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  1. According to the school children Sharine Daniel was inside of GEBE threatening to fire and attack employees she doesn’t like. The school children said she would bully the managers and never got any work done for the company.

    They said Sharine Daniel would illegally misrepresent herself as “CEO” when Temmer was legally responsible for company. They said she even sat upstairs in the CEO office when she was not permitted to do so because she was not appointed to that function.

    She even made decisions illegally as “CEO” when she has no legal right to do so. She would have Urla do all of her dirty work load like a slave, while she sat in the office all day and chit chat with her friends.

    Sharine and Bibi from SMN NEWS fell out, because she didn’t keep up with her promise to pay Bibi what was owed for publishing good press about her on the regular.

    The school children also confirmed that GEBE funds were declining when Sharine was acting temporary manager. She made the employees work overtime while the company was not open to generate revenue daily. Paying the employees overtime and the exorbitant spending for Sharine led to the decrease of the company’s funds.

    The school children said that Sharine even held a meeting with the employees asking them for time back while they continue to work overtime. Which left the employees really upset, because she made them work overtime when she knew that the company was not open to generate enough revenue daily to pay them their salaries, bonuses and overtime.

    Sharine Daniel is shaking in her boots right now! Because she’s been sanctioned by other media outlets. She can no longer spread her dirty lies and scandals to destroy others again.

    Sharine Daniel is at a sad point in her life. The MINISTERS and PARLEMENTARIANS have taken note of Sharine Daniel misconduct. It’s a sad day for her. Sharine Daniel has burned all her bridges that she is now BLACK LISTED because of what she is capable of.


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