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It’s Not Sint Maarten Vs. The Dutch. It Is Grisha Marten Vs. Sarah Wescot Williams And Melissa Gumbs

“In questioning and strongly objecting to this modus operandi of the presidium of Parliament in the meeting of this morning [Wednesday], which regretfully was closed-door, reference was constantly made of the motion of November of last year. It seems to be that the supporters of that motion of last year regarding decolonisation are of the opinion that their president/presidium of Parliament has carte blanche where it pertains to contacting services and firms based on that moti


It is a projection and not the expected outcome,” says a spokesman. And: ,, It concerns the operating income and costs; the operational budget. Not for Central Bank duties. Our foreign exchange position is excellent. The newspaper Sint Maarten reported about it based on answers from Finance Minister Ardwell Irion to the States in Philipsburg. To the explains the press officer that “as a result of the corona crisis, interest rates on the international market have fallen sharply.” As a result, the interest income of the CBCS decreased, which resulted in a decrease of the interest income of approximately 18 million guilders in 2020. ” According to the Central Bank in Scharlo

King Willem-Alexander Spoke To Saba & Statia Government vía Video Conference Call Today

ORANJESTAD / THE BOTTOM – King Willem-Alexander spoke in separate video conversations on Wednesday afternoon, March 10, with the government commissioner of St. Eustatius and the Island Governor of Saba. The monarch was informed by government commissioner Marnix van Rij of St. Eustatius and Lieutenant Governor Jonathan Johnson of Saba about current events and developments on the islands. The King regularly receives the government commissioner, rulers and governors of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to be informed about recent developments. Because unnecessary travel is discouraged due to the corona vi

RACIAL RECKONING UPDATE: St Maarten vs. The Netherlands Feud Makes It In Washington Post. FULL STORY

She needed a financial lifeline. Four thousand miles away, Mother Holland was prepared to throw one — but with strings attached. What followed would be a racial reckoning in the Caribbean: A bitter dispute between Sint Maarten’s Dutch overseers in Europe and local politicians representing an island populated predominantly by Afro-Caribbeans and other people of color.


Curaçao is in 29 place on the Corporate Tax Haven Index, the international list of tax havens. That is far below the Netherlands, which is in fourth place, after the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The list is published every two years. Earlier, the Netherlands was also fourth. Aruba is in 56th place. Sint Maarten has not been investigated.
Curaçao staat op de 29 plek op de Corporate

Sint Maarten Recovery Resilience Trust Steering Committee Agrees on Importance of Maintaining Focus on Rehabilitating Critical Infrastructure

The Steering Committee reaffirmed its full commitment to use Trust Fund resources to the benefit of all Sint Maarteners to build a stronger and more resilient Sint Maarten. Nine projects financed from the Trust Fund are completed or under implementation. Details about project progress and achievements to date are available on the Trust Fund dashboard and on the NRPB website.

Curacao In Shock, 30 Years Jamaloodin For Hiring Hitman To Kill Then Prime Minister Wiels

Jamaloodin 30 years in prison: instigation of murder Helmin Wiels proven Willemstad – Former Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin was yesterday sentenced by the judges of the Court to a prison sentence of 30 years, minus pre-trial detention, in accordance with the demand of the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Almost eight years after the murder of PS politician Helmin Wiels, his brother Aubert had a bittersweet feeling yesterday: I can finally breathe calmly in part because the person who

Answers To Written Questions About Ombudsman Report That More Attention Must Be Paid To Obstacles Facing Dutch Caribbean Students In The Netherlands

Caribbean students in the Netherlands. As a result of the results, I raised this issue with my fellow ministers from
Education of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. In November 2019, in the Ministerial Four-Country Consultation on Education and Culture, we agreed to conduct a joint investigation into the less good study results of Caribbean students in (Dutch) secondary vocational education and higher education, the causes of this and possible solutions to this, so that measures can be taken jointly. can be taken to ensure that Caribbean students can do better in (Dutch) further education. This investigation has been completed and the draft report was on the agenda of the Ministerial Four-Country Consultation on


A message to all sailors, regatta fans, supporters and sponsors of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta: Today would have been the start of the 41st St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, unfortunately COVID set us on another course this year. Driving around the island, we miss seeing the sailors walking with croissants, sandwiches and six packs of water, ready to go out for the day, proudly wearing their custom made Heineken Regatta team shirts.

