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Video: The Same People On Facebook Saying Nothing Is Wrong With Andrew Dick Are The Same Ones Supplying And Enabling Him

1) The same people now saying “pray for Andrew”, are the ones who started the bandwagon Rolling about Andrew Dick being addicted and beating his girlfriend, and destroying the house with a baseball bat.
2) I cannot be a hypocrite, so I just have to ve me.
3) The Videos are a wake up call, bit you know they are too los I.Q’d to get that.
4) There are DOZENS of Videos of Andrew… MUCH WORSE. But you have the same people feeding Andrew substances on Facebook saying that he is having a breakdown,

In St Maarten They Worship The Pedophiles That Prey On Their Kids, Make Them Victims, Blame The Child… And Attack The Whistleblowers

Not one of you pedo enabling hypocrites stopped up when Andrew Dick was molesting your daughters. SOME of you DEFENDED him, and blamed the 14 old girls. This man openly peddled children, and you want to criticize the blog as you stood up to defend a pedophile? I would not trust any of you around children, because Either you are just like him, a pedo… or you are like that Secretary who just got busted, an enab

Before Andrew Dick Was In Jail & On The Streets, He Was Waiting Outside My Home. An Hour Before His Arrest, He Called Me. WHY?

1) The only person in St Maarten who might have embezzled more money than Andrew Dick, is his buddy, MP Rolando Brison. The person he was with, before his rampage, arrest and walking the streets.
2) You cannot continue to reward a person when they should be disciplined or punished.
3) Someone who is always allowed to get away with anything, will always be trying to outdo themselves.
4) I did not rejoice at anyone’s downfall, I treated Andrew Dick with more respect than he had ever given me.
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Nobody Prostitutes Like the St Maarten Government

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Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak

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Terrance Rey

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