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Hmmm ‘Mr Integrity Chamber’ Looks JUST Like That Dude Who Was Taking $10.000 Bribes Per Illegal Laborer For Fake Work Documents. But I’m Visually Impaired👀 So Don’t Take My Word For It

Boasman is a government administration and labour expert. He has served St. Maarten in various governmental posts, most notably as prime minister from 24 November 2017 to 15 January 2018. He was also justice minister from 20 December 2016 to 15 January 2018. Prior to those two posts, Boasman served as Minister of Healthcare, Social Development, an

Chapter 4 Explanation & Conclusion Chapters 1 – 20: Dutch St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao CEDE Border Control To The Netherlands As Part Of Liquidity Support

This applies to Sint Maarten, due to the turnaround time
of the current mutual arrangement for strengthening border control on Sint Maarten, the action plan
set before 1 September 2021. Subsequently, these plans of action will be taken every three
year to be evaluated, renewed and re-established.
The action plan will provide a clear picture of the objectives, further forms and
modalities for the implementation of border control, responsibilities and measures per
service, by country. When drawing up the action plan, proposals for improvement of the
baseline trajectory are taken into account. This action plan will be drawn up by the
working group as referred to in Article 16 of the Protocol. It will also be included in the action plan
describes how adjustments can be made during the implementat


This Natural Disaster Response Manual was produced for the Dutch Caribbean islands of Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten after those islands were heavily impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The manual is heavily based on the experiences of the Park Management Organizations the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation (NFSXM), the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and STENAPA St. Eustatius and aims to give the tools necessary to effectively respond to natural disasters in terms of preparation, response and restoration. The funding for the manual is part of the emergency financial support given to the NFSXM, SCF and STENAPA by the DCNA Trust Fund as a response to the 2017 Hurricane Season.

Video Dutch Parliament Discuss St Maarten Full English transcribed translated below

Meaning that St Maarten’s economic development will be further delayed. It would be crazy if St Maarten were put in the same category as Iran and North Korea for defaulting on their financial plan. Above all, it is St Maarten’s responsibility. It would be a ‘stain’ on the Kingdom, on St Maarten and the St Maarten government. I am curious as to how the Minister feels.

New Video SXM ELECTIONS 101 Part 1 Series 1 Featuring ALL parties. KURT RUAN VROMI NEXT….

New Video SXM Snap Election 2020. I am putting together a series this election: Sxm Elections 101. At first I was going to do the usual post photos and videos and write the explanation, but not all of my friends can see to read, some are getting older. Quite a few St Maarteners like Carlito who love politics, but because of diabetes he is slowly going blind and cannot read the blogs, so I tried narration 😂Disclaimer: I have all types of speech deviations and speech impediments, so don’t laugh at my lisp, I got that from my St Lucia side. Also, my home is my studio until Kurt Ruan and VROMI FIX THE DESTRUCTION TO MY HOUSE. Because Kurt Ruan’s roofer did more damage than Irma, I have ZERO equipment, even my microphone was destroyed. That is the reason my next A.I. CARTOON WILL BE KURT RUAN. Let Kurt and VROMI know….Kurt is on the list, but I won’t publish here, I will post to blog. Less censorship. So Kurt and the gang have been promising since LAST NOVEMBER TO FIX THE DAMAGE, REPLACE, REPAIR. Kurt wants to play with me. Enjoy your video Kurt.
This video is part one of a series that will continue until elections. If you hear roosters in the background, that’s just St Peters. Those are not even my chickens. Please comment let me know what I have to work on and improve for my next video which explains Postulation.

Next A.I. Cartoon Kurt Ruan and VROMi

Next video in this series: Postulation

This week’s political interview is a surprise.

I am also busy working on Cor Merx. Rolando’s upset. Rolando doesn’t realize all the crooked distractions on the UP slate takes the spotlight off of him.

Expect a fresh info graphic video, each morning as a part of my new vlog.


Constructive Criticism welcomed

Canadian Man Found Guilty of Killing Palm Springs Woman, Draining Bank Accounts While Hiding Money In St Maarten and Anguilla

“There was a plethora of evidence at his home,” Carter testified. “It included a receipt for duct tape, travel to St. Maarten, manifests from St. Maarten to Anguilla in the Caribbean. There was a passport we located. We located banking information from the bank in Anguilla. We located banking information from the Royal Bank of Canada.”

Monaco19: Captains seek services, consistency in St. Maarten

“Why not widen the bridge?” asked Capt. Weaver.

Peterson and Stuart Johnson, the St. Maarten minister of tourism, economic affairs, transportation and telecommunications, both weighed in with answers. The bridge was widened in 1999 and additional work on the bridge, the main access into and out of Simpson Bay Lagoon, is still on the island’s plans, they said.

“We have had setbacks,” Johnson said. Hurricane Irma in 2017 re-prioritized spending toward other infrastructure projects. The govern

Angelique Romou

Angelique Roumou

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