Prime Minister Jacobs on-hand to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. Residents encouraged to register.

Prime Minister Jacobs on-hand to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. Residents encouraged to register. The COVID-19 vaccines from the Netherlands arrived in St. Maarten on Friday, February 19, 2021, and was received by Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. Accompanying the Prime Minister were Acting Minister of VSA, Ludmila de Weever, Special Envoy to the Dutch Caribbean for COVID-19 Vaccine, Dr. Marc Sprenger, and head of the Representation of the Netherlands in Sint Maarten, Chris Johnson. In the first shipment, St. Maarten has received a little over 8000 vaccines to sta

Summary of the epidemiological situation COVID-19 on theCAS-BES islands, week 7Compiled by the National Institute for Public Health.

200 on Aruba, 63 on Sint Maarten, 39 on Curaçao, 10 on Bonaire, 0 on St. Eustatius and 0 on Saba. Curaçao counted 0 to 8 positive tests per day last week. The number of active infections is still the same as last week, when 59 active infections were also reported on the island. A total of 4,652 COVID-19 infections have been reported up to February 15. One patient is admitted to the nursing ward and one to the ICU. The incidence increased to 21 reports per 100,000 subjects last week, compared to 16 / 100,000 at week 5. Surveillance of circulation of SARS-COV-2
variants so far shows one case of the VOC 1.1.7 (British) variant in Curaçao. In Aruba, the number

This Week 44,050 Vaccines Delivered To BES Islands (Bonaire, Eustatius, Saba) and CAS (Curacao, Aruba, St Maarten) Islands.

44,050 Vaccines Delivered  To BES (Bonaire, Eustatius, Saba) and CAS (Curacao, Aruba, St Maarten). This week, 44,050 vaccines will be delivered to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These include both Moderna and BioNTech / Pfizer vaccines. The advice of the Health Council is also followed on the islands. Vaccinations of the elderly (over 60) and care workers will start. About 94 thousand islanders fall into this group. The first vac

JVO Law Enforcement Meeting Of Dutch Caribbean Ministers 3 – 4 : RST Getting More Funding. 45 Million Euros Total For St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao . 30 Million For Prison

For example, there were pieces from the RST (Recherche
Collaboration Team), the Law Enforcement Council, the Joint Court of Justice and the Attorney General’s Office Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.
During this JVO, a number of the other countries were again only partly able approve the 2020 and 2021 budgets of the common institutions. The Netherlands has an interest

JVO Law Enforcement Meeting Of Ministers 2 OM Cariben: Prosecutors Trained In St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Police Data Sharing

For example, the JVO expressed support for the process professionalization OM Cariben, including the project to be local annually train prosecutors (from the islands). In addition
agreements made about the law courses in Aruba and Curaçao,
so that graduates of the universities of Aruba and Curaçao have equal access
have to select and train for the professions of lawyer, judge and
public prosecutor in the Netherlands. These agreements promote the exchange of
these professionals within the Kingdom and contribute to the quality and

JVO Law Enforcement 1: Judicial Four Party Consultation Between 4 Justice Ministers Within Dutch Kingdom. Data Protection, Sharing Information

PART OF COUNTRY ST MAARTEN, ARUBA, CURACAO ‘PACKAGES’: Minister Grapperhaus informs the House of Representatives about the commitment to law enforcement and about the main points of the JVO.
Page 1 of 4: The Judicial Four Party Consultation (JVO) took place on 14 January 2021, the semi-annual consultations between the four justice ministers of the countries in the

BES ISLANDS MUCH WORSE OFF SINCE DUTCH TAKE OVER. Sabans have to fly to St Maarten For Banking

To make matters worse, the RBC has now further reduced its services on the island. For example, cashier services are no longer provided, while online customers can only choose from a very limited package of services. In order to arrange other banking matters, residents now have to take a plane to arrange matters on St. Maarten that are not possible on Saba itse

CEO TELEM Kendall Dupersoy Retracts Original Cost Cutting Measures Proposal, And Resubmits the Proposal. NEW VERSION

