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Cayman netballers make historic trip to St. Maarten

Cayman’s squads are set to tip off in the Battle of the Saints tournament 17-20 Oct. at the LB Scotts Sports Auditorium in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Cayman will be joined by Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Maarten.


New Business Venture For Jeffrey Epstein’s St Maarten IGY Marina, Is His Estate Still Profiting?

Once all three new venues are open, Navy Beach will operate almost 10,000 square feet of dining at Yacht Haven Grande, plus onsite catering for events and deliveries to the surrounding marina and yachts, according to the news release.

The new restaurant and social space is also expected to accommodate special events, weddings and private functions.

Ssssarah Has Some Questions For Minister Weever

Question to Minister Wever: Why has the acting Head of Domain Affairs been stripped of his duties?

This letter has appeared on social media. Assuming that it is a legitimate letter, the immediate question would be: why has this action been taken against a young local professional? Given the ministry that is involved; the department in question and the civil servant (Peterson) who it regards, this question is even more pertinent, as the letter does not provide the slightest indication. The minister has to provide this explanation and promptly. Until then, it will be noted as the NA/USP/Mercelina/Brownbill’s first act of blatant political victimization.

The questions posed by MP Wescot to the Minister of VROMI:

I have learned that Mr. Raeyhon Peterson has been relieved of his duties as Acting Head of Domain Affairs in the Ministry of VROMI as per immediate.

Is this report accurate?
If it is, what has lead to this decision?
Is this a disciplinary measure?
Have you ascertained whether the proper procedures have been followed to relieve a civil servant of his/her duties?
Has the civil servant in question been heard?
Are there plans to act against any other civil servant in the ministry of VROMI in like manner?
If so, who is or are these?
What is the legal position of Mr. Peterson following your decision?

Please note that aforementioned questions will be formally channeled through the Chairperson of Parliament, making this an official request for answers by a member of parliament.


PHILIPSBURG – On Thursday October 10th, the Council of Ministers accepted the resignation letters of Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin and Minister of Justice Cornelius deWeever, thus reducing the number of Ministers in the Council of Ministers from six to four.

Minister of Education Culture Youth & Sport, Wycliffe Smith, Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings, Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication Stuart Johnson and Minister of Housing, Spatial planning, the Environment and Infrastructure Christopher Wever are the four remaining Ministers.

As of October 10th by decision of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Education Culture Youth & Sport, Wycliffe Smith has been appointed as Prime Minister / Minister of General Affairs, during his absence he will be replaced by Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings. Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings is now responsible for the Ministry of Justice. If the Minister of Finance is absent, Minister Wycliffe Smith will be his replacement.

Additionally, the Ministry for Health, Social Development and Labour will fall under the responsibility of the Minister of Housing, Spatial planning, the Environment and Infrastructure Christopher Wever. In the absence of the Minister for Housing, Spatial planning, the Environment and Infrastructure, Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications Stuart Johnson will be his replacement. Minister Stuart Johnson will also function as the replacement for the Minister of Education Culture Youth & Sport if he is not present.

Finally, when the Minister for Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications Stuart Johnson is not present, he will be replaced by Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings.

Incoming Prime Minister / Minister of Education Culture Youth & Sport Wycliffe Smith said, “On behalf of the Council of Ministers I would like to thank the departing Ministers, namely Leona Romeo-Marlin and Cornelius deWeever for their dedicated service to our Country Sint Maarten. Although the remaining period of the Council of Ministers in the Smith Cabinet is short, we remain committed to executing our tasks on behalf of the people of Sint Maarten.”

Cabinet of the Prime Minister

Wycliffe Smith

The Government of Sint Maarten

The four remaining Ministers who form the Council of Ministers will manage the day-to-da


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that there will be a partial road closure of Flamboyant road on Friday, October 11th from the intersection of Carnation road/Flamboyant road until the intersection Oleander/Flamboyant.

The aforementioned will take place from 9.00AM to 11.30AM.

The closure is in connection with the pouring of concrete.

Motorists are advised to be vigilant and observant of the traffic diversion directional signs.

Ministry VROMI apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Handwashing with soap is an effective and affordable way to prevent infections and diseases.


The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a department from the Sint Maarten Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, via its syndromic data reporting for epidemiological week 38, when compared to previous weeks, has seen an increase in gastroenteritis for all ages.


Gastroenteritis symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting, also known as the ‘stomach flu.’  Your stomach and intestines are irritated and inflamed also leading to stomach pain, headache, nausea, fever and cramping.

The syndromic data, which are weekly diagnosed symptoms, are submitted by sentinel sites, a sample of local physicians and the hospital, who submits weekly syndromic numbers to CPS.

CPS then reports these data to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Curacao National for registration and analysis.


The weekly syndromes that are monitored are Fever & Respiratory Symptoms ARI; Undifferentiated Fever; Fever & Hemorrhagic Symptoms; Fever & Neurological Symptoms; Gastroenteritis; Rash & fever and Acute Flaccid Paralysis.


Handwashing must be practiced at key times, such as before and after using the toilet; treating wounds; inserting or removing contact lenses; handling pet food/treats; touching an animal, animal feed or waste; and handling garbage.  Behavior change is essential for making handwashing a habit.

It is very important to wash hands with soap before cooking or preparing food, before eating, and before feeding someone (including breastfeeding) or taking care of others ill or not.

