Egberto Jurandy Doran York

1 New Video Of the Vromi Minister Latest Update

1 New Video Of Vromi Ministry The Latest UpdateSint Maarten, like Dominica outlined its journey to sustainable development before the UN.

The Cupper drive project has been finalized and the general public can now enjoy the pathway. This path has been utilized by mainly students walking to and from school for decades. The area has been an issue specifically when it rains as it would become very wet and muddy and hinder the movement of pedestrians. This problem has now been solved and the public can enjoy the newly built pathway even at night as it has been equipped with lights.

While touring the area, the Minister and his team realized that a “Community Space” can also be developed in an effort to enhance the neighborhood. This would make the area more sociable and give the youth things to do so that they could pass their time more effectively.

The video also showcases the reparations of the Leopard drive in Cay Hill. This was a long overdue, but well appreciated project.

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