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S.U.R investigating several robberies over the Easter weekend. Dutch Sint Maarten

Police patrols and members of the Special Unit Robberies were kept busy over the Easter weekend investigating several armed robberies that had taken place on the island.

MPs Silvio Matser, Frans Richardson, Theodore Heyliger and Claudius Buncamper Court Cases In Danger Due To New Covid-19 Ban. Judges Have To Be Flown In

These include hearings against former MPs Silvio Matser, Frans Richardson, Theodore Heyliger and Claudius Buncamper. Judges from Curaçao would have to be flown in for that, but that is no longer possible.

The Court now wants to see whether the cases can take place via a video link, but lawyers have protested against this. They wouldn’t work properly.

NO ROMANCE, WITHOUT THE FINANCE! According To Minister Knops This Morning, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs Will Not Sign Implementation Agenda, Until Knops Guarantees Liquidity

NO ROMANCE, WITHOUT THE FINANCE: According to minister Knops, Sint Maarten Prime Minister, Silveria Jacobs won’t sign the implementation agenda until she is assured liquidity. Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion in yesterday March 31st 2021 Council of Ministers Press Briefing, made it seem like the next tranche of liquidity support is a done deal.
However, it is obvious by the letter sent by Minister Knops, minutes ago, that there is no guarantee.

These Dutch Government Funded Ditch Pigs Say That They Are Trying To Get Attention. MP Rolando Brison Has Embezzled Every Company He Worked For, Destroyed The USP & UPP, Now He Wants To Be Your Independence Leader

5a)  I might be visually impaired, I need new glasses, but I’m the ONLY one who seems to notice a pattern with Mafia Boss Francesco Corallo and the political cohorts that he purchases… Corallo HIMSELF: Arrested/Prison, Schotte: Arrested/Prison, Theo: Arrested/Prison, Silvio: Arrested/Prison, Chanel: Arrested/Sentenced, Frans, Arrested/ Awaiting Trial…. Do you see a pattern? Yet Your independence Petition leader believes it’s okay to beg the Mafia for money. Rolando believes St Maarten can become independent from Holland, by becoming more dependent on the Mafia. Rolando Brison is going to jail.  Desperate people do stupid things which can imperil and endanger others. If Knops and staff, and the RMR don’t know how to do a basic search, send them this link.

PFP Calls on coalition to withdraw petition to UN: Party for Progress St. Maarten ONE OF THEIR SLATE MEMBERS TRIED TO COME AT ME IN DEFENSE OF GRISHA AND THEO

PFP Calls on coalition to withdraw petition to UN: Party for Progress St. Maarten ONE OF THEIR SLATE MEMBERS TRIED TO COME AT ME IN DEFENSE OF GRISHA AND THEO:
Personal agendas, lack of strategy at center of current crisis. PFP Calls on coalition to withdraw petition to UN
The Party for Progress (PFP) faction members Melissa Gumbs and Raeyhon Peterson called on the current coalition to withdraw the petition submitted on March 9th to UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, and the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.`


And most recently, the Dutch government has demanded that Sint Maarten (1) abandon a bridge loan from an international lender that would have avoided a default with a ten-year old Dutch government loan and (2) abandon recent efforts to finalize their decolonization from the Netherlands. And if Sint Maarten refuses these demands, the Dutch government will deny them the next tranche of a loan and will declare a default of the ten-year old loan—destroying the Sint Maarten economy and the island’s credit rating. Both of these demands are in violation not only of the Kingdom Charter, the constitutional organ of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but also of the international human rights of the citizens of Sint Maarten, including their right to a democratically elected, representative government and to self-determination. The Dutch government’s blatant attempts to use a global pandemic and economic collapse to reimpose colonial authority over its own, non-European citizens by forci

UPDATE: BREAKING! Dutch Supreme Court Upheld María Buncamper’s Conviction. Final Ruling Against Former Minister Sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which 12 months suspended and 240 hours of community service.

The Case
The politician was prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service for evading tax for a number of years by not filing a tax return on time. This concerned income tax and company turnover tax returns. The Common Court of Justice sentenced the suspect on appeal to 18 months in prison, of which 12 months suspended and 240 hours of community service. The suspect lodged an appeal in cassation with the Supreme Court.


Maarten to clarify the complaint that parliament has submitted to the UN special rapporteur on racism. Only then does he want to talk further about new financial support for the island.

The parliament of Sint Maarten accuses the Netherlands in a petition of racism and human rights violations. According to the petitioners, the Netherlands is trying to use the corona pandemic to return colonial rule. Nonsense, Knops says on Friday. “There is no racist motive whatsoever. We will not affect the autonomy of Sint Maarten. ” He calls the charges “very painful.”

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