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15 PHOTOS Valérie Damaseau AT Ruby Bute Tribute

15 PHOTOS Valérie Damaseau AT Ruby Bute Tribute

15 PHOTOS Valérie Damaseau AT Ruby Bute Tribute

Afternoon well spent
Congratulations to the organizers, their president Sabrina Charville and the members and the family members of Mrs Lady Ruby Bute.

(My speech…)
Good afternoon and Welcome.

It is an honor for me to Welcome you to the “YES, WE AGREE WITH CULTURE” garden as we pay tribute to an icon, an ambassador, Our dear Lady Ruby Bute.

I must admit, I don’t know Mrs Lady Ruby Bute on a personal level as most of you do,

but i have learned about her and what she stands for and had the opportunity to work on few projects with her through the tourist office and our culturel departement.

Lady Ruby Bute has graced us with the presence of her work of art in various establishments island wide including the princess Juliana International airport.

Her determination to teach Art not only in schools but also, at the prison in pointe Blanche and at her home (by the way she calls it her Cultural Center under the silk cotton tree lol), for her Art has no barrier and it speaks volume.

She continues her legacy by sharing her work through many exhibitions, shows and get togethers, in which she gave honor to her St Martin’s Culture: the Lady and her Frock, the Gentleman and his coat (Just to name a few)…

As a woman, no matter her personal struggles, she managed to build a cultural empire on this little rock we call St Martin, Ms. Ruby is the living proof that St Martin has skillful,

talented, intelligent and humble WOMEN capable of great achievements both on the local and international scene.

Today i wish to salute, applaud and encourage all those that decided to give honor where honor is due and more importantly give Mrs Lady Ruby Bute her flowers while she can still receive it.

Mrs Lady Ruby Bute, Thank you for paving the way for us ladies but beyond that us Caribbean people on a whole.
You believe in our uniqueness, you knew with that,

that as people we would be misunderstood, so you made it your business to teach us to embrace our work, our différences and be bold, strong, résilience, confident in our work, believe in ourselves.

As President of the french tourist office and elected official in charge of the culture commission, I pledge to continue using your work and your journey as key assets to the promotion of our beautiful island and the key to preserving and transmitting our heritage and culture.

Long live Art,
Long live your legacy
Long live Mrs Lady Ruby Bute.

Thank you

Some pics of this wonderful afternoon, wonderful tribute.


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