Since the draft legislation is not clear on how the reductions can or should be applied, we have requested both the Government and the CFT (College Financieel Toezicht) in writing to provide clarity. We have not received a response from CFT and the response from the Government does not give us the required comfort. Considering the existing uncertainties, we suggested to you on numerous occasions to wait with introducing the cost cutting measures so that any and all uncertainties can first be clarified. You have indicated that your members do not want to wait and insist that we continue with making all bonus related payments despite not knowing the impact of this decision to em

Chapter 4 Explanation & Conclusion Chapters 1 – 20: Dutch St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao CEDE Border Control To The Netherlands As Part Of Liquidity Support

This applies to Sint Maarten, due to the turnaround time
of the current mutual arrangement for strengthening border control on Sint Maarten, the action plan
set before 1 September 2021. Subsequently, these plans of action will be taken every three
year to be evaluated, renewed and re-established.
The action plan will provide a clear picture of the objectives, further forms and
modalities for the implementation of border control, responsibilities and measures per
service, by country. When drawing up the action plan, proposals for improvement of the
baseline trajectory are taken into account. This action plan will be drawn up by the
working group as referred to in Article 16 of the Protocol. It will also be included in the action plan
describes how adjustments can be made during the implementat

Chapter 3 Articles 13-20: Netherlands & Dutch Caribbean New Border Agreement. Action Plan, Progress Committee Collaboration

Each progress committee consists of representatives of each of the participating, with
the border control responsible for implementing organizations and the relevant ministries of both the
concerning Caribbean country as of the Netherlands.
3. The progress committee advises the ministers concerned of the country concerned and
The Netherlands on the progress and implementation of the agreements made in the plans of
4. The progress committee meets at least twice a year and bids annually
January an interim or final report to the ministers concerned.
5. The members of the progress committee are appointed by the minister concerned,
suspended and fired. Th

Chapter 2 Article 2 – 12 Purpose: Dutch European KMar, Marechausse And Customs To Take Over Control Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

KMar and Customs Netherlands. In the action plan article 13 paragraph 1 the objective and
the manner in which the operational deployment of KMar and Customs is managed in the Netherlands
agreed upon in consultation with the countries. The management, policy and authority of the
The Caribbean Coast Guard takes place in accordance with the Coast Guard Act.
Article 6
1. Responsibility for legal status for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee rests with the

Chapter 1 Article 1 General Provisions: The Netherlands, St Maarten, Curacao & Aruba Sign Protocol On Strenghtening Dutch Caribbean Borders

11 December 2020 Extension of the mutual arrangement of Sint Maarten and the Netherlands as
referred to in Article 38, first paragraph, of the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Netherlands to strengthen the border control of Sint Maarten
concluded between the Netherlands and Sint Maarten for the period of 1
January 2021 to July 1, 2021;
22 December 2020 Mutual arrangement for the Sint Maarten National Package between Sint Maarten and
The Netherlands as referred to in Article 38, first paragraph, of the statute of
Kingdom of the Netherlands to be implemented
to the measures described in the country package
including condition H.11 Strengt

LETTER: TELEM Group responds to SMCU.Kendall Dupersoy Executive Division Chief Executive Officer

Do you enjoy playing the victim? Every letter is disrespectful, when I talk to you it’s disrespectful. You know what is disrespectful? When you constantly make untrue statements in the media and to staff when you know the opposite is true. Your constant bullying of staff and management is what is disrespectful. Publishing of private letters in your members WhatsApp chat is disrespectful. Respect earned is the respect given, when you as a union behave in respectful manner, is only then you can claim disrespect from anyone.

Breaking! Hushang Ansary, Mullet Bay And St Maarten Caught Up In Explosive Exposé By Miami Herald: ENNIA Lawsuit Exposes BILLION $$$ DOLLAR Tax Havens From SXM To Luxembourg

THE MULLET BAY PROBLEM: SunResorts owned 67.7 hectares — about 160 acres or roughly 125 football fields — of real estate in Mullet Bay on Sint Maarten. The parcel includes a golf resort, a hotel and timeshare locations. The area however had not been in use since 1995, when Hurricane Luis ravaged Mullet Bay, and no substantial repairs or development had been done since then, the complaint says.A satellite photo of the real-estate tract in Mullet Bay on the island of Sint Maarten.


