Duo Will Be In St Maarten In November

Other islands

In addition to Curaçao, DUO will also be present in Aruba and St. Maarten in November. Here too, information will be given to new students and former students. The information session on Aruba will take place on 11 and 12 November and on St Maarten 25 and 26 November 2019.

For the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, DUO implements, among other things, laws and regulati

Pre-trial detention of (NA) (MP) & former Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development anVROMI, Christopher Emmanuel and his Chief of Cabinet

. “The suspects are accused of unlawfully long-leasing government land to acquaintances at the end of their tenure in 2017. As a result, other applicants were disadvantaged,” it was stated in the release. Emmanuel issued more than 10,000 square metres in long-lease agreements to eight persons (names provided

Video: Roaches in Cells, Inhumane Living Conditions, begging for medical help. St Maarten Point Blanch Prisoners Strike

PHILIPSBURG – An overcrowded prison crawling with cockroaches, almost no recreational opportunities, and begging for medical help. The prisoners in the Pointe Blanche prison are fed up. The detainees who help in the kitchen, with cleaning and repairs, put down their ‘work’.

“This is no longer possible in the Kingdom of 2019. Everyone points at each other while the situation is getting worse. The prisoners are the only ones who have to

Authorities in Venezuela trying to figure out if Rincón Galván is drug dealing killer who escaped from an Aruban prison

The death of a taxi driver in Cabudare on October 11th in an accident, uncovered the alleged location of a subject who would have escaped from the Aruba Correctional Institute in 2014; The man, who hit the deceased with his van, was released under filing, still being “checked” by the authorities in the Police Information System (Sipol).

National Alliance Reacts to MP Emmanuel’s arrest

MP Jacobs & NA Board reacts to MP Emmanuel’s arrest

Leader of the National Alliance and formateur Silveria Jacobs as well as the Board of the National Alliance have taken note of the fact that our MP Christophe Emmanuel and his former Chief of his Cabinet were detained today, with house searches being conducted by the National Detectives of Sint Maarten.

The timing of his arrest is indeed very unfortunate and can be seen as interfering, as we are in the process of forming an interim government and preparing for yet another election on January 9, 2020. The MP certainly was within his rights as Minister of VROMI to issue land in long lease, had received advice from the relevant department and has therefor not handled outside of his purview.
We know that MP Emmanuel has been very critical of the functioning of the prosecution office here in St. Maarten and we hope that this is not what triggered this sudden arrest. MP Emmanuel has been representing the people with passion and dedication and has been labeled the voice of the voiceless.
Regardless of this situation, we assure the general public that we are 100% in solidarity with MP Emmanuel and his former Chief of Cabinet and remind all that one is innocent until proven guilty.

We also take time out to encourage MP Emmanuel, his former chief of cabinet and their families to stay strong and remain faithful. Our prayers and support are with them at this time as they endure this ordeal.

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