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CONFIDENTIAL PDF’s: Judith Roumou Mentored André Bosman, Nardy Cramm, Ronald Van Raak, Nicolaas Herders, And Others…They Double Crossed Her, And Left Her To Die

with all these crazy allegations about Ronald Van Raak and André Bosman..”Well, I am Judith Roumou, and if you read the below confidential documents… I HELPED Bosman and Van Raak and I assisted The world’s oldest working THOT… Nardy Cramm. I won’t say much today, I  am busy covering the Volcano. As soon as I’m done with the explosions over there, I will bring some explosions over here …. trust me. The doctors told Ronald, André etc, I would not survive the surgery. They removed,  I believe 11 kilos of tumors from my stomach. They were in direct contact wi

Update 30 Dutch Idiots Sail By Soufriere, Smear Their Silly Faces In Black Ash. Look At These Dutch Monkeys. Holland Has An ‘Insensitive White Trash’ Problem. They REALLY do.

Leave it to the Dutch to find a reason, any reason to wear Blackface. How long will Dutch Makambas use ignorance and stupidity as an excuse for being racially insensitive,   racist plain. But when they are As we are getting frantic calls from St Vincent, these European lullen of course are having a good time. Imagine when the Holland dykes were flooding, you sailed up to enjoy… Holland has a makamba problem.

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Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak