Cornelius de Weever homosexual

Finding Out Chet Euton Was Cornelius de Weever’s Boyfriend Was Why I Am STILL Being Denied Emergency Medical Service. That’s Why I Almost Died

Any attorney can call me with a cease and desist at 721 527 2769 or 721 527 2769 is my email. This is just the beginning. SEE YOU IN COURT 🧏🏿‍♀️ Because The Health Minister Cornelius de Weever takes Dick, and I found out… to this day they deny me service, because he has a secret, I am supposed to be denied medical services, I’m supposed to die? NOW EVERYTHING COMING OUT.


Chet Euton, how is your so called ‘diabetes’ that has you so thin? Cornelius is next, but I guess he’s taking his medicine. All the evil that y’all thought you got away with, now haunting all of ayu. The chickens coming home to roost. All my suffering because of your boyfriend…. Karma us deep, you people doing evil believed you got away. Now, suddenly karma is bouncing back and rather than cleansing your conscience, you people up to the same old tricks. This book that I’m writing, will be turned into a documentary. I document everything.

St Maarten SVB insurance is my right! Medical treatment is my RIGHT! I am being punished because the former Minister of Health, Cornelius de Weever got boyfriend, he put Cylred Richardson as head of Ambulance, and I was left to die. Why? Because it’s taboo in St Maarten, but Chet Euton being Cornelius boyfriend is no reason to punish me, make me suffer and leave me to die. In trying to silence me. You forced my hands. The Netherlands needs a Task Force. Trigger an investigation into the Ministry of Health, SMMC, EMT ambulance, Mental Health. They are killing people and allowing them to die. How many need to be permanently damaged or dead, before the Dutch realize, we have a SERIOUS problem, when we are being denied doctors, we are being violated…. How many have to die? The same way they are taking over the police department and prison, they need to do the same with our Healthcare system. Not only are they not saving lives….they need to investigate how many have been left to die, strictly politically motivated… There is ZERO oversight as people are being left to suffer and die. SMMC has not been forgotten. They too need full supervision. If there is a God, these people who enjoy suffering will suffer. Holland needs to come and do a full housecleaning.

Coincidence? Police Bulletins

Good morning St Maarten. When you are trying to kill me, to save your little secret, I have to blog the full truth. So called medical professionals, playing with my life..I have no choice. Playing with my life.
Cornelius de Weever, ex Health Minister decided it was easier to silence me, than admit he had a boyfriend named Chet Euton. And since then, they have tried institutionalizing me, and allowing me to die, refusing me my SVB which is my right, just to keep their little secret. So these homosexual in government, would rather kill me, I was supposed to be dead last week… They FORCED my hand. Since my return to St Maarten, they have used SVB and medical treatment, which by law, I’m entitled to.

Why? Because in St Maarten gay men are taboo, so when tge Minister of Health, boyfriend’s girlfriend was assaulted and choked out, she came to me. Chet Euton, Cornelius boyfriend choked her out, and she came to me, because he almost killed her because of Cornelius jealousy…. And that is why Chet Euton was panicking and calling me. I was denied SVB FOR FIVE YEARS, as I bled to death, and because of politics, I was supposed to die. ANTI SXM POLICE CORRUPTION BLOG.

Cornelius de Weever, then Health Minister gave me SVB finally, released me… and I was supposed to forget the whole story. So when you read that I’m still being denied medical and my basic rights to emergency treatment is denied. Look at the current head of rge Emergency Medical Services and understand who got him his job.

Holland needs a new task force, to investigate all of the death and dying associated with people government do not like.

All of my suffering, simply because the Health Minister Cornelius de Weever boyfriend was Chet Euton, and more than that, they use women, and are violently abusive to them. They resent women, and these St Maarten men trapped in the closet are always taking out their resentment on the women, violently beating them, some women end up dead, not knowing the real reasons for the beatings, is not that they did something, it’s because their men simply don’t like women, but that’s taboo in St Maarten, so they pretend.

You see them up and down with the most beautiful women, then they go home and beat them, then head over to their boyfriend. .. and people in St Maarten too stupid to understand these women are called ‘beards’. All of them have so called girlfriends, to cover their tracks, to make it seem they are into women, especially when the rumors start, they get some unwitting girlfriend, and simply people fall for it.

So because of what I know about politicians, I was suppose and still am being to be violated and denied my basic rights. And this is just the beginning. Then GMoney saw me after I returned from Holland, watching me like I am Glen Field the Mystic One.

GMoney, it runs in the family, and that is why GMoney Chet Eutons brother ended up in jail for Carnival for assaulting someone, who saw them ALL in the gay clubs. THAT is these closeted men’s mentality! They would rather assault, hurt,destroy and kill than to live their lives and live clean.
Trapped in a closet, and rather than living their lives, they spend their lives in shame, taking it out on everyone, and they are still trying to take it out on me.

If I’m lying, have your attorney contact me. Chet choked out Anupa, based on Cornelius jealousy… and Anupa came to me. Now there us a new girlfriend, so why would Cornelius suddenly give me SVB, why us Chet frantically calling and begging me? Why G Money watching me like he wants to kill me, his maricu ass doesn’t know me, never met me. Their issue with me, is that I know the truth. In trying to punish me, allow me to suffer and die. They forced my hands. And if I’m lying it’s LIBEL, a crime. So they can sue me, then explain all evidence in court. But they are not going to deny me my basic rights. I wa t to face them in court. They need to sue me if I’m lying, but I save everything. Ministry of health needs full investigation. They are killing people to keep their secrets safe.

If you don’t want me exposing you, then y’all should have done the right thing.

Anyone following my pages, blogs, websites and groups, know that since around November, I stopped working consistently due to illness. My intention was to return June and July, if I felt ready. However, I feel compelled to start now, not necessarily because I feel ready, I feel like I simply don’t have a choice, because there is no guarantee that I will survive the next time, and when I get quiet, to build back my strength, their are people like the EMT’s and ambulance drivers who feel like they can do what they did.

So, in trying to punish me me, silence me, what they did was more than an ethical violation.

Any so call EMT, ambulance driver, nurse, doctor denying any St Maarten
Emergency medical services, basic service and intentionally leaves someone to die, based on incompetence and personal feelings, have committed a crime. They need more than just being fired, they deserve prison, especially if it can be proven, and in my case it can be proven and I have been denied medical services, multiple times and left to die.

This time the ambulances negligence, caused permanent damage, therefore its irrelevant what the courts say, whether it even makes it to court. More than once medical professionals, because of personal feelings, lack of conscience, lack of any real training, have left me to die.

The final straw, was the last incident… The fact that because of their actions, I would be dead, because they would have gotten away. Because it was not the first time, I’m not the only person left to die, because it’s PERSONAL, not accidental, I decided to start blogging again.

Their efforts to silence me, by killing me backfired… In trying to punish me, silence me, as medical professionals, they thought that refusing service, ignoring DOZENS of my 911 calls was supposed to teach me some type of lesson, and what they did was motivate me, to start blogging again, they motivated me to get strong enough to get up every morning and tell the world that in St Maarten ambulance drivers and EMT’s, that 911 are not just ignoring calls, allowing people prolong suffering, they are denying hospital transport, denying basic treatment on location, they are lying as we are dying and there is zero oversight, because they are all in on it.

The fish rots from the head, Cylred Richardson is the head, and it has to be chopped off, and the people being paid to refuse 911 calls, refusing transport need to be more than fired, they need to be in jail, because I’m not the only person Cylred Richardson has denied services to and left to die. There is a pattern with our ambulance department, they have caused permanent damage to many, there’s blood on their hands. I’m not the only person because of personal vendettas who they left to die, tried to kill, when I’m done speaking to Cylred Richardson other victims, no doubt our ambulance department are responsible for a lot more death and dying.

I’m getting and collating a lot of info, people have been contacting me with their own horror stories, and it’s not just people from St Maarten, their is a pattern, and Cylred and his staff are killing people whether it’s spite, stupidity, negligence, incompetence. .. They need to be fired and prosecuted.

I have ZERO faith in our judicial system, no doubt …. All they need is enough bribe money for the judge, lawyers and prosecutors… And no doubt they might get off in court, but they will NOT get away. Cylred Richardson posing proudly with Cornelius de Weever. That shows you how deeply the corruption runs in St Maarten, when ambulance and doctors and hospitals answer to police and politicians and not only kill and illegally institutionalize innocent patients for their political friends. It is a part of our system, and I survived because I will be the one to expose them, to millions world wide.

Cylred Richardson, ambulance and crew in trying to silence me, shut me up by killing me. They believed all their antics were showing me, they really believed that they were punishing me… and all they did was enrage me, and that’s all I needed.

Since November with the long Covid-19 and everything else, I was simply too tired and sick, no energy, just pain. But So called medical professionals trying to kill me, causing permanent damage to my body allowing me to linger, suffer and die is what gave me motivation and energy. .. and I am a barnacle, this will never end.

Everything I say is not just true, there is a ton of tangible, physical evidence. But the ambulance thought I would be dead anyway, and they thought that they got away.

Cornelius de Weever, then Minister of VSA and Health, along with the KPSM Police did take me illegally to mental health, not because I did anything, it’s because I saw Cornelius de Weever, and I told him. “Anupa is saying her boyfriend choked her out because he’s also your boyfriend, he almost killed her. And she accessed his phone and all of you and your boyfriends communications, so watch your back. As Minister of Health, he controlled Who was admit and who left. I committed no crime, it was proven there that there was nothing wrong with me.

It was supposed to stigmatize ne, destroy my credibility and it did the opposite.

Minister of Health Omar Ottley, will soon be running into me very soon. The corruption does not change, there’s blood on these people’s hand, the corrupt judicial system, will allow them to get away. They wouldn’t be killing people if it wasn’t a regular pattern, and they wouldn’t be denying people their basic right to medical care if they weren’t getting away with it.

I will do everything in my power to trigger an investigation into 911, Cylred Richardson EMT and ambulance department. EVERY 911 call needs to be audited, every so called paramedic needs to be investigated, if there’s evidence they need to be prosecuted.

Holland needs a new task force, our health professionals who are supposed to be trained, being paid to save lives, are denying emergency medical services, they are causing people long term physical damage. Our ambulance and medical personnel because of their low IQ’s malicious actions are killing people, they are leaving them to die. And that is MURDER, and it’s been going on.

People can laugh until its them or their loved one who is left to die.

First Minister of Health denied me a St Maartener my SVB insurance five years, as I was left to die, then tried to institutionalize me, simply because I knew too much.

With Holland in St Maarten, they cannot help myself.

But now I will be talking. I will be researching. I fully intend to talk to Cylred Richardson and lawyers and Omar Ottley.

I’m supposed to die or be institutionalized simply because our closeted Minister has a boyfriend. I stayed quiet… but the hospital was the last straw, now I’m exposing everything.

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