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New plate design Shadani Fleming’s the winner 2022 Fantastic!

New plate design selected. Shadani Fleming’s design is the winner

New plate design  Shadani Fleming’s the winner 2022 Fantastic!

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For the past few weeks the Ministry of Finance organized a design competition to choose what will be the artwork used for the Sint Maarten License plate.

Three submissions for license plate were posted to the Sint Maarten Government Facebook page and citizens were encouraged to vote for their favorite.

Each submission was posted with a caption explaining the concept for the designs. During the Facebook poll, there were over 2000 votes cast.

The winner was clear, as the favored design received over 1000 of the popular votes. The artist was notified and awarded the prize of NAfls 1000.

“I am pleased to announce that the winning plate design belongs to Ms. Shadani Fleming, a local graphic designer who captured the hearts and favor of the people who voted.

This piece of art will remain as the design used for the foreseeable future. Her design was chosen by the people of Sint Maarten and will be furthermore immortalized as the standard license plate design.

When students learn about national symbols, like the flag, Sint Maarten song and others, your name will be uttered with the likes of similar local heroes.” said Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion.


The Minister went on to say, “An honorable mention should also go out to the other designers, Quinell Ming and Magueda Jackson. The submissions were strong and even though they didn’t capture the prize, the level of work is worth commending. It is my hope that they continue to work and improve their skills.”

New plate design  Shadani Fleming’s the winner 2022 Fantastic!

Ms. Fleming’s winning artwork featured a clean design with a red, white, and blue gradient background. It also featured elements of the local symbols. The submissions were accompanied by a short description, and Shadani describes hers as follows:

“Along with great food, music, beaches and people, our infamously loved airport is one of the top ‘attractions’ that draw thousands of tourists to The Friendly Island year after year.

Feeling the jet blast, attempting to ‘touch’ the bottom of a plane as it flies overhead, but also enjoying the beautiful sunset as the day ends are just some of the highlights tourists enjoy the most on St. Maarten.

I wanted to capture that essence and transform it into a minimalistic yet bold icon that represents St. Maarten and her longevity.”

The license plates for 2023 and following years will feature the design by Shadani Fleming.

LicensePlate Winner

About The Ministry of Finance


Efficiently oversee the country’s finances by adopting new methods and technology to improve, standardize, streamline and automate processes.

Provide accountable advice to the government in its policy areas and execute it by providing the public with exceptional service. The Ministry is focused on lifelong learning for its staff and the general public to empower persons to reach their full potential.


To execute balanced macroeconomic fiscal policies and initiatives that aid in the expansion and diversification of Sint Maarten’s economy, provide fiscal sustainability and to be the catalyst for innovation regarding government operations.


Integrity and CARE. The Ministry of Finance runs on the structural values of I.C.A.R.E., and acronym standing for the following:

Integrity: always do the right thing

None of us is as smart as all of us
Accountability: we take ownership and accountability
Respect: We value our colleagues and the people we serve
Excellence: We always give our best

New plate design  Shadani Fleming’s the winner 2022 Fantastic! Latest accident videos from last night and

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