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FSU takes part in 20th anniversary celebration of Tallahassee-St. Maarten Sister City agreement

St. Maarten’s Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Wycliffe Smith, told the local newspaper that the relationship between St. Maarten and Tallahassee is strong.


Sxm Government United St Maarten Party

People of St. Maarten. DO NOT BE FOOLED! There is only ONE fact: Government (MP Franklin Meyers) threw down Government two weeks ago! MP Meyers is the reason for this latest crisis of government on St. Maarten. It was not caused by any opposition member. It was caused by a member of the same UD/SMCP government. They are trying to paint a picture as if their infighting, scandals and plain incompetence of governing is someone else fault. The opposition put up a fierce defense of SXM people over the past few months. The opposition of which USP forms part, did our job representing the people. MP Meyers GAVE UP on his own government and broke it. His words are plenty and even he has said on more than one occasion: “William Marlin was right”. Prime Minister Leona Marlin Romeo is now trying to FOOL you by spinning what should be obvious to every citizen of St. Maarten: Government broke Government! Plain and simple.

André Bosman Mr ‘Ethics’ Needs To Explain Known Dutch Prostitute Nardy Cramm And Why She Is Really Hiding.

André Bosman was very tight with prostitute in hiding Nardy Cramm.

Bosman was also using Bas Roorda, the same Bas Roorda kicked out of government for unethical acts while he was a representative.

Remember when Bosman and Van Raak were attached at the hips? Notice they are not so tight anymore?

Considering I am an anti government corruption blogger, why would the Tweede Kamer set me up at a known prostitutes villa? First thing I did when I arrived at Schiphol was to ask her if Edsel Gumbs was telling the truth when he said she was a yacht girl, a high rolling prostitute who worked th

Latest From The Netherlands Video/Audio CDA & VVD Want Administrative Intervention on St Maarten

“I sometimes feel that I am more concerned about the people of St. Martin than the drivers of St. Martin.”

Marlin-Romeo speech impresses The Hague
The now outgoing Prime Minister Leona Marlin Romeo gave a speech on television on Monday, in which she called out for new elections after several members of parliament had taken their seat.

Crisis in Sint Maarten: Council moves to dissolve Parliament, call elections

The UD/SMCP coalition was placed in limbo when UD faction leader MP Franklin Meyers announced during the closing of the parliamentary year that he was pulling his support from the coalition. He later declared himself independent, but said he was open to talks with the coalition he broke ties with. He later issued a lengthy statement outlining his reasons for leaving the coalition, but gave no clear indicatio

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