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SXM Corona FundS In Danger: Millionaire Grisha Marten & Convict Husband Theo Heyliger Do Not Want To Pay Back The $17 Million That They Stole

Coronavirus Support In Danger, Following Grisha’s Bogus Letter To The United Nations..THE HAGUE – If State Secretary Knops does not receive reaffirmation of political support for the national package, the financial corona support for Sint Maarten may be stopped. This is stated today in Knops’ answer to Ronald Raak’s questions about the UN petition and

Le président Gibbs salue les performances du lycée Robert Weinum et du lycée Professionnel des îles du nord

Alors que le lycée Robert Weinum vient d’être classé sur la première marche des meilleurs lycées de France dans le palmarès annuel des lycées du journal Le Parisien, et que le lycée professionnel des îles du nord a été reconnu parmi les établissements français performants en 2020 avec 92% de réussite au bac, je tiens à saluer ces résultats valorisants pour notre territoire et ses établissements scolaires.

Fabian Perez Torres Video: In St Maarten You Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Unless You Are The Crooked KPSM Police. KPSM As Usual Protecting Their Criminals In Uniform

We would like to emphasize that this colleague is now also a suspect and that, just like any other citizen, his guilt must be proven. The investigation is now underway, which we as an organization will await before we can respond substantively. We were informed about the ongoing investigation and we are of course cooperating fully with the National Detectives, KPSM said in i


Maarten to clarify the complaint that parliament has submitted to the UN special rapporteur on racism. Only then does he want to talk further about new financial support for the island.

The parliament of Sint Maarten accuses the Netherlands in a petition of racism and human rights violations. According to the petitioners, the Netherlands is trying to use the corona pandemic to return colonial rule. Nonsense, Knops says on Friday. “There is no racist motive whatsoever. We will not affect the autonomy of Sint Maarten. ” He calls the charges “very painful.”

Knops: No Evidence That Sint Maarten Government Supports Petition. But Sint Maarten Is Entitled To Independence

The Hague – The Kingdom cannot stand in the way of Sint Maarten’s independence. That is “unwritten Kingdom law”, State Secretary Raymond Knops writes to the Lower House in response to questions from VVD and SP about the complaint that the States of Sint Maarten have filed with the United Nations against the Netherlands.
Sint Maarten can unilaterally determine that the country leaves the Kin

St Maarten People Believe That Our Politicians Are Cursed. I’m Starting To Believe It Too

And by the way… if you gift us that prime piece of property to conduct some more illicit business, then we won’t even mention your name to the RST investigators?
Explain the above reasoning to me, because I still don’t get it. The logic, the stupidity, the greed… I just don’t get it.
What is your I.Q., when you are congratulating your own genius, because you are so smart to delete everything. Well…
What about the person that you are sending incriminating

It’s Not Sint Maarten Vs. The Dutch. It Is Grisha Marten Vs. Sarah Wescot Williams And Melissa Gumbs

“In questioning and strongly objecting to this modus operandi of the presidium of Parliament in the meeting of this morning [Wednesday], which regretfully was closed-door, reference was constantly made of the motion of November of last year. It seems to be that the supporters of that motion of last year regarding decolonisation are of the opinion that their president/presidium of Parliament has carte blanche where it pertains to contacting services and firms based on that moti

Sint Maarten Recovery Resilience Trust Steering Committee Agrees on Importance of Maintaining Focus on Rehabilitating Critical Infrastructure

The Steering Committee reaffirmed its full commitment to use Trust Fund resources to the benefit of all Sint Maarteners to build a stronger and more resilient Sint Maarten. Nine projects financed from the Trust Fund are completed or under implementation. Details about project progress and achievements to date are available on the Trust Fund dashboard and on the NRPB website.

