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People if you have used THIS Notary, get a lawyer NOW! FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY BY STAFF, NO SUPERVISION BY GOVERNMENT. They need to raid these notaries and scrape up these fraudulant thieves. Contact me with your Notary stories 721 556 8552 721 To be continued, daily updates.


PRESS RELEASE RUBY INVESTGATION SHERIFF RAIDED THIS MORNING. On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, the Undermining Team (TBO), under the leadership of the examining magistrate, searched a business premises and a number of archive spaces on Sint Maarten. No arrests were made.
The searches took place in the context of a comprehensive criminal investigation with the code name “Ruby”. This research has been conducted since July 2018 and focuses on criminal acts concerning the tendering of contracts related to waste processing on Sint Maarten. The emphasis here is on official corruption: in particular the acceptance of bribes and the misuse of public funds for personal purposes.

The executives of the searched company, as well as the company itself, are currently not suspects in Ruby investigation. There were indications that the company had information relevant to the investigation. In this context, the company has been requested by the Public Prosecution Service to provide data. This is, presumably intentional, incomplete response. This is one of the reasons why the Public Prosecution Service has asked the examining magistrate to search the business premises and the archive rooms: to secure the information required for the investigation.

It is important to emphasize that cooperation with a claim made by the Public Prosecution Service is not without obligation. On the contrary: this is required by law. A party that takes an incomplete cooperative approach in the event of a claim by the judicial authorities can impede the investigation and therefore risks that the investigation services themselves come to collect the requested information unannounced. In addition, it is possible
failure to cooperate with such a claim will be qualified as failure to comply with an official order. This is a criminal offense.

TBO is a project-based collaboration between specialized units within the criminal investigation team (RST) and the public prosecutor’s office in Curaçao, Sint Maarten
and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. TBO focuses on tackling corruption and crime
undermining financial and economic crime. Among other things, the team conducts research into fraud, forgery and money laundering.

For a well-functioning democratic society it is important that citizens have confidence in public administration. Administrative corruption is a phenomenon with many manifestations that mainly occurs at the interface of public-private interests. Corruption affects the integrity of the government and leads to false ones in business life
competition. For this reason, the TBO takes such signs of corruption extremely seriously and conducts in-depth investigations there if necessary.



Op dinsdag 18 februari 2020 heeft het Team Bestrijding Ondermijning (TBO) onder leiding van de rechter-commissaris een bedrijfspand en een aantal archiefruimtes op Sint Maarten doorzocht. Er zijn geen aanhoudingen verricht.

De doorzoekingen vonden plaats in het kader van een omvangrijk strafrechtelijk onderzoek met codenaam “Ruby”. Dit onderzoek wordt uitgevoerd sinds juli 2018 en richt zich op strafbare handelingen rondom de aanbesteding van contracten die verband houden met afvalverwerking op Sint Maarten. Het accent ligt hierbij op ambtelijke corruptie: in het bijzonder het aannemen van steekpenningen en het misbruiken van overheidsgelden voor persoonlijke doeleinden.

De leidinggevenden van het doorzochte bedrijf, alsmede het bedrijf zelf, zijn thans geen verdachten in onderzoek Ruby. Er bestonden aanwijzingen dat bij het bedrijf informatie aanwezig was die relevant is voor het onderzoek. In dit verband is het bedrijf door het Openbaar Ministerie gevorderd om gegevens te verstrekken. Hieraan is, vermoedelijk opzettelijk, onvolledig gehoor gegeven. Dit is een van de redenen waarom het Openbaar Ministerie aan de rechter-commissaris machtiging heeft gevraagd om het bedrijfspand en de archiefruimten te doorzoeken: om de voor het onderzoek benodigde informatie veilig te stellen.

Het is van belang om te benadrukken dat medewerking aan een vordering gedaan door het Openbaar Ministerie niet vrijblijvend is. Integendeel: dit is wettelijk verplicht. Een partij die zich bij een vordering door de justitiële autoriteiten onvolledig coöperatief opstelt, kan het onderzoek belemmeren en riskeert daarmee dat de opsporingsdiensten middels een doorzoeking zelf onaangekondigd de gevorderde informatie komen halen. Daarnaast kan het
niet meewerken aan een dergelijke vordering worden gekwalificeerd als het niet voldoen aan een ambtelijk bevel. Dit is een strafbaar feit.

