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The Crystal Pineapple Awards Gala Makes Grand Comeback This Saturday, Sonesta Maho Beach

The Crystal Pineapple Awards Gala Makes Grand Comeback
This Saturday, Sonesta Maho Beach

Sponsor offers young people the opportunity to sail along for free with sailing ship Eendracht to St Maarten

The four youngsters are divided over the active sailing trip from Porto to Las Palmas and the Atlantic Ocean crossing to Sint Maarten.

Sailing ship Eendracht has a length of almost 60 meters, a width of 15 meters, a draft of 5 meters and is one of the so-called A-class sailing ships. Also called tall ships; the largest sailing ships in the world. Four young people get the chance to be at the helm of this beautiful tall ship and to participate as a real crew member. The professional a

AI VIDEO: Jesus Shows Up Early In St Maarten To Call Out ALL 100+ POLITICIANS running on the 2020 slate.

AI VIDEO: Jesus Shows Up Early In St Maarten To Call Out ALL 100+ POLITICIANS running on the 2020 slate.AI VIDEO: Jesus Shows Up Early In St Maarten To Call Out ALL 100+ POLITICIANS running on the 2020 slate. ONE BY ONE. JESUS IS SICK OF OUR POLITICIANS SHIT. DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE TOO SLOW TO GET THE POLITICAL PARODY, SATIRE, LAMPOONING…CLOSE YOUR PHONE, OPEN A FIRST GRADE PRIMER BOOK, AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. I am not come in here talking about blasphemy and sacriledge, when every elections AYU electing and re-electing the same old demons. My FB friends and followers have known me and my work for over 10 years now. If you dare come on here with nonsense, enjoy the cuss out. We all have choices, and you can choose not to be here complaining, because I done explaining. If you are that big of a holy rolling Christian, why are you not in Church praying for me? True Christians are in church on the Sabbath, not on Social media punging melee and throwing CyberObeah…..AMEN

The Murder Of Kenny Mitchel: How a Death at a Caribbean Resort Became an International Incident NYTIMES

The much larger Mr. Hapgood, a former football player, pinned Mr. Mitchel for some of 30 minutes before the police showed up. Other employees arrived in that time and asked him to release Mr. Mitchel, but he refused, saying later he was afraid they were all working together.

Mr. Mitchel lost consciousness and was pronounced dead a short time later at a hospital. Days after the incident, Mr. Hapgood, who said he was defending himself against a robbery attempt, was charged with manslaughter and spent

The Amazoniet Case Which Involves Murder Of Canadian Tourist Beacon Hill Dec 11th Court Date

The suspects in the “Amazoniet” case involving the deadly armed robbery of a Canadian tourist on Beacon Hill Road in June leaving the Courthouse early Wednesday afternoon. (Composite photo)PHILIPSBURG–The three suspects in the so-called “Amazoniet” case involving the armed robbery of a Canadian tourist and his daughter on Beacon Hill Road

Another New Hotel Is Coming to St Maarten

“The opening of new hotel properties is further indication that our tourism sector is recovering strongly,”  said St. Maarten’s Director of Tourism, May-ling Chun. “We want to keep reminding visitors that the island is open for business and we’re very pleased to provide our new and loyal visitors with an ever greater option of new accommodation options.”

Haunting final photo shows toddler before she fell from grandfather’s arms to her death

Anello can be seen lifting Chloe up to give her a better view before he places her on a metal railing, still holding her with two hands as the pair lean forward to get a better view. Pictured: A railing against an open window on a Royal Caribbean ship, which Anello’s lawyers say is nearly identical to the one Chloe fell throughThree to four seconds later Chloe vanishes through what is the only visibly open window in the entire bank of glass. Anello looks down towards the dock below then slumps to his knees as staff and fellow passengers crowd round to help. Pictured: View of a window and railing on a Roya

The police arrested two suspects in the investigation into the death of 32-year-old former professional footballer Kelvin Maynard.

