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Tech Training for all teachers of MPC and The Sundial

Tech Training for all teachers of MPC and The Sundial

Teachers at work in workshop on Jamboard and Advanced Excel.

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – On Thursday August 5th, a hundred teachers at Milton Peters College (MPC) and Sundial School received an update on possible and new apps that can be used in the classroom, according to a press release from SVOBE Innovation Coordinator Saskia Kliphuis.

“Since 2016 SVOBE Schools have focused intensively on training teaching staff into 21st century education by optimizing their digital skills. This has resulted in the formation of an in-house group of very motivated and inspiring tech-savvy teachers.

“This group guided the other teachers through the challenging move to online and blended learning due to Covid-19. Two members of this tech team attended the renowned annual Tech conference in the USA, the FETC, in January 2022. After having shared their experiences within the tech team, a workshop day could be planned for the rest of the teaching staff.

“On August 5th, MPC and Sundial teachers attended two workshops, in which they practiced their choice of the following apps: jamboard, rubrics in google classroom, advanced features of student tracking system SOM Today, Hyperdoc/Whiteboard, Wiser me, Yo!Teach, Canva, Quizziz, advanced Excel, Plickers and other everyday apps for the classroom. In the break they could win FETC goodies, a voucher from Blue Point and pick some nice office materials donated by Dollar Smart. Attendance was regulated via QR codes.

“During academic year 2022-2023 more workshops will be planned, to allow teachers to get familiarized with other apps then they practiced with on August 5th. SVOBE wants to thank the organizers Renaldo Baker, Marcus Nicolaas and Nicole Wynter, all other facilitators as well as Blue Point and Dollar Smart for their kind donations,” the press statement concludes.

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