Supervision of Antillian Financial Institutions Too Voluntary Dick Drayer

Supervision of Antillian Financial Institutions Too Voluntary.Supervision of Antillian Financial Institutions Too Voluntary
Financial institutions such as banks, insurers and pension funds play an important role in people’s lives. They must be able to rely on their bank balance being freely available at all

Warning Disturbing & Graphic: Court Transcripts English: Paedophile Colin Kristensen Raped His 6 Year Old Daughter, Police Officer Jerry Gerardus Took Money, Freed Him

If you are clicking back for updates, full Court Transcripts are being added below. Sources will be cited in chronological order below. In the Dutch Court System, everything is completely anonymous when Court transcripts are published, so as I am collating all available info, I am also going through years of anonymous court transcripts, written in legalese, Chaucer Dutch. Everything has to be converted, then translated. I will also post the PDF of court transcripts.

Saving Face, The Netherlands Caves To St Maarten’s Blackmail: According To Knops, Sint Maarten Has Given Sufficient ‘Clarity’.

According to State Secretary Raymond Knops of Kingdom Relations, the States of Sint Maarten have given sufficient clarity about the support for the agreement concluded in December on the establishment of the Caribbean Body for Reform and Development (COHO).
Earlier, the RMR suspended its support because the States have filed a petition with the United Nations against the colonial and racist behavior of the Netherlands.

Anna E. Richardson, Minister of Justice: National Ordinance Admission & Deportation (TLU) must be amended according to the ‘2012 Guidelines’

The aim of adjusting immigration policy is to emphasize and further flesh out the principle that Sint Maarten, as a small and vulnerable economy, must pursue a restrictive immigration policy.
As is well known, immigration policy is a changing issue, it must be adapted to the ever-changing socio-economic factors of society. According to the minister, the immigration policy, as reflected in the 2012 Guidelines, was outdated. It has not been updated by previous justice ministers in the past nine years.

Elco Rosario Pretended To Be A Chinese Girl To Beg The Dutch Queen For Money, He Went To Prison For Trying To Sell Our Land

Slavery is Claude Wathey giving you money decades ago, to further this charade. Who was St Maarten’s biggest slave master?  Claude Wathey…. Who is his biggest SLAVE? That one eyed demon he paid to retain…Elco Rosario, who is not a St Maartener went to prison for illegally trying to sell St Maarten land… The last time the queen visited Elco pretended to be a Chinese girl, Julie He, to beg the queen for money to build some Chinese foundation.

The Netherlands To Restart Sint Maarten’s Financial Assistance

After an explanation, Sint Maarten will again receive corona support from the Netherlands.
Sint-Maarten is again receiving financial support from the Netherlands to overcome the corona crisis. State Secretary Raymond Knops (Kingdom Relations) refused this at the end of last month because Sint Maarten had complained to the United Nations about alleged racism by the Netherlands.

There Will Be A Technical Briefing May 11th By Ministry Officials FromHome Affairs & Kingdom Relations Regarding Aruba, Curaçao, St Martin

The Hague, Leadership Committee: permanent committee for Kingdom Relations
Activity: Technical briefing
Date: Tuesday 11 May 2021
Time: 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Public / Private: Private
Subject: Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten
Agenda item: Technical briefing by ministry officials from
Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations regarding Aruba, Curaçao,
St Martin
Registrar: T.N.J. the long
Activity number: 2021A02169


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Terrance Rey

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