Knops 2: The Netherlands Has No Intentions Of Taking Over The $72 Million Grant Loan St Maarten Has With The World Bank

arrangements that had to be concluded, for example an establishment agreement that the government of Sint Maarten had to conclude, so that the World Bank can legally work well on Sint Maarten. That’s taken way too long. Covid got over it, so people weren’t allowed to fly in and out. That made it complicated, too. B

Knops 1: €352 MILLION Deposited In Trust Fund, 9 Projects Underway. 2 Being Prepared Worth $419 Million. 2000+ Participants Income Support/Training. 1300+ Roofs Repaired

We have currently deposited €352m into the trust fund. Nine projects are in progress and two are in preparation, worth $419 million. We have successfully completed an income support and training project with 2,000 participants, who are therefore more employable in the labour market. More than 1,300 roofs have been repaired. More than 100 shipwrecks in the Simpson Bay Lagoon have been cleared. The new building of the hospital has started. The tender for the reconstruction of the airport is currently underway. The tenders have just been received and are currently being assessed.

Video MP Wescot-Williams Shades PM Jacobs & Questions Reason For Absense, Lambasts MPs Brison & Marten, Tells Them To Withdraw Petition

“Pull Back The Petition In A Nice And Polite Way” Video MP and DP Leader, Sarah Wescot-Williams feels something is very wrong at Gebe. She feels there is something wrong with the CEO, but seems to blame Prime Minister Jacobs for the confusion at the PJIA Airport. MP Wescot-Williams also places the blame of confusion about liquidity support, Because Silveria seems unable to be straight forward with anyone. MP Wescot-Williams blames MP Rolando Brison, Grisha Marten etc on the petition. She feels that they need to

FULL Details Jacobs/Knops meeting amicable, but Parliament reassurance still needed. Knops and Rolando Brison communicated, still disagree about U.N. Petition.

Jacobs said that in a follow-up meeting held on Tuesday arranged by the Dutch Representation Office in St. Maarten, Chairperson of Parliament Rolando Brison joined the conversation and was able to convey the intentions of the petition submitted to the UN Rapporteur. “The State Secretary still expects to receive such in writing and if it satisfies him and his colleagues who have been mandated by the RMR to decide such, we can proceed.”

For The RMR The Question To Sint Maarten Is Simple: Does Jacob’s Government & Especially The States Still Support The National Package & The Coho Process, Or Are They Backing The Petition to the UN? The Correct Answer Can Mean An Instant 39 million guilders, For St Maarten’s liquidity needs for the second quarter of 2021.

do the Jacobs government and especially the States still support the approved National Package and the Coho process, or are they sticking to the opposed petition to the UN? The correct answer to the question can immediately yield 39 million guilders, the liquidity needs of the island for the second quarter of 2021. But first, there is sufficient clarity about the position of the States, according to the RMR in The Hague.
With regard to Aruba, it can expect 237 million florins for the coming months, but not just like that. Provided and after Aruba has signed the second Implementation Agenda (for the second quarter).
Curaçao also has homework.

The Advisory Board (RvA) of Curaçao Judges Sides With Minister Knops Concerning COHO, Disagrees With MP Rolando Brison And Cohorts

The Advisory Board (RvA) of Curaçao Judges that the correct procedural path has been taken to arrive at the Kingdom Act on the Caribbean Body for Reform and Development (Coho). But, it is also judged: “Strictly speaking, the powers of the government and Parliament will also be limited in this amended proposal (with respect to the CHE, ed.).” This is evident from the recently made public judgment of the RvA of 21 December 2020. Although there has been little room for negotiation with the Netherlands, the RvA itself concludes, it appears from the amended bill of law (which was previously CHE) , but also from the way in which the Explanatory Memorandum (Explanatory

English/Dutch OPINION: The Constitutional Conscience Of The Kingdom The Advice Of The Council Of State of COHO By prof.dr. Gerhard Hoogers

OPINION: The constitutional conscience of the Kingdom The advice of the Council of State of the Kingdom on the Kingdom Act on the Caribbean Body for Reform and Development By prof.dr. Gerhard Hoogers I am truly not the only one who observes with some regularity: never a dull moment in constitutional Kingdom law. And the past few days also provide a nice illustration of this. Some time ago, the State Secretary for Kingdom Relat

KNOP’S COHO PROPOSAL -ALL 51 PDF DOCUMENTS Translated To English: Proposal Of Kingdom Act On The Caribbean Body For Reform And Development COHO. Articles And EM

Articles 9 and 13, paragraph 1, of the Autonomous Administrative Bodies Framework Act, a member of the board cannot also be: a. Governor; b. minister or state secretary; c. King’s Commissioner or Commissioner; d. member of the States General or of the States of Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten; e. mayor or alderman or island governor or island commissioner; f. member of the Advisory Board of Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten; g. member of or state councilor of the Council of State of the Kingdom; h. member of the General Audit Chamber of a country within the Kingdom; i. ombudsman or deputy ombudsman of a country within the Kingdom; j. member of the Aruba Financial Supervision Board or of the Curaçao and Sint Maarten Financial Supervision Board; k. the Kingdom Representative of the public entities Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba; l. member of the Law Enforcement Council; or m. civil servant at a ministry or a subordinate institution, service or company of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten or the Netherlands. Article 10 (board regulations) 1. The

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