Curacao In Shock, 30 Years Jamaloodin For Hiring Hitman To Kill Then Prime Minister Wiels

Jamaloodin 30 years in prison: instigation of murder Helmin Wiels proven Willemstad – Former Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin was yesterday sentenced by the judges of the Court to a prison sentence of 30 years, minus pre-trial detention, in accordance with the demand of the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Almost eight years after the murder of PS politician Helmin Wiels, his brother Aubert had a bittersweet feeling yesterday: I can finally breathe calmly in part because the person who

Answers To Written Questions About Ombudsman Report That More Attention Must Be Paid To Obstacles Facing Dutch Caribbean Students In The Netherlands

Caribbean students in the Netherlands. As a result of the results, I raised this issue with my fellow ministers from
Education of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. In November 2019, in the Ministerial Four-Country Consultation on Education and Culture, we agreed to conduct a joint investigation into the less good study results of Caribbean students in (Dutch) secondary vocational education and higher education, the causes of this and possible solutions to this, so that measures can be taken jointly. can be taken to ensure that Caribbean students can do better in (Dutch) further education. This investigation has been completed and the draft report was on the agenda of the Ministerial Four-Country Consultation on

Captain Makes Clutch Decision Saves Superyacht ‘GO’ in St. Maarten’s CrashOne of 2 collisions between ‘GO” and the SXM yacht club dock.

Captain Makes Clutch Decision to Save Superyacht ‘GO’ in St. Maarten’s Crash
One of two collisions between ‘GO” and the St. Maarten’s yacht club dock. Last week the brilliantly turquoise superyacht GO made headlines for crashing into St. Maarten’s Yacht Club. Not once, but twice.
Naturally, internet ‘experts’ were quick to pounce. With a predictable lack of empathy most were quick to denounce the crash as being rooted in driver error. Surely no captain could crash one of


Port investigation: St Maarten prosecutor’s office denies Supreme Court in The Hague
The Sint Maarten public prosecutor’s office on Thursday lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court in The Hague following the refusal by the justice of Sint Maarten to open an investigation into the Sint Maarten Harbor Group.

CPS administering COVID-19 vaccines to seniors, persons with underlying conditions to avoid spillage

Due to the fact that an unexpected number of people did not show up for their appointment, and the number of persons 60 years and older that registered for the vaccine is growing slower than expected, more vials with the Covid-19 vaccine were defrosted at the start of this week than can be used for eligible seniors who have registered.

Prime Minister Jacobs on-hand to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. Residents encouraged to register.

Prime Minister Jacobs on-hand to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. Residents encouraged to register. The COVID-19 vaccines from the Netherlands arrived in St. Maarten on Friday, February 19, 2021, and was received by Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. Accompanying the Prime Minister were Acting Minister of VSA, Ludmila de Weever, Special Envoy to the Dutch Caribbean for COVID-19 Vaccine, Dr. Marc Sprenger, and head of the Representation of the Netherlands in Sint Maarten, Chris Johnson. In the first shipment, St. Maarten has received a little over 8000 vaccines to sta

JVO Law Enforcement 1: Judicial Four Party Consultation Between 4 Justice Ministers Within Dutch Kingdom. Data Protection, Sharing Information

PART OF COUNTRY ST MAARTEN, ARUBA, CURACAO ‘PACKAGES’: Minister Grapperhaus informs the House of Representatives about the commitment to law enforcement and about the main points of the JVO.
Page 1 of 4: The Judicial Four Party Consultation (JVO) took place on 14 January 2021, the semi-annual consultations between the four justice ministers of the countries in the

Chapter 1 Article 1 General Provisions: The Netherlands, St Maarten, Curacao & Aruba Sign Protocol On Strenghtening Dutch Caribbean Borders

11 December 2020 Extension of the mutual arrangement of Sint Maarten and the Netherlands as
referred to in Article 38, first paragraph, of the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Netherlands to strengthen the border control of Sint Maarten
concluded between the Netherlands and Sint Maarten for the period of 1
January 2021 to July 1, 2021;
22 December 2020 Mutual arrangement for the Sint Maarten National Package between Sint Maarten and
The Netherlands as referred to in Article 38, first paragraph, of the statute of
Kingdom of the Netherlands to be implemented
to the measures described in the country package
including condition H.11 Strengt

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