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2.2 Tons of Drugs From Venezuela that arrived in Aruba by boat, confiscated

The vessel, which departed from Cartagena, is owned by Logistics Marítimo Corp Venezuela, a company whose documentation submitted before sailing is false, according to data that contrasted El Pitazo with the Autonomous Service of Registries and Notaries of Venezuela (Saren).

Natalee Holloway’s Mom Returns to Aruba 15 Years After Daughter’s Still-Unsolved Disappearance.

There she reconnected with a young local man, Joran van der Sloot, she’d earlier met in a hotel casino.

She was last seen in a car with van der Sloot and two of his friends speeding away from the nightspot.

Immediately upon learning her daughter had failed to show for the return trip home the next morning, Beth Holloway raced to Aruba, and within 24 hours she found and confronted van der Sloot. Aruban authorities initially acted sluggishly, and despite eventual detentions of

Authorities in Venezuela trying to figure out if Rincón Galván is drug dealing killer who escaped from an Aruban prison

The death of a taxi driver in Cabudare on October 11th in an accident, uncovered the alleged location of a subject who would have escaped from the Aruba Correctional Institute in 2014; The man, who hit the deceased with his van, was released under filing, still being “checked” by the authorities in the Police Information System (Sipol).

Aruba wants to sue their government like St Maarten. Allergies, lung diseases, cancer, risk of infection; the dump health scandal that is not being investigated

Where does the investigation go? 
But why has there still been no research with this government in the saddle for two years? “We first had to have a plan to slow down the problems. We now have that. ”But the minister admits that he is not yet conducting an investigation with his fellow health minister. “That must happen now.” He does not specify a period.

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