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Soufriere Update Earthquake Triggers Volcanic Eruption St Vincent Grenadines Videos And Cruise Ships Race to Help Caribbean Island

April 8, 2021 | 8:31pm

Webcams now show molten rock on the surface of the volcano, a sign that an explosive eruption could be imminent. Image: UWI Seismic Research Centre

It appears a significant volcanic eruption is imminent in the Caribbean, with the area on high alert and officials evacuating communities away from a zone of extreme danger. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), Ministry of National Security, for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in

Minister of Justice meets with mental health entities to unify efforts in addressing mental health issues on Sint Maarten

On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, representatives of various entities responsible for the treatment & care of persons with mental health concerns on the island met at the request of the Minister of Justice, Ms. Anna E. Richardson. The meeting was requested by the Hon. Minister as an urgency due to an evident rise of mental health reports and sightings on the island. In attendance were; Clinical Psychologist; Dr. Judith Arndell,

An Additional 20 American and 20 Dutch IC Nurses And 8 American IC Doctors And 10 Dutch IC Doctors Are Now In Sint Maarten, Aruba And Curacao For Covid Support

Additional American health personnel to relieve Caribbean health care ANP Additional healthcare personnel will come from both the Netherlands and the United States to relieve the overloaded healthcare system in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. Outgoing State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (Public Health) writes that another twenty American IC nurses and eight IC doctors are helping in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

MP Brison Fresh From His Latest Embezzlement Charges Is Lambasting The NA Government And Minister Of Tourism And Nepotism Right Now

The Government and the Ministers want the bars closed. But have no fear, Chief Embezzler MP Rolando Brison is here. To fight to make St Maarten the next Covid Central. Imagine Curacao lost four more last night, yet Rolando is in St Maarten fighting to keep clubs open for amphibians and reptiles who do not give a damn about the St Maarten people

UPDATE: PJIA Airport Finally Fires CEO Brian Mingo, After Asking Him To Resign In December

Mingo FIRED PJIA The letter states that Mingo has been employed by PJIAE for the past two years since the agreement between Mingo and PJIAE was signed on November 30th 2019 with a start date of January 7th, 2019.

“During the almost two years of your engagement, as well as several meetings with the shareholder Princess Juliana International Airport Houdstermaatschappij NV (PJIAH),

PvdA senator Jeroen Recourt wants to appoint an independent researcher to analyze the aftermath of colonialism.

PvdA senator Jeroen Recourt wants to appoint an independent researcher to analyze the aftermath of colonialism.

According to Recourt, relations between the countries are in need of reform. “Our Kingdom is not determined by similarities, but by differences. The differences between the Netherlands and the Caribbean part, and the differences between the Caribbean parts themselves are large.

Concerns Developments in the health situation in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom

Dear Chairman,
In recent months, the share of the British variant of the Coronavirus (B.1.1.7) in the Leeward Islands has increased sharply. Germ surveillance in Curaçao has now shown to be 96% of the infections with the British variant. Partly as a result of this, there is currently a strongly increased incidence of infections with SARS-CoV 2, mainly on Curaçao and Bonaire. See also the graph below for the development of the incidence values. In Aruba, the increase is s

Pandora Case Two arrests, house searches related to sexual abuse of minors. (JOINT PRESS RELEASE KPSM AND OM). Stroud Worked UTS

Complaints about sexual abuse against minors involving an elementary school employee and her neighbor led to their arrests early today, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, by the Juvenile Department of the Police KPSM on the order of the Prosecutor’s Office OM SXM.

The houses of the two suspects were searched as part of the ongoing “Pandora” investigation that is also looking into child pornography. The investigation is ongoing and the suspects – Joyce D.Walters and B. E. H. Stroud remain in police custody.

SUMMARY: Policy debate Dutch Caribbean Kingdom April 6, 2021 Tuesday, Senate Debated State Secretary Knops of Interior and Kingdom Relations About Government’s policy Regarding Relations With Countries & municipalities In Caribbean part Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Policy debate on the Caribbean part of the Kingdom
April 6, 2021 On Tuesday, April 6, the Senate debated with State Secretary Knops of the Interior and Kingdom Relations about the government’s policy with regard to relations with the countries and municipalities in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The basis for the debate is formed by the budget statements of Kingdom Relations and the BES fund for 2021 .

Marines are currently lugging 1,600 kilos of equipment up a mountain on Saba for a new measuring station.