The Court of Appeals of Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, and the BES-islands (the “Court”) ordered the prosecution of an individual with political authority on Sint Maarten. The order relates exclusively to a limited number of crimes of which he is suspected.
Based on the Constitution of Sint Maarten and the National Ordinance for Prosecution of Individuals with Political Authority, the Public Prosecutor’s Office can only prosecute individuals with political authority after an order to that effect has been issued by the Court.
Further to the results of an extensive criminal investigation codenamed “R


This Natural Disaster Response Manual was produced for the Dutch Caribbean islands of Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten after those islands were heavily impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The manual is heavily based on the experiences of the Park Management Organizations the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation (NFSXM), the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and STENAPA St. Eustatius and aims to give the tools necessary to effectively respond to natural disasters in terms of preparation, response and restoration. The funding for the manual is part of the emergency financial support given to the NFSXM, SCF and STENAPA by the DCNA Trust Fund as a response to the 2017 Hurricane Season.


KLM and Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport begin transport of Covid-19 vaccines to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

KLM and Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport begin transport of Covid-19 vaccines to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Today saw the first flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Bonaire and Aruba carrying a shipment of Covid-19 vaccines destined for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is the first of several shipments that will deliver the vaccines to the various islands in the

St Maarten Has A fls naf 171 MILLION Guilder Deficit In 2021

Sint Maarten still has a draft budget – that is to say: not yet approved by Parliament – and this shows for the year 2021 revenues of a total of 369 million guilders and costs of 540 million and thus a deficit of 171 million.
The multi-year estimate also shows shortages for the years 2022 to 2024. The Financial Supervision Council (Cft) notes that these estimates of shortages are ‘circumscribed with more than average uncertainty’ and that deviation from the central standard is reserved to the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom (RMR) in The Hague. For comparison with previous years: in the cor

UPDATED: Latest KPSM Dutch Sint Maarten Police Investigate 2 Murders

Police are busy investigating two murders that took place late Sunday night into early Monday morning. Police Spokesman Joe Josepha said that two Venezuelan men were fighting sometime Sunday night that ended in one stabbing the next to death. The incident Josepha said occurred on Tassel Road in Zagersgut Road.
Meanwhile, police also found the body of a woman in an apar

New Video: Rhoda Arrindell and Friends on the Bobol List. The Making of a Theo Heyliger Puppet

NEW VIDEO: Rhoda Arrindell’s trying to get on my bobol list, and she brought along a few friends. Too bad I don’t have the space to properly add her to the list. Elections and Christmas, always a busy time of the year.
1)I criticized Big Ray Raymond Helliger’s poem kissing Theo’s behind.
2) I criticized Rhoda Arrindell’s disastrous educational policies, and put together a short infographic video defending my argument.
3) Rhoda came into the Whatsapp group too debate me, but couldn’t.
4) Suddenly her so called informal advisor, Big Ray Helliger comes in to attack me with a poem, accusing me of going through government trash, because I expose government.
5) He questioned my talent, brains and creativity. I guess impotence causes early onset dementia because Big Ray Helliger forgot it was I who set up his MJP Movement page and group, from my hospital FOR FREE.
6) I was also the only person really posting Big Rays work, so the money must have been good. Just look at the man’s 8 month pregnant stomach. He has to eat.
7) So Rhoda’s plans backfired because right away they told me it was Rhoda behind it. Since then Rhoda has come at me with a very weak debate and gotten shut down. Now she has some more agents coming in to question what I do for St Maarten, when all Rhoda has done is enrich herself and continue to fool the people on behalf of Theo Heyliger. I promised no more than 10 minutes on Rhoda, but uploading and writing this was another 5 minutes. So she got her fifteen minutes of fame. WELCOME TO THE BOBOL LIST RHODA. Look around, enjoy yourself but I have to get back to post breaking news for my island St Maarten

The plight of the pensioners this elections. Rolando Brison, please take not.

I tried to vlog from Mullet Bay yesterday, but it was crowded. Today I tried to vlog from Belair, but I got wet in the rain last night, so I’m under the weather.

As I was leaving Belair, someone called my name, I have never met her before.

She told me that she recognized me from my blogs.

So we spoke for a little bit, and she started going in to the plight and struggles of the seniors.

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