Help children to stay healthy by teaching them about handwashing and show them how proper handwashing is done.

Contamination of food and spread of infectious viruses or bacteria can lead to a wide range of illnesses and outbreaks, many of which are particularly dangerous for young children, people with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

The CPS calls on residents to be vigilant and to implement handwashing with soap as one of the most important public health interventions as clean hands saves lives.

Many infections start when hands are contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and viruses. This can happen after using the toilet, changing a child’s diaper, coughing, sneezing, touching other people’s hands, and touching other contaminated surfaces.


Handwashing with soap works by removing bacteria and viruses from hands before they get a chance to cause infections or spread to other people.


For more information, you can call CPS 542-1322, 1122, 1222 or 542-1570.


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – October 10, 2019 marks the 9th year of country status and the representation of Sint Maarten in the Kingdom Council of Ministers here in the Netherlands. 


The presence of the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary in The Hague Netherlands took form in 2011. To not let this auspicious occasion go by unnoticed, Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite, Deputy Minister Somersall and staff have chosen to commemorate this day in the presence of the first Minister Plenipotentiary, Mathias Voges, Margie van Gijn, the first secretary of the Cabinet and Van de Sluijs Plantz the Sint Maarten Representative in the Council of State.


At 12.00 local time in the Netherlands, the flag was officially hoisted for the first time on the newly acquired Flag poles at the location of the Cabinet on the Prinsessegracht # 7 in the Hague, where the flags will remain hoisted 24 hours a day from now on moving forward as they are permanently lit.


During the commemoration at the Cabinet, Voges reflected and highlighted on the challenges at the start of the Cabinet which at the time was comprised of two persons.


Over the years the team has now grown to eight staff members supporting and carrying out duties under the leadership of both the Minister and Deputy Plenipotentiary. 


Through the years, the Cabinet has welcomed and supported Ministers and deputies in carrying out their duties, all in accordance with the then applicable governing programs given out by the then sitting governments.


At all times remaining true to the call to represent and promote the causes of Sint Maarten and the Sint Maarten Diaspora in the Netherlands.


Today, nine years later, the call to work even harder in benefit of the reconstruction of Sint Maarten after the devastation brought about by hurricanes Irma and Maria, has been the catalyst for an even stronger approach to seek collaboration in many areas.


Ranging from economic, cultural, educational, capacity building and European development funding, efforts in collaboration with the Ministries on Sint Maarten and in the Netherlands are being made to facilitate and accelerate the reconstruction process on Sint Maarten. All of these efforts are now being carried out in accordance to an action program of the Cabinet for 2018- 2020.


Over the years many projects and activities have been carried out by the Cabinet to localize, recognize, involve and assist Sint Maarteners residing in the Netherlands.


A few examples to date are the recognition of outstanding and exemplary persons in the community, who in one way or the other have or are contributing to society here in the Netherlands.

Others are scholars and entrepreneurs who are placing Sint Maarten on the map by working tirelessly to ensure that the island receives and achieves recognition on the highest levels.


Just one year ago, the Cabinet launched the @theCabinet after5 gatherings where young professionals of Sint Maarten decent are given the opportunity to make presentations to their peers in their areas of specialty, which ranges from technical to economic and development related subjects.


Another initiative recently resulted in the formation of the 721 Platform where organizations based in the Netherlands and institutions on Sint Maarten have joined forces to seek out and execute projects in the interest of Sint Maarten.


Minister Wuite mentioned that the Cabinet reflected on the progress and challenges of country status against the backdrop of developments on St. Maarten and the handling of the 2020 budget debate for Kingdom Relations in the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament.


“Many members of parliament made use of the metaphor of ‘The family’ to give context and define the relations with the islands. While I consider some family definitions and reflections more fitting and attractive than others, we observe that after almost 10 years, a call for evaluation and adaptation of the Statute echoes within the chambers.


“I believe firmly in our country and recognize that joint approaches and collaboration are of paramount importance. As we reflect on our progress and trials & tribulations as a democratic society, I am of the opinion that our norms, values and principles as the basis of our parliamentary democracy, require reflection and renewal.


“The only way is forward and this small, yet committed, Cabinet is also in a supportive position to represent Sint Maarten in The Hague, The Netherlands and Europe. I am sure more can be done in the years ahead if we heal together from the impacts of Irma and are able to transform from tendencies with inward fights to journeys where we together can tackle big issues such as our climate risks, regional social-economic collaborations, innovations and good governance within a desired constitutional arrangement”.


The Deputy Minister Somersall also highlighted his take on the ninth anniversary of country status and believes that “It is a privilege and honor to be celebrating our constitution day. It really is. Today is extra special because we have Mr. Voges the first Minister Plenipotentiary here to commemorate and celebrate this day with us.


“The 10th of October 2010 will always be very important and a historical day for all us. It is the reason why we have a Sint Maarten House and we are gathered here today.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”


“I am sure that many people were fearful and said, we weren’t ready for 10-10-10.  I am also sure that there were many who had faith that said that we were ready for 10-10-10.  It is not important for me to say who was right or wrong. I for one are happy that as a country we took that leap of faith and give it a try.


“Some people don’t realize that the country is only 9 years old and we have a long way to go. We will however keep on building up the place we are all proud of to call our home.   So, let us lift our eyes beyond our challenges of today, to the hopes of tomorrow”.

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