Kreative Juices Diarrhea St Maarten SXM

Ondahae Marlin Kreative Juices Gives Dutch St Maarten Government Food Poisoning. NOT The ‘Juices’ They Were Expecting

Ondahae Marlin Kreative Juices Gives Dutch St Maarten Government Food Poisoning. NOT The ‘Juices’ They Were Expecting

Slavery Apology Demonstrations St Maarten And Curaçao Dec 19th

Ondahae Marlin Kreative Juices Gives Dutch St Maarten Government Food Poisoning. NOT The 'Juices' They Were Expecting

The Entire St Maarten Government got food poisoning at the Christmas Party. The party was hosted by ‘Creative Diarrhea’. MP William Marlin’s son.

Kreative Juices responds to poisoning the entire Government of Sint Maarten :
Season’s Greetings to all customers, family, friends, and loved ones.

PHILIPSBURG:— First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all customers who have experienced the Kreative Juices meal services over the years.

In our six years of operations, we have always taken pride in providing you with quality, creative and tasty meals, along with exceptional services. These meals are freshly prepared every day by certified chefs, under strict food safety guidelines. Food is always kept and prepared in a safe manner, and also, using correct temperatures and secure food storage and preparation procedures. You can rest assured that our chefs and staff have been fully certified with all food safety and handling standards always top of mind.

Additionally, all of our meals are made with fresh ingredients that we source locally. We often encounter many of our customers as we do our daily shopping; supporting many individuals, businesses, and supermarkets on the island.

Thus far, our meals have always been met with complete customer satisfaction and no adverse incidents or side effects, since the inception of Kreative Juices.

However, we are extremely saddened to hear that a few attendees at last night’s event fell ill. In the event that you do not feel well, it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor or the emergency room as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis. Kindly note that all symptoms should be properly diagnosed and treated, as it could be due to various causes beyond our control, which may be detrimental to your health.

At Kreative Juices we thrive on customer satisfaction and often go above and beyond, to not only, satisfy your tastebuds, but also, to follow all required legal protocols by the Inspectorate to ensure that all food is handled with the most stringent standards of freshness, cleanliness, and safety, along with our customers’ safety and satisfaction always in mind.

We humbly apologize for any unforeseen circumstances caused to any civil servants and/or guests. As civil servants are among our largest and long-standing clientele, you can trust that we take your health to heart.

Overall, the large majority of attendees at last night’s event were pleased with the quality of the food, the services, the presentation, and all related operations handled by Kreative Juices.

We also engaged several students from the National Institute of Professional Advancement (NIPA) to provide them with the opportunity to gain experience at this major event and thereby, build hands-on expertise as they hone their food service skills.

At Kreative Juices, we strive to create delectable dishes that stimulate your palette and further, strengthen the community of St. Maarten through our corporate responsibility programs and countless sponsorship and fundraising efforts towards several noteworthy organizations.

Again, our heartfelt apologies to anyone who has experienced any challenges, which truly was not our intention. We aim to please and as we say in St. Maarten, we love ayo badly!

A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who continuously entrusts us with their catering and food service needs. You can rest assured that we are now even more motivated to take the quality of our dishes and food services to a higher level that exceeds your expectations!

Yours truly,
Management & Staff
Kreative Juices

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