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Geert Hatzmann is not the only Racist trash we need to get rid of in the St Maarten judicial system. Start with the Corrupt judges like Maurits de Kort and work your way down. St Maartener’s have to say “NO!” “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”! Holland only sends the worst of the worst to the Antilles. They scrape the bottom of the trashbin to find whatever they can to send to us. But…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I need to consult with some legal minds in St Maarten, but no more talking. Now action. Geert Hatzmann, Cor Merx…NONE OF THEM SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN THE CARIBBEAN AGAIN. Multiple FELONIES and ETHICS violations…still SUPERIOR TO THE ST MAARTENER!

CURACAO AND ST MAARTEN REJECT DUTCH ‘INDECENT PROPOSAL’. Curaçao and Sint Maarten reject the new requirements that the Netherlands places on the third package of emergency loans .

CURACAO AND ST MAARTEN REJECT DUTCH ‘INDECENT PROPOSAL’. Curaçao and Sint Maarten reject the new requirements that the Netherlands places on the third package of emergency loans . This will be decided in the Kingdom Council of Ministers next Friday.

Both countries have major problems with the new organization that the Netherlands wants to set up to ensure that the islands implement the required reforms.

“Undemocratic,” says the Council of Ministers of Sint Maarten, “because our parliament is bypassed and the government is bound.” “We do not accept neo-colonialism,” said Curaçao’s Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath in an emergency press conference today.

“Mark, we can’t breathe like this”

Aruba has complained by letter to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “It seems as if Aruba has become the land version of the American George Floyd and our own Mitch Henriquez. Mark, we can’t breathe like this, ”said Aruban Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes.

Aruba has not yet made a decision about the new requirements. She wants to test it first with parliament, among other things, because of the major consequences for the island. But according to the prime minister, they should not share the new documentation about this which they only received from the Netherlands yesterday.


Congratulations to the employees at the Power Plant who have been working on Engine 19 overhaul for the past couple weeks. After every 12000 operating hours the engines goes through a major overhaul. NV GEBE is proud to announce that this overhaul will be completed by Mechanics at the Power Plant with one Wartsila technician.


New application deadline on May 6th

The Minister of Finance announced today that the application deadline for Business Payroll Support would be extended. The new application deadline is May 6, 2020 midnight. This is a final extension for the first month of Business Payroll Support.

The Sint Maarten Stimulus Support Relief Plan (SSRP) team has decided on this final deadline extension in order to grant companies the additional time to gather the required documents to apply for the first month of Business Payroll Support. The final deadline extension also takes into consideration the review and payment process that needs to take place. At present, payments are scheduled to take place the week of May 11th. Applications will be reviewed and confirmed based on a ‘first in, first out’ order. Companies that were first to apply will be reviewed first. Approved applications will be paid out in the same order.

A reminder to companies who may not have initially qualified for Business Payroll Support based on the exempt list, you may still qualify for the Lockdown Payroll Support Plan. The deadline to apply for Lockdown Payroll Support is May 22, 2020. To verify if your company qualifies, visit and go to Lockdown Payroll Support.

Payroll Support Plan is available to qualifying companies for a maximum of 3 months. For each month, the company must submit an application requesting Payroll Support. An overview of payroll support plan options, deadlines and requirements can be found on

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