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and is intended to timely signal seismological and volcanic activity. An overview of Defense operations in the week from April 1 to April 6. 2 marines lug equipment for a new measuring station up a mountain on Saba.Show options The marines move the construction equipment on an inhospitable,

Rescue & Coordination Center van de Kustwacht door de politie van Bonaire gebeld assistentie te verlenen met de kustwacht patrouille helikopter bij een Search & Rescue geval. Meisje Samen Met Haar Ouders Werd Al Een Uur Vermist.

Rescue & Coordination Center van de Kustwacht door de politie van Bonaire gebeld met het verzoek om assistentie te verlenen met de kustwacht patrouille helikopter bij een Search & Rescue geval. Een meisje die samen met haar ouders een wandeltocht aan het maken was, werd al een uur vermist.
De helikopter was op dat moment net t

Driver injured after an altercation with a client. Dutch Sint Maarten

Personnel from the detectives’ department is busy investigating a stabbing that took place on the evening of April 2, 2021, around 05.30 pm in the vicinity of the casino on Welfare Road. According to the preliminary investigation, it appears that the victim made an arrangement with a man to take him to the casino on the island. An argument arose between the victim and the suspect in connection with the payment that ended in a scuffle.
During the scuffle, the victim sustained a cut in the face with a knife that the s

Traffic Department investigating a serious road accidents on the L.B. Scott Road.

The personnel of the Traffic Department is investigating a serious accident that took place on Sunday, April 4th, 2021 about 2.45 pm on the crossing L.B.Scott Road and the Flamboyant Road.
Upon investigating what transpired, it was discovered that the driver of a grey Pickup and the driver of a motorcycle both traveling in the same direction from St Peters towards the Church-Hill roundabout. At a given moment, the driver of the pickup opted to turn left to enter Flamboyant road. At the very same time, the gray pick-up was being ov

Appeal judges cancel flight to St. Maarten. MPs’ Buncamper, Heyliger, Richardson, Matser Trials Postponed Full Details From Curacao

At the moment that the decision was taken to continue with the hearings – after considering all the interests at stake and deliberation with the local health authorities in both St. Maarten and Curaçao – the governmental decision to close the borders was not yet in place. As that is the case now and the flights have been cancelled, there is no other choice but to cancel the trip,” Joint Court acting spokesperson Desi Dijkhuizen said in a statement on Saturday.

Knops 13: $5 – $10 Million For Fort Oranje Cliff Erosion Statia. Why No Townhalls? How Do The Dutch Expect To Reach Statians? Invasive Goats

Townhall meetings are one way. From my political experience, I know that when I went to a night of politics, for example about paid parking, it was always a one-way street. You could have yelled that you were against it. People just didn’t go anymore at some point. So has there been a real conversation? Would the Secretary of State like to look into that?
State Secretary Knops:
Sure. I had hoped that the efforts we have made among the people there would have led to a more positive picture. I cannot say that it is not now, but I do notice that those elected to the Island Council are very critical of what is going on. I sometime

Knops 13: Van Rij Asked To Be Dismissed, With His Departure, Alida Francis Will Take His Position Temporarily

On the basis of the Özütok motion, a table is currently being created to look at what intermediate results we can move towards next phases, the following milestones. In the progress report that will be sent to your Chamber in May, we will discuss this in more detail and reflect the latest state of affairs.
Then there is mr van Rij’s departure. Mr Van Rij has asked me to dismiss him because of the appeal that has been made against

Knops 12: $8 Million For BESt For Kids Program Caribbean Netherlands

BES(t) 4 kids, I can give you an answer to that, because that is indeed a program that the ministries of SZW, OCW and VWS, and BZK, have picked up, together with UNICEF. That’s just a really nice program, I guess. Very concretely on the ground ensure demonstrable results. But one part of that is childcare. Very important, of course, to facilitate this well, in order to give children a flying start and equal opportunities, at a very young age. For this purpose, 8 million were also made available under the Caribbean Netherlands Envelope region.

Knops 11: £5 Million Added To BES Provisions, With Regarding Baseline Measurement: Was Baseline Measurement Done At That Time?

Moreover, on the basis of this coalition agreement in the field of infrastructure, 5 million has been structurally added to the provision for the BES.  But for Bonaire, for example, there was money, but those resources were not used. So the public body had set aside money for infrastructure projects, but they never came to a conclusion, or the maintenance was never done. Then you have a problem, too. So it’s not always just a matter of money. It is often a bit more complicated, but I have just said in the first part of the answer that I see that it is very difficult financially when it comes to the question: can the BES Islands do what they have to do on the basis of the task?

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