at the courts in Holland. But Dutch Parliament and government are different. They don’t want their names in the newspapers being associated with sleazy characters and criminals, especially in the St Maarten Government. They are so image conscious…anything negative that might hurt their image, is not worth it. So, they let you go.

When I photographed your boyfriend at that last event, he was BUFF… he was big, one of those ‘Gym Rats’, bulking up, building mass.

Lately, I saw him, he got sooo skinny. I’m an underweight female, and he looking smaller than me.

He said diabetes 🤷🏿‍♀️ that’s sad, they say it’s not type one nor type two diabetes.
They said it was the new variant of mysterios diabetes … the one yuh get through your boomsie.

Saaaaad! Tell him, and the Ambulance EMT Director, Isaid ‘Hi’, and let them know I got some renewed energy, and I’ll be online ALL DAY. Doing not so nice, behind the scenes mischief… you know, PERMANENT DAMAGE.

If I was Cylred, Cornelius and his husband. I would put a Google alert on my name, with top priority notification. .. I know y’all don’t want to miss any of today’s action.
Stay strong! And Cylred, I will find you, you owe me and others an explanation. My inbox full of complaints, just exactly how many sick St Maarteners have you killed, by allowing them like me to die.
Stay tuned, let me get my coffee, and think up the best ways to handle this affair, stinkinkin’ murderous, uneducated, untrained, ignorant EMT and am ambulance staff.

St Maarten Government hiring is based on flexibility, lack of morals and contortion, ZERO BRAINS… NO QUALIFICATIONS… And locals dying based on the nepotism, cronyism and favors. I’m just waking up. I’ll be back. TRUST ME. Send this to Connie and his newly skinny boyfriend, the one that was blowing up my inbox, when I was in Rotterdam. Tell the Madam, I SAVE EVERYTHING ON A SECRET CLOUD ACCOUNT. Good luck, and stay strong! I got too much photos, videos, dms, emails etc.

I NEVER DELETED anything. I simply UNPUBLISHED them…so nothing disappeared, everything in hiding lying in wait.

Also… tell him we KNOW why he beats and brutalizes their women. It’s because neither he nor the boyfriend likes women, the girlfriends are beards to cover their tracks.
A female beard is a cover boomsie boys use to cover their tracks, to make them seem like they like women, and are interested in them… So they appear hetero and more masculine.

Alla dem beat women, especially when their girlfriend asks too many questions or upset their boyfriend. And their girlfriends BELIEVE, they’re just best friends… No no booboo, that’s his true love…his husband.

When Cornelius got jealous of his husband’s girlfriend. She ended up getting choked out and beaten that night. SHE approached me with a wealth of information. Forward this posting to my Cuzzo and the entire de Weever crime family.

Tell them to sue me for lying. Leroy de Weever too. According yo Neville Labega de Weever, it was drunken Leroy who bruk Connie out.

Let me brew some coffee. I’ll be back.😇

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