TBO is een projectmatige samenwerking tussen gespecialiseerde eenheden binnen het recherche samenwerkingsteam (RST) en het Parket van de Procureur Generaal in Curaçao, Sint Maarten
en Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba. TBO focust zich op een aanpak van corruptie en
ondermijnende financieel-economische criminaliteit. Het team doet daarbij onder andere onderzoek naar fraude, valsheid in geschrift en witwassen.

Voor een goed functionerende democratische samenleving is het belangrijk dat burgers vertrouwen hebben in het openbaar bestuur. Ambtelijke corruptie is een fenomeen met vele verschijningsvormen dat zich vooral voordoet op het grensvlak van publiek private belangen. Corruptie tast de integriteit van de overheid aan en leidt in het zakenleven tot valse
concurrentie. Om deze reden neemt het TBO dergelijke signalen van corruptie uitermate serieus en doet indien nodig daar diepgaand onderzoek.


A flight from St Maarten to Montreal made an emergency landing in Bermuda after a medical crisis.

A flight from St Maarten to Montreal made an emergency landing in Bermuda after a medical crisis. A flight from St Maarten to Montreal made an emergency landing in Bermuda after a medical crisis.

A Skyport spokeswoman said the Sunwing flight diverted to Bermuda because a 64-year-old man needed medical attention.

The spokeswoman said the aircraft landed in Bermuda just before 6pm on Thursday.

She added: “The passenger, accompanied by his wife, was transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for


“Following confirmation of a maintenance issue with the aircraft, passengers were offloaded and accommodated in the airport departures lounge while a relief aircraft was flown in by Sunwing.

“The 161 remaining passengers eventually departed for Montreal at 1.44am this morning on the relief

Man Sentenced For Groping Female Police Officer

PHILIPSBURG–The Judge in the Court of First Instance was confronted with a man on Thursday morning who was charged with groping a policewoman during Rio Production’s Lighted Parade on July 5. The man was sentenced to two days already spent in pre-trial detention. The Prosecutor had asked for 60 hours of community service.

Suspect Alexis Noel Mauricia (25), who said he was working that night providing drinks to Rio’s revellers to earn some extra money, vehemently denied the charges.

The man, who was arrested on the spot, said it was very crowded during the parade which was winding its way through narrow Front Street near Sea Palace Resort.

He said he had been in a hurry to get ice for the thirsty revellers and told the judge he may have brushed past the female officer or may have pushed her away, but denied he had touched her abdomen and buttocks in the process.

“It does not make any sense to do that with a trained officer,” the defendant said, adding that he felt he was being treated unfairly. “I am really frustrated with the allegations without a reason. I was not treated right,” he said.

The female officer filed an official complaint in which she stated that she was grabbed in a sexual manner, which had made her feel disrespected and insulted.

A fellow officer who was on duty with her that night and who had witnessed the incident supported his colleague’s statement.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann, who said he is no fan of Carnival with its “crowded, worked-up and alcohol-induced atmosphere,” pleaded for an acquittal. He said his client had not done anything wrong and that the police officers had made a wrong assessment of the situation in making the arrest.

The court considered the charges proven, based on the detailed police statement. “You should not touch women without their consent and undermine a police officer’s authority,” the judge told the suspect. The defendant did not receive any additional punishment as he has already been locked up for two days.

GRISHA MARTEN WANTS TO DUMB IT DOWN EDUCATION WISE. Like it helped Theo who STILL can’t speak English after 50 years.

When you elect illiterates and semi literates to run your government. The dumbing down of the St Maarten education. This is your priority? Theo was given an English education, and almost 50 years later, he STILL cannot speak the language. You have the special needs children I went to school with, now trying to dictate education. Does Grisha own a book? Chupz

Robbie dos Santos eight more days detention

Willemstad – The provisional detention of Robbie dos Santos has been extended again by eight days. The lottery boss was arrested on Sint Maarten last Monday. He is suspected of being involved in the murder of Helmin Wiels.

Dos Santos’ half-brother and former Finance Minister George Jamaloodin was previously convicted of his role in this case. The Dos Santos would have ordered Jamaloodin for the murder.

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