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Video: The Same People On Facebook Saying Nothing Is Wrong With Andrew Dick Are The Same Ones Supplying And Enabling Him

1) The same people now saying “pray for Andrew”, are the ones who started the bandwagon Rolling about Andrew Dick being addicted and beating his girlfriend, and destroying the house with a baseball bat.
2) I cannot be a hypocrite, so I just have to ve me.
3) The Videos are a wake up call, bit you know they are too los I.Q’d to get that.
4) There are DOZENS of Videos of Andrew… MUCH WORSE. But you have the same people feeding Andrew substances on Facebook saying that he is having a breakdown,

In St Maarten They Worship The Pedophiles That Prey On Their Kids, Make Them Victims, Blame The Child… And Attack The Whistleblowers

Not one of you pedo enabling hypocrites stopped up when Andrew Dick was molesting your daughters. SOME of you DEFENDED him, and blamed the 14 old girls. This man openly peddled children, and you want to criticize the blog as you stood up to defend a pedophile? I would not trust any of you around children, because Either you are just like him, a pedo… or you are like that Secretary who just got busted, an enab

Knops 13: Van Rij Asked To Be Dismissed, With His Departure, Alida Francis Will Take His Position Temporarily

On the basis of the Özütok motion, a table is currently being created to look at what intermediate results we can move towards next phases, the following milestones. In the progress report that will be sent to your Chamber in May, we will discuss this in more detail and reflect the latest state of affairs.
Then there is mr van Rij’s departure. Mr Van Rij has asked me to dismiss him because of the appeal that has been made against

UPDATED: Video SXM Parliament MP Claudius Buncamper Losing His Mind, Airport CFO & CEO Refused To Show. Buncamper Dared Them To Slap Him Like They Threatened. FULL VIDEO

Video Latest from Dutch SXM Parliament. According to corrupt and criminal MP Claudius Buncamper, The Airport Board, who Parliament was supposed to meet today, stood them up. The CEO and CFO sent a letter to Finance Minister Ardwell Irion. According to a furiousToontje, they won’t come because Parliament asks too many stupid, redundant questions, and because Parliament uses confidential to make them look bad. Toontje told them to come and and try to slap him, to see what happens. MP Toontje who is going back to PM isn’t there

Video Just In: An Air France flight travelling from Paris to St. Maarten was diverted to St. Johns Tuesday. March 30, 2021, 6:41

According to the St. John’s Airport Authority, the flight travelling from Paris to St. Maarten, a Caribbean island part of the Netherlands, landed in St. John’s just before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. The plane was carrying 120 passengers and 10 crew members.VIDEO: . JOHN’S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
Air France AFR498 Airbus A330-203 F-GZCF Diversion Landing RWY34 at YYT
Published on Mar 30, 2021
This plane was en-route to hot and sunny Sint Maarten before it diverted 1500km South/Southeast towards a very windy and icy cold St. John’s, NL.
The plane is due to depart tomorrow morning at around 11am.
I may or may not be there to film it take off, no promises (I’m a night owl, lol).

Date: March 30th, 2021
Time of Arrival: 4:18pm
Wind: 32021G32KT
Runway Used: 34
Origin: Paris Charles de Gaulle/Roissy Airport (CDG)
Diverting from: Princess Juliana Intl (SXM)
Callsign/Flight Number: AFR498
Airline/Operator: Air France
Aircraft Type: Airbus A330-203 (A332)
Powerplant(s): (2x) General Electric CF6-80E1A3 Turbofans
Registration: F-GZCF
Airframe age: 18.8 years
Airfleets Page:…​

Immigration & Border Protection Services (IBP) Issues Stern Warning to persons submitting fraudulent documents.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Immigration and Border Protection Services are hereby informing the public that we are working closely with the Prosecutors office to curb the act of submitting fraudulent documents with the intent to obtain residency permits.
Recently, an incident occurred whereby the spouse of an applicant requesting a residence permit submitted forged documents on behalf of her employer.
Article 24 of the National Ordinance of Admittance and Expulsions (LTU) states that anyone who deliberately provides incorrect (false/falsified) information for himself or for another person to obtain certain conditions attached thereto or to prevent the withdrawal of the authorizati

Hurricane Caribbean 2022 Season

Caribbean Hurricane Season 2022

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