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Sarah Wescot Williams: The Clock is ticking

The much-contended CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CODE, if passed, will only go into effect by another NATIONAL ORDINANCE. So, parliament will have another opportunity to vote on the effective date of our new Criminal Procedure Code. I will propose wh

Birds survive hurricanes — unless they’re already on the edge of extinction


They were surprised to see that the effect on bird populations was not that great. Individual birds certainly suffered, and that often prompts an immediate reaction from the public and scientists. “People see dead birds and say, ‘Oh my God,'” Elphick said. But individual deaths don’t necessarily mean trouble for the species.

Their team wanted to understand the long-term prospects for bird species over 20 years after a disaster. They created a computer model and after putting in data on the size of a population, its pattern of reproduction and o

Alleged Rittenhouse hedge fund scammer raised $100 million, targeting a Who’s Who of Philly

According to the following account set out by federal authorities, Smith and two marketing executives compiled a “rich list” of prominent Philadelphians and wealthy people on an Excel spreadsheet, with columns recording dates of first meetings, any progress made, and an estimate of how much money might flow in. Among the prospects: owners of the Eagles and Philadelphia Union, high-profile lawyers and bankers, and successful entrepreneurs.

Brenda Ann Smith, Rittenhouse Square’s jailed investment scammer, kicked off her scheme in a simple, methodical way: She made a list.

Monaco19: Captains seek services, consistency in St. Maarten

“Why not widen the bridge?” asked Capt. Weaver.

Peterson and Stuart Johnson, the St. Maarten minister of tourism, economic affairs, transportation and telecommunications, both weighed in with answers. The bridge was widened in 1999 and additional work on the bridge, the main access into and out of Simpson Bay Lagoon, is still on the island’s plans, they said.

“We have had setbacks,” Johnson said. Hurricane Irma in 2017 re-prioritized spending toward other infrastructure projects. The govern

When In My Journeys

A Travel Diary

Eva Galli Lives

Eva Galli - Synchronicity - Carl Jung -David F. Peat

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