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UPDATE 2 FATAL Accidents RIP Tragic Accident Young Female Rider Today

Update 2 Fatal accidents 3 days Serious accident – The girl died

A serious accident occurred this morning around 11:30 am on the road to Sandy Ground. According to information communicated by the gendarmerie, a young moped rider (19 years old) was overtaking and collided with a van coming in the opposite direction. The gendarmerie specifies that the victim was not wearing a helmet. Transported in serious condition to the Louis Constant Fleming hospital, she died of her injuries. In 3 days, this is the second dramatic motorcycle accident, two deaths.

Warning Disturbing & Graphic: Court Transcripts English: Paedophile Colin Kristensen Raped His 6 Year Old Daughter, Police Officer Jerry Gerardus Took Money, Freed Him

If you are clicking back for updates, full Court Transcripts are being added below. Sources will be cited in chronological order below. In the Dutch Court System, everything is completely anonymous when Court transcripts are published, so as I am collating all available info, I am also going through years of anonymous court transcripts, written in legalese, Chaucer Dutch. Everything has to be converted, then translated. I will also post the PDF of court transcripts.

The Netherlands To Restart Sint Maarten’s Financial Assistance

After an explanation, Sint Maarten will again receive corona support from the Netherlands.
Sint-Maarten is again receiving financial support from the Netherlands to overcome the corona crisis. State Secretary Raymond Knops (Kingdom Relations) refused this at the end of last month because Sint Maarten had complained to the United Nations about alleged racism by the Netherlands.

UPDATE: Prolific Pedophile Colin Kristensen Bribed The St Maarten Police And Courts To Release Him From Prison, AFTER Raping His Own Six Yr Old 1000’s Of Graphic Porn Videos And Images Of Babies

A one-legged paedophile diamond thief wanted in the Caribbean has fled to Scotland after claiming he needed to get his false limb fixed.

Predator Colin Kristensen has refused to return to the billionaires’ playground of Sint Maarten where he was convicted of abusing a six-year-old girl and looting jewels as part of a corruption scandal that rocked the West Indian paradise island.

Another Vicious Assault Dutch Sint Maarten Coconut Man Beaten Comatose. Topes Robbed

The police dispatch center received calls on April 20 around 7:50 am about a man laying on the ground behind a well-known restaurant on Welfare Road.
When the patrols arrived at the scene, they found a man on the ground bleeding profusely from his head
Ambulance personnel was summoned and they tended to the 67-year-old man, who lives behind the restaurant. He was rushed to St. Maarten Medical Center in critical conditio

The Netherlands Is So Racist, St Maarteners Arubans, the Dutch Caribbean Are Considered LESS CIVILIZED NON WESTERN By CBS Census, Lighter Skinned ASIANS In Are Considered ‘Western’

In Holland…GENERATIONAL DUTCH BORN Antillians and Sint Maarteners who tend to have a darker complexion, are NOT labelled as Western, but Asians are…WHY? What do you expect from the countries who kept our ancestros in cages in human zoos? Holland is racist, but admitting racism would be admitting wrong. Rather than the racist Dutch government working on?

KPSM SXM POLICE: Pedophiles, Thieves, Illegal Workers And More

J.D. after an argument. After a short investigation, the officers became aware that the suspect ill-treated his partner. Officers arrested the male suspect at his job site on April 15, 2021. He was brought to the police station in Philipsburg where he was interrogated. After questioning the suspect was handed over to the personnel of immigration as he was not in possession of legal documents to reside in St. Maarten. KPSM Press Release.

Former Sint Maarten Court House Manager Maritsa James Christina And Husband Facing Three Years For Embezzling Almost $1.000.000

In addition to this offence, J.-C. stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Friday on four other charges. She is also suspected of embezzling NAf. 96,200 from the Constitutional Court from June 2013 to September 2018, defrauding the Minister of Justice to the tune of NAf. 50,000 in June 2018, forgery of a Windward Islands Bank (WIB) money-transfer form in September 2016, and money-laundering of both embezzled

The 2021 Hurricane Season To Mimic 1996, 2001, 2008, 2011 & 2017 The Year Of Hurricane Irma: CSU

Researchers at the Colorado State University (CSU) in the US have predicted that the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will be above-average. CSU cited the likely absence of El Niño as a primary factor. “Tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures are near their long-term averages, while subtropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures are much warmer than their long-term average values.

Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) in Sint Maarten has extended its biometric technology contract with Vision-Box.

Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) in Sint Maarten has extended its biometric technology contract with Vision-Box.

The expanded deal will see the installation of the latest and innovative biometric service platform across the airport.

This partnership is expected to support the economic recovery of the

Video: Why Would MP Rolando Brison Try To Help The Man With Dirt On Him? Dead Men Tell No Tales. The Demon that PM Jacobs Is Describing Is Named ‘ROLANDO’!

1) Prayers are private and should be genuine. You pray for the best for a person from your heart, not via social media.
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3) Don’t make me start calling out the hypocrites who were video sharing, now they’re on Facebook caring.
4) Talk all the sht you want about me, the videos posted public had already made the rounds privately.
5) When I get to blog I will post images.
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Melissa Gumbs The Big Fat Lie


Nobody Prostitutes Like the St Maarten Government

Two Dutch Parliamentarians One Dirty Hooker

Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak

Terrance Rey

Terrance Rey

Soualiga Youth

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