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Curacao Lockdown Extended Because They Have No Choice. 4 More Dead COVID-19 CMC ICU

The epidemiologist spoke on Thursday during a press conference of the Curaçao government in which Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath announced that the lockdown in Curaçao will be extended until April 30. The island has been in a lockdown since March 24. It was previously announced that an evaluation moment would take place on April 16. Especially in the catering industry there was hope for a relaxation of the measures. But according to Rhuggenaath and Gerstenbluth, Curaçao simply cannot do otherwise.

UPDATED: VIDEO Curacao Now Has HIGHEST COVID-19 Infections Per Capita ON EARTH: Sint Maarten Closing Curacao, Aruba & Bonaire Border: Kuido Intensivo Korsou (Intensive Care Curacao)

VIDEO LATEST: Kuido Intensivo Korsou (Intensive Care Curacao) – Eksperensiando Covid-19 Curaçao Intensive Care Unit Covid Infections and deaths continue to rise. Three reported dead April first, two in the hospital, one in a nursing home. MP Diertens of the Tweede Kamer wants to send the S.S. Karel Doorman, a Dutch Military ship that may be converted to a quasi M.A.S.H. unit for Covid19 patients.

Latest: Numbers Of Covid-19 Deaths Rise In Curacao As Two More Patients Die In Curacao.

Again, two patients in Curaçao died from the consequences of Corona. Friday too. The number of deaths since the start of the corona crisis is now thirty. Today 278 people have tested positive. A total of 1,563 corona tests were administered. A test ratio of 17.8 percent. 63 people healed. Nine people have been hospitalized, one of whom had to be taken straight to the Intensive Care Unit. Three patients have been released from hospital. There are now 58 people, sixteen of whom are in intensive care. That includes one Bonairean, who is in Intensive Care.
Opnieuw zijn twee patiënten in Curaçao overleden aan de gevolgen van Corona. Vrijdag ook al. Het aantal doden sinds het begin van de coronacrisis is nu dertig. Er zijn vandaag 278 mensen positief getest. In totaal werden 1563 coronatesten afgenomen. Een testratio derhalve van 17,8 procent. 63 mensen genasen.


The Hague Member of Parliament Attje Kuiken (PvdA) is very concerned about the increase in the number of corona infections in Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. Now that the hospitals on the islands have reached their borders, she would like to see the Dutch government send the naval vessel Karel Doorman to the Caribbean again.

Anti Dutch, Pro Independence MFK and PNP speed up the formation of a coalition for thorough development

Anti Dutch, Pro Independence MFK and PNP speed up the formation of a coalition for thorough development Willemstad The winners of the Parliament elections in Curaçao MFK and PNP barely needed a day and a half to obtain a declaration of willingness leading to the formation of a coalition.
The short statement states that both parties have “a thorough development”. of the island’s inhabitants, based on transparency, integrity, decency, hope

KNOPS CONGRATULATES MFK State Secretary Knops congratulates MFK on the election victory.

On Friday Gilmar ‘Pik’ Pisas’ party managed to win 9 of the 21 seats. Knops has been in contact with Pisas, in which he has indicated that he expects a continuation of the good cooperation between Curaçao and the Netherlands. According to the State Secretary, this was also good in recent years. PAR and PNP managed to win four seats last Friday. MAN has


WILLEMSTAD The figures are correct. Epidemiologist Izzy Gerstenbluth emphasizes this. He explains that things went well on the island for a long time, until the arrival of the new variants of the corona virus. The numbers are alarming. The figures really add up, says Gerstenbluth. The reason why the measures are being tightened now, again, is to get the virus back under control. Especially the group between 25 and 39 is now the most often tested positive, 40 percent of the infected people belong to this group. 37.1 percent of those who tested positive are between the ages of 40 and 64. According to the epidemiologist, it i

Dutch Sint Maarten RST Investigating Curacao’s Themis Case, No Limit Gang Hato Airport Shooting.

38-year-old C.F.L. and 34-year-old A.A.F.E. appeared yesterday at a pro forma session in the large-scale investigation called Themis. Both suspects were arrested during a major action in Curaçao on November 26 and 27, 2020. They have since been in custody. In the investigation, the sights are focused on the NLS gang of Coral Specht and Shurandy “Tyson” Quant. It was arrested and extradited in Dubai last November. The 36-year-old J.K. arrested who was involved in the Hato shooting at the airport of Curaçao in 2014. Both men who now had to appear are also suspected o


It is a projection and not the expected outcome,” says a spokesman. And: ,, It concerns the operating income and costs; the operational budget. Not for Central Bank duties. Our foreign exchange position is excellent. The newspaper Sint Maarten reported about it based on answers from Finance Minister Ardwell Irion to the States in Philipsburg. To the explains the press officer that “as a result of the corona crisis, interest rates on the international market have fallen sharply.” As a result, the interest income of the CBCS decreased, which resulted in a decrease of the interest income of approximately 18 million guilders in 2020. ” According to the Central Bank in Scharlo

Curacao Public Prosecutors’ O.M. Launches Massive Investigation Into Deviant Behaviour In The Police Force

Curaçao has started a major investigation into corruption and deviant behavior among police officers. Police officers are said to have been guilty of theft from homes or attempted theft, violation of the opium national ordinance and misuse of official powers. Internal Affairs Office of the Curaçao Police Force is leading the investigation that bears the name Outpost. Four suspects are currently detained, their custody has just been extended by eight days.
The suspects are restricted and can therefore only have contact with their counselor or counselor. Curaçao is plagued by police misconduct. In 2018, a large batch of cocaine

Curacao Government Wants Holland To Mind Their Business Concerning Their Involvement With Failed Drug Mule Airline Insel

The loss of Insel Air in 2019 and the involvement of the Curacao government with the airline in the months leading up to the bankruptcy should, if it is up to the Rhuggenaath government, to be covered up. “,”The loss of Insel Air in 2019 and the involvement of the Curacao government with the airline in the months leading up to the bankruptcy must, if it is up to the Rhuggenaath government, to cover up stay. This can be concluded from the attempts that journalist Yves Cooper is making to uncover important documents via the National Ordinance on Open Government (LOB). Documents that remain in the drawer because the responsible Minister of Traffic and Transport, Zita Jesus-Leito, does not want a peek behind the scenes and claims secrecy on curious grounds. Cooper has requested a multitude of documents with an appeal to the LOB. Apart from access to the economic license, which is already public and the decision of the Minister to withdraw that license, all other 22 requests for publication have been rejected. According to journalist Cooper, the government is making every ef

Curaçao politician Almier Godett has been murdered.

It is the second incident at TPK, the party of Rennox Calmes. Earlier this year, party member Athly Maria, number sixteen on the list, was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Trabou pa Kòrsou (Work for Curaçao) is one of the fifteen parties participating in the state elections on March 19. The party had collected more than 2,200 support votes in the primary election. Rennox Calmes split from Partido Inovashon Nashonal (PIN) last year because he disagreed with the course of Suzy Römer’s party. He took his seat and continued as an independent member of th

They Are Protesting Zwarte Piet In Curacao. Holland needs to quit trying to spread its racist ideology

Willemstad – Kick Out Zwarte Piet is also going to demonstrate in Curaçao during the upcoming Sinterklaas entry. The action group says to do so because nothing is changing in Curaçao.

The group will also be demonstrating in at least eleven cities in the Netherlands. The action group is said to be working together with Jeanne Henriquez, who already demonstrated in 2015 on Brionplein.

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