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IMF STATEMENT The Kingdom of the Netherlands—Curaçao and Sint Maarten: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2019 Article IV Mission

The Kingdom of the Netherlands—Curaçao and Sint Maarten: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2019 Article IV Mission

New Video: Rhoda Arrindell and Friends on the Bobol List. The Making of a Theo Heyliger Puppet

NEW VIDEO: Rhoda Arrindell’s trying to get on my bobol list, and she brought along a few friends. Too bad I don’t have the space to properly add her to the list. Elections and Christmas, always a busy time of the year.
1)I criticized Big Ray Raymond Helliger’s poem kissing Theo’s behind.
2) I criticized Rhoda Arrindell’s disastrous educational policies, and put together a short infographic video defending my argument.
3) Rhoda came into the Whatsapp group too debate me, but couldn’t.
4) Suddenly her so called informal advisor, Big Ray Helliger comes in to attack me with a poem, accusing me of going through government trash, because I expose government.
5) He questioned my talent, brains and creativity. I guess impotence causes early onset dementia because Big Ray Helliger forgot it was I who set up his MJP Movement page and group, from my hospital FOR FREE.
6) I was also the only person really posting Big Rays work, so the money must have been good. Just look at the man’s 8 month pregnant stomach. He has to eat.
7) So Rhoda’s plans backfired because right away they told me it was Rhoda behind it. Since then Rhoda has come at me with a very weak debate and gotten shut down. Now she has some more agents coming in to question what I do for St Maarten, when all Rhoda has done is enrich herself and continue to fool the people on behalf of Theo Heyliger. I promised no more than 10 minutes on Rhoda, but uploading and writing this was another 5 minutes. So she got her fifteen minutes of fame. WELCOME TO THE BOBOL LIST RHODA. Look around, enjoy yourself but I have to get back to post breaking news for my island St Maarten

Man Sentenced For Groping Female Police Officer

PHILIPSBURG–The Judge in the Court of First Instance was confronted with a man on Thursday morning who was charged with groping a policewoman during Rio Production’s Lighted Parade on July 5. The man was sentenced to two days already spent in pre-trial detention. The Prosecutor had asked for 60 hours of community service.

Suspect Alexis Noel Mauricia (25), who said he was working that night providing drinks to Rio’s revellers to earn some extra money, vehemently denied the charges.

The man, who was arrested on the spot, said it was very crowded during the parade which was winding its way through narrow Front Street near Sea Palace Resort.

He said he had been in a hurry to get ice for the thirsty revellers and told the judge he may have brushed past the female officer or may have pushed her away, but denied he had touched her abdomen and buttocks in the process.

“It does not make any sense to do that with a trained officer,” the defendant said, adding that he felt he was being treated unfairly. “I am really frustrated with the allegations without a reason. I was not treated right,” he said.

The female officer filed an official complaint in which she stated that she was grabbed in a sexual manner, which had made her feel disrespected and insulted.

A fellow officer who was on duty with her that night and who had witnessed the incident supported his colleague’s statement.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann, who said he is no fan of Carnival with its “crowded, worked-up and alcohol-induced atmosphere,” pleaded for an acquittal. He said his client had not done anything wrong and that the police officers had made a wrong assessment of the situation in making the arrest.

The court considered the charges proven, based on the detailed police statement. “You should not touch women without their consent and undermine a police officer’s authority,” the judge told the suspect. The defendant did not receive any additional punishment as he has already been locked up for two days.

GRISHA MARTEN WANTS TO DUMB IT DOWN EDUCATION WISE. Like it helped Theo who STILL can’t speak English after 50 years.

When you elect illiterates and semi literates to run your government. The dumbing down of the St Maarten education. This is your priority? Theo was given an English education, and almost 50 years later, he STILL cannot speak the language. You have the special needs children I went to school with, now trying to dictate education. Does Grisha own a book? Chupz

SCOTIA BANK LAY OFFS: Scotiabank to trim staff

Up to 20 Scotiabank (Barbados) staff members could find themselves on the breadline as a result of the sale of the financial institution’s Eastern Caribbean operations, Barbados TODAY has learned.

However, though not confirming the numbers or when the layoff process started, the bank said in a brief statement to this newspaper that the restructuring was necessary and discussions about the ch

Robbie dos Santos eight more days detention

Willemstad – The provisional detention of Robbie dos Santos has been extended again by eight days. The lottery boss was arrested on Sint Maarten last Monday. He is suspected of being involved in the murder of Helmin Wiels.

Dos Santos’ half-brother and former Finance Minister George Jamaloodin was previously convicted of his role in this case. The Dos Santos would have ordered Jamaloodin for the murder.

New Video SXM ELECTIONS 101 Part 1 Series 1 Featuring ALL parties. KURT RUAN VROMI NEXT….

New Video SXM Snap Election 2020. I am putting together a series this election: Sxm Elections 101. At first I was going to do the usual post photos and videos and write the explanation, but not all of my friends can see to read, some are getting older. Quite a few St Maarteners like Carlito who love politics, but because of diabetes he is slowly going blind and cannot read the blogs, so I tried narration 😂Disclaimer: I have all types of speech deviations and speech impediments, so don’t laugh at my lisp, I got that from my St Lucia side. Also, my home is my studio until Kurt Ruan and VROMI FIX THE DESTRUCTION TO MY HOUSE. Because Kurt Ruan’s roofer did more damage than Irma, I have ZERO equipment, even my microphone was destroyed. That is the reason my next A.I. CARTOON WILL BE KURT RUAN. Let Kurt and VROMI know….Kurt is on the list, but I won’t publish here, I will post to blog. Less censorship. So Kurt and the gang have been promising since LAST NOVEMBER TO FIX THE DAMAGE, REPLACE, REPAIR. Kurt wants to play with me. Enjoy your video Kurt.
This video is part one of a series that will continue until elections. If you hear roosters in the background, that’s just St Peters. Those are not even my chickens. Please comment let me know what I have to work on and improve for my next video which explains Postulation.

Next A.I. Cartoon Kurt Ruan and VROMi

Next video in this series: Postulation

This week’s political interview is a surprise.

I am also busy working on Cor Merx. Rolando’s upset. Rolando doesn’t realize all the crooked distractions on the UP slate takes the spotlight off of him.

Expect a fresh info graphic video, each morning as a part of my new vlog.


Constructive Criticism welcomed

After Hurricane Irma, Romeo moved from Sint Maarten to Dordrecht, where he was scouted and began to model

I felt at home in the Netherlands from day one. After the hurricane, Sint Maarten was destroyed and it no longer felt like my place. We had no water, no electricity and tourism was flat. I’d never seen Sint Maarten like that. We had prepared ourselves for a severe storm, because every year a hurricane rages across the country. But the government did not show that it was a very intense hurricane. On the day itself I just went to work. Fortunately my family did not suffer much damage, but it was a reason for me to come

Denver Construction manager arrested in St Maarten for torching townhouses in 2018 pleads guilty to federal arson charges

Michael Marte, 53, was arrested on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten on December 27, 2018, after being indicted on federal charges in connection with the May 10, 2018 inferno that destroyed two buildings.The two buildings, located at both 1920 and 1930 Grove Street in Denver, contained 14 townhomes and were in the final phases of construction when the fire started. Marte was a managing member of ADC Construction, LLC, which was building the townhomes.Prosecutors say Marte set fire to the $4 million

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