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Government of Sint Maarten stands in solidarity with the people of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

The Government of Sint Maarten made contact with Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves on April 8, 2021, regarding the possible approaching emergency; the eruption of La Soufriere Volcano in Northern Saint Vincent. Reports at the time mentioned that the Volcano was expected to erupt within the hours or days. For this reason, the Government of St. Maarten has reached out to Prime Minister Gonsalves to show solidarity and offer support if the need arises. During the conversation, Prime Minister Gonsalves conveyed that he h

Video 4 Bibi Ho SMN News asks Minister York Frantically About GEBE Victimizing People And Vromi Contracts. Doran’s Response: Angry Contractors Complaining ‘Feel Entitled’

Bibi Ho of SMN News asks Minister York frantically about GEBE individuals being victimized. Doran Response: Government is also a shareholder, Supervisory board would deal with management to handle the matter. Send a letter to the people in charge. Today Minister York has a meeting at 11 am Today with GEBE in Parliament about Financing
Ombudsman clarification. Sense of entitlement from contractors who are complaining. Contractor controversy It’s their right to complain to umbudsman if they feel c

Video 1 Todays Dutch Sint Maarten Government Press Briefing Deputy Prime Minister Egberto Doran York Visited SHDF

Video 1 Todays Dutch Sint Maarten Government Press Briefing
Deputy Prime Minister Egberto Doran York Visited SHDF Belvedere yesterday. More fixed roofs and home repair at duplexes, which were the main concerns. The Towers are underconstruction renovated by end of year with funding, of course. More progress. Working with the banks.
The Prime Minister had met with Kingdom about Consensus Law, country package etc. Yesterday Silveria Jacob’s informal meeting Knops with Sillie And Rolando friendly Ongoing discussion. Once Dora

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Hurricane Caribbean 2022 Season

Caribbean Hurricane Season 2022

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