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The international conference on Sargassum was officially opened tonight in Guadeloupe.

The international conference on Sargassum was officially opened tonight in Guadeloupe.
The island of Saint-Martin participates in this event, represented by Territorial Councilor Pascale Laborde.

Authorities in Venezuela trying to figure out if Rincón Galván is drug dealing killer who escaped from an Aruban prison

The death of a taxi driver in Cabudare on October 11th in an accident, uncovered the alleged location of a subject who would have escaped from the Aruba Correctional Institute in 2014; The man, who hit the deceased with his van, was released under filing, still being “checked” by the authorities in the Police Information System (Sipol).

National Alliance Reacts to MP Emmanuel’s arrest

MP Jacobs & NA Board reacts to MP Emmanuel’s arrest

Leader of the National Alliance and formateur Silveria Jacobs as well as the Board of the National Alliance have taken note of the fact that our MP Christophe Emmanuel and his former Chief of his Cabinet were detained today, with house searches being conducted by the National Detectives of Sint Maarten.

The timing of his arrest is indeed very unfortunate and can be seen as interfering, as we are in the process of forming an interim government and preparing for yet another election on January 9, 2020. The MP certainly was within his rights as Minister of VROMI to issue land in long lease, had received advice from the relevant department and has therefor not handled outside of his purview.
We know that MP Emmanuel has been very critical of the functioning of the prosecution office here in St. Maarten and we hope that this is not what triggered this sudden arrest. MP Emmanuel has been representing the people with passion and dedication and has been labeled the voice of the voiceless.
Regardless of this situation, we assure the general public that we are 100% in solidarity with MP Emmanuel and his former Chief of Cabinet and remind all that one is innocent until proven guilty.

We also take time out to encourage MP Emmanuel, his former chief of cabinet and their families to stay strong and remain faithful. Our prayers and support are with them at this time as they endure this ordeal.

Statia loses case against Dutch state: ‘this is only the first round’

Saint Martin’s constitutional lawyer Denicio Brison represents the group of Statian politicians. “This is only the first round of at least fifteen rounds,” says Brison about the verdict. “We are naturally going for a second round,” says the constitutional lawyer. “Eventually, Statia will win.” The politicians will have to take the matter up again.

The group of dismissed politicians, including Clyd


On Monday afternoon, October 21st the Council of Ministers during an extraordinary general meeting of the Shareholder took the decision to extend the contracts of the Managing Board of Directors for a period of six months. The contract extension of the Managing Board of Directors will commence on November 1st 2019.

Based on the resolution of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Kenrick Chittick will continue as Chief Executive Officer while Mrs. Iris Arrindell-Smith and Mrs. Veronica Jansen-Webster will remain as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer respectively.

Additionally, the Council of Ministers has requested the Supervisory Board of NV GEBE to proceed with the recruitment process of a Management Board. It is important to note that the recruitment process is open to the current members of the Management Board and other interested persons in the community.

The Council of Ministers has also requested the Supervisory Board to provide the Management Board with the necessary tools to improve their skills and qualities as was outlined in an evaluation report.

Cockroaches in Pointe Blanche Prison.

Three inmates are sharing one cell of 12 square metres with leaking rainwater. The prison is infested with cockroaches and prison staff is having difficulties managing calamities and these are only a few of the problems inmates and their lawyers are being confronted with during their detention.

  “As a criminal lawyer, it is very frustrating to visit clients under the current conditions. You must first listen to your client and calm him down before y

Didier Pegard Missing Oyster Pond St Maarten

Since Saturday night, Didier Pegard has disappeared. This disappearance is considered disturbing by the gendarmerie services that call for witnesses. This is the track of suicide is examined since the 57-year-old man left a message in this sense on social networks. Since Saturday and despite the many searches, it remains untraceable.

The gendarmerie launches this evening a call to witness after the worrying disappearance of Didier Pegard, a 57 year old man residing in Oyster Pond, since Saturday. Research has been conducted since the alert with land, sea and air (using a drone). Important means put in place because there are suspicions of suicide. According to information provided by the gendarmerie, the individual reportedly expressed his desire to end his days on social networks for sentimental reasons after a “difficult break”. The concern of the police and residents of the neighborhood grew when the missing person’s car was found near his home in Oyster Pond, empty. The gendarmerie asks anyone with information on the subject to get closer to his services.

Start of campaign “Surrender and disarm”

Reducing illegal possession of (fire) arms is in the interest of everyone, in order to achieve this, in the period of October 21 to October 27 on Saba and Statia and October 28 to November 3 on Bonaire, there will be a turn-in campaign of (fire) weapons. The aim of the “Surrender and disarm” project is to remove as many fire and other weapons as possible from the streets and to emphasize the awareness of the danger of these weapons.

Mystery In Bonaire Diver Dies during Solo-Dive

Kralendijk – Last Thursday, October 17, a female diver died in Bonaire after a solo-dive with so called re-breather equipment. This is a closed system that allows the user to dive longer and not produce bubbles.

The 55 year old woman, an Australian diving physician and experienced diver, had descended to a depth of 90 meters on her own and was later found at a depth of 25 meters. The diver was no longer conscious at that point.

According to Xray magazine the woman no longer had a mouthpiece in her mouth when she was found. It is not yet known what caused the diver’s death.

Aruba wants to sue their government like St Maarten. Allergies, lung diseases, cancer, risk of infection; the dump health scandal that is not being investigated

Where does the investigation go? 
But why has there still been no research with this government in the saddle for two years? “We first had to have a plan to slow down the problems. We now have that. ”But the minister admits that he is not yet conducting an investigation with his fellow health minister. “That must happen now.” He does not specify a period.

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