In the reports about Thierry Baudet’s racist texts in the run-up to the elections, the n-word was used in full in almost all newspapers. Moreover, part of the journal that came to Baudet’s story was not too bad to use the word in full: “Did you ask if someone’s sister could come home with a * beep *?”, “Thierry answer, did you ask? , whether he wants his sister to come home with a * beep *? ” And again, and again. Nobody asked what a man has to say at all about who his sister comes home with, but that aside.

Do newspapers and newspapers actually have rules abo

Grant for project Virgin Islands Dutch Creole

In addition to Van Rossem, the research team consists of Gylchris Sprauve, musician and promoter of Virgin Islands heritage, Gilbert Sprauve (em. University of the US Virgin Islands), who recorded the last spoken Virgin Islands Dutch Creole since the 1960s and Peter Stein (em. University of Bremen), discoverer of many slave letters and authority on eighteenth-century Creole material. In the coming period they will record the most original and authentic texts, chants and conversations in fi

CONFIDENTIAL PDF’s: Judith Roumou Mentored André Bosman, Nardy Cramm, Ronald Van Raak, Nicolaas Herders, And Others…They Double Crossed Her, And Left Her To Die

with all these crazy allegations about Ronald Van Raak and André Bosman..”Well, I am Judith Roumou, and if you read the below confidential documents… I HELPED Bosman and Van Raak and I assisted The world’s oldest working THOT… Nardy Cramm. I won’t say much today, I  am busy covering the Volcano. As soon as I’m done with the explosions over there, I will bring some explosions over here …. trust me. The doctors told Ronald, André etc, I would not survive the surgery. They removed,  I believe 11 kilos of tumors from my stomach. They were in direct contact wi

Point Blanche Prison Is An Incubator For Gangs By Soualiga Youth: Reblogged

The Pointe Blanche prison on Sint Maarten is a salient potent example of, the endemic corruption and inability, of the present neo-colonial system of governance on Sint Maarten and the former Netherlands Antilles, being unable to govern the inmates at the prison while protecting prisoners and staff alike.John van Den Heuvel in his book Sneeuw Over Curacao aka Snow over Curacao,

Resort Of The World Pelican Casino St Maarten Loses Supreme Court Appeal, Ordered To Pay Thousands in Court Costs: English Translation Court Transcripts

Decision The high Council: – dismisses the appeal; – orders ROTW to pay the costs of the proceedings in cassation, estimated until this judgment on the part of the Land et al. at € 882.34 in disbursements and € 2,200 for salary. This judgment was passed by Vice President CA Streefkerk as chairman and judges TH Tanja-van den Broek and CH Sieburgh, and pronounced in public by Justice MJ Kroeze on April 9, 2021 .

No liquidity support from the Netherlands for Sint Maarten after complaint of violation of human rights

Since 2010, Sint Maarten has been an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Due to the economically dire situation on the island due to the corona pandemic and the devastation caused by the hurricane season in 2017, it has to rely on financial loan from the Netherlands. To this end, the Netherlands is forcing reforms that are disproportionate and undemocratic. The parliament of Sint Maarten has therefore filed a complaint with the UN for human rights violations and racism. State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Rela

Update 30 Dutch Idiots Sail By Soufriere, Smear Their Silly Faces In Black Ash. Look At These Dutch Monkeys. Holland Has An ‘Insensitive White Trash’ Problem. They REALLY do.

Leave it to the Dutch to find a reason, any reason to wear Blackface. How long will Dutch Makambas use ignorance and stupidity as an excuse for being racially insensitive,   racist plain. But when they are As we are getting frantic calls from St Vincent, these European lullen of course are having a good time. Imagine when the Holland dykes were flooding, you sailed up to enjoy… Holland has a makamba problem.

St Vincent residents who have not had their Covid Vaccine BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships. One Dead. Structures Under Ashes

St Vincent residents not covid19 vaccinated BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships after three volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island, PM announces  Another major eruption a few minutes ago. The picture below is from what suppose to be the safe zone. Imagine Zones closer to the Volcano. SVG is now completed covers in Ash. We will need help.
This is Roxell John from St. Vincent

Government of Sint Maarten stands in solidarity with the people of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

The Government of Sint Maarten made contact with Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves on April 8, 2021, regarding the possible approaching emergency; the eruption of La Soufriere Volcano in Northern Saint Vincent. Reports at the time mentioned that the Volcano was expected to erupt within the hours or days. For this reason, the Government of St. Maarten has reached out to Prime Minister Gonsalves to show solidarity and offer support if the need arises. During the conversation, Prime Minister Gonsalves conveyed that he h

Soufriere Update Earthquake Triggers Volcanic Eruption St Vincent Grenadines Videos And Cruise Ships Race to Help Caribbean Island

April 8, 2021 | 8:31pm

Webcams now show molten rock on the surface of the volcano, a sign that an explosive eruption could be imminent. Image: UWI Seismic Research Centre

It appears a significant volcanic eruption is imminent in the Caribbean, with the area on high alert and officials evacuating communities away from a zone of extreme danger. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), Ministry of National Security, for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in

Minister of Justice meets with mental health entities to unify efforts in addressing mental health issues on Sint Maarten

On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, representatives of various entities responsible for the treatment & care of persons with mental health concerns on the island met at the request of the Minister of Justice, Ms. Anna E. Richardson. The meeting was requested by the Hon. Minister as an urgency due to an evident rise of mental health reports and sightings on the island. In attendance were; Clinical Psychologist; Dr. Judith Arndell,

An Additional 20 American and 20 Dutch IC Nurses And 8 American IC Doctors And 10 Dutch IC Doctors Are Now In Sint Maarten, Aruba And Curacao For Covid Support

Additional American health personnel to relieve Caribbean health care ANP Additional healthcare personnel will come from both the Netherlands and the United States to relieve the overloaded healthcare system in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. Outgoing State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (Public Health) writes that another twenty American IC nurses and eight IC doctors are helping in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

MP Brison Fresh From His Latest Embezzlement Charges Is Lambasting The NA Government And Minister Of Tourism And Nepotism Right Now

The Government and the Ministers want the bars closed. But have no fear, Chief Embezzler MP Rolando Brison is here. To fight to make St Maarten the next Covid Central. Imagine Curacao lost four more last night, yet Rolando is in St Maarten fighting to keep clubs open for amphibians and reptiles who do not give a damn about the St Maarten people


Melissa Gumbs The Big Fat Lie


Nobody Prostitutes Like the St Maarten Government

Two Dutch Parliamentarians One Dirty Hooker

Prostitute Nardy Cramm Parliamentarians André Bosman and Ronald Van Raak

Terrance Rey

Terrance Rey

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