Kelvin Maynard was shot on September 18, 2019 in a car that subsequently bumped into Anton fire station on the Langbroekdreef. Emergency services have tried to resuscitate him, but that didn’t help. 

Within the criminal environment, stories are circulating about a high argument within the group around Maynard and Feller – which was wound up two weeks earlier in Curaçao – that allegedly stole a million-dollar cocaine.

Natalee Holloway’s Mom Returns to Aruba 15 Years After Daughter’s Still-Unsolved Disappearance.

There she reconnected with a young local man, Joran van der Sloot, she’d earlier met in a hotel casino.

She was last seen in a car with van der Sloot and two of his friends speeding away from the nightspot.

Immediately upon learning her daughter had failed to show for the return trip home the next morning, Beth Holloway raced to Aruba, and within 24 hours she found and confronted van der Sloot. Aruban authorities initially acted sluggishly, and despite eventual detentions of

‘Almost half of Antilleans living in Holland don’t want to be here. Make sure they can go back to where they feel happy ‘: John Leerdam

The displeasure over the Caribbean Netherlands is rising again: a security crisis on Sint Maarten, a refugee crisis in Curaçao and administrative and financial disorders on Sint Eustatius and Aruba, among others. So the question is again whether the Netherlands should definitely say goodbye to the chaos that is called Antilles.

KLM, Air France, Delta & Virgin Atlantic JV Given Green Light By US

The planned project between KLM, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic has been approved by United States authorities. This means that the airlines will essentially conduct transatlantic operations as a single joint venture.

Delta and Virgin Atlantic are two of the carriers involved in the transatlantic joint venture proposal. Photo: DeltaTransatlantic alliance

The Points Guy reports that the US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao granted final approval for an expanded alignment between the firms. The Department of Transportation tentatively agreed to the move back in August. It planned to grant the group of carriers antitrust immunity to allow the move. Now, the plans have now been officially approved.

This alliance would allow these airlines to combine their resources together when it comes to US-Europe operations. Together, they would be able to produce joint marketing campaigns, sell flights, coordinate schedules and plan fares.

This joint venture replaces two previous arrangements that were in place between the regions. One was between the US and the United Kingdom, while the other was between the US and continental Europe. Chao hopes that the overhaul will allow for additional benefits, including greater options for passengers on transatlantic services.

Meanwhile, Delta spokeswoman Susannah Thurston spoke with The Points Guy about the venture. The airline believes that the move will allow the carriers to deliver more effective operations between the regions.

“This is the final regulatory step for the airlines to begin to work together to offer customers the best streamlined travel experience across the Atlantic,” Susannah Thurston said, as reported by The Points Guy.

Air France-KLM knows the value of leveraging extended networks. Photo: Air FranceSimilar agreements

This news follows Virgin Atlantic’s announcement of its plans for a similar partnership with Air France-KLM and China Eastern. This joint venture would see the British carrier leverage China Eastern’s presence in its country.

If approved, the deal would replace the agreement that is in place between Air France-KLM and the Chinese carrier. Virgin Atlantic hopes that this JV will be in place by early 2020.

Meanwhile, Delta recently announced that it is joining Silver Airways on a codeshare agreement. This would increase its influence in the Caribbean due to Silver’s presence within the region. Delta’s extended network now includes San Juan, Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, Tortola, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. Maarten. American Airlines also followed with its own Caribbean codeshare with Silver.

Air France-KLM is also aligning with Virgin Atlantic on operations to China. Photo: KLMIndustry changes

With the aviation industry going through various struggles this year, airlines now have a greater drive to share resources. By aligning, these carriers will be hoping to maintain their development heading into the next decade.

However, not everyone involved would be delighted with these movements. Delta’s pilots previously expressed their dismayof the joint venture due to claims of losing out on work. Ultimately, all factors need to be considered by authorities when giving the green light.

What do you think of the joint venture between KLM, Air France, Delta & Virgin Atlantic? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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