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Turks and Caicos’ Jamaican coaches denied entry into Guadeloupe

RJR Sports understands that Jamaican coaches Andrew Edwards, Omar Edwards, Shavar Thomas and Aaron Lawrence have been denied entry and visas to Guadeloupe. The quartet who are working with the Turks and Caicos Islands Football team, have a clash this weekend against Guadeloupe in League “C” of the CONCACAF Nations League, needing a win to progress to the Gold Cup qualifiers. 

But due to having Jamaican passports, the four have not been allowed into the French Overseas Territory. RJR Sports understands that the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association has taken the matter to FIFA and the French Government to get the coaches into Guadeloupe for Sunday’s encounter. 

The Turks and Caicos secured back to back wins for the first time in the history of the sport after defeating St Maarten 3-2 on Thursday.



The next Free Breast Awareness & Screening Event is set for Saturday, November 16.

The aforementioned is a collaboration between the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), the Positive Foundation and the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development, and Labor.

The next breast screening event is scheduled for November 16 at the Vineyard Building in Philipsburg.  To make an appointment, call: 721-545-2298 ext. 404 2242 or email

Women will be screened for breast abnormalities, in addition to conducting an overall health assessment, a breast cancer screening questionnaire, and education about recognizing breast abnormalities and cancer risk factors.

The information collected is vital to understand the prevalence of breast abnormalities within the population of St. Maarten.

This initiative began in 2017 as a way to educate the community about breast cancer while empowering women with strategies to proactively monitor their health.

Suspect In Fatal Shooting Arrested

Rotterdam – The police in the Netherlands arrested a 32-year-old Rotterdam citizen suspected of being the shooter of the deadly shooting incident last Wednesday in Rotterdam.

The 30-year-old Curacao man Enchi Alberto was killed. 
Another Rotterdam citizen who was arrested on the evening of the fatal shooting was released on Tuesday. He is no longer suspected of involvement.

Looking For Anyone Who Knew Peter Efford When He Lived Dutch St Maarten

This is regarding a former coworker who is quite ill. We know he has friends and maybe family on the island of St Maartem…the Dutch side. Hoping to connect with someone who may know him. Peter Efford is his name, born March 21 1965. Folks could contact me Mary Kay through whatsapp or phone at: +1 (647) 854-7544

or at

Mary Kay is in Toronto Canada
If you could ask around that’d be helpful.

Warning: Bonobo Monkey Attacks in South Reward Hill Increasing

The same men who will try to distract from the message by jumping down my throat to defend Stuart Johnson. Maybe they are illiterate. I am a satirist, if you are too dumb to figure out satire dont sit around in your tantan melee group criticizing me. Google what you don’t understand. These tan tans would rather discuss me calling Stuart a queen than discuss pedophile allegations about Stuart, those who defend it are also doing it. I feel if certain humans have not evolved to get humor or satire, maybe they should close their phone and open a book. Then people want to act offended when I say I am surrounded by a tribe of do nothin Bonobo monkeys. The monkeys who sit around drinking all day talking about what you doing wrong, but with all of their years on earth they STILL cannot do right. This man is telling me that he has a monkey infestation problem on his property in South Reward, but he don’t want to hear the truth. Those monkeys on his property because they discovered FAMILY! Don’t tell me about monkeys in your yard. For years they been searching for your monkey ass, and now they found your Bonobo ass.

Closing Arguments Expected In Trial of Canadian Man Accused In 1990 Slaying. Hid The Money In St Maarten & Anguilla

“There was a plethora of evidence at his home,” Carter testified. “It included a receipt for duct tape, travel to St. Maarten, manifests from St. Maarten to Anguilla in the Caribbean. There was a passport we located. We located banking information from the bank in Anguilla. We located banking information from the Royal Bank of Canada.”


The EXTRA today reports that a female police officer has been arrested in connection with the fire at the tax office on August 22. Research showed that the woman had a lot of contact with a 47-year-old suspect who had been detained for some time because of involvement in the fire. The EXTRA reports that the agent has been questioned for six hours and is still stuck.

Zika virus cases in Europe confirmed – full list of countries at risk

So which countries currently pose a risk of zika virus?

Public Health England offers advice on which countries pose a risk of Zika virus – there are currently no European countries on the list.

Whooping cough bacteria ‘can hide in noses of healthy people’ – how to prevent the illness [INSIGHT]

Flu-like illness could kill 80 million people in less than two days [INSIGHT]

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Eva Galli Lives

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