Tag: Dutch Sint Maarten RST Investigating Curacao’s Themis Case

Dutch Sint Maarten RST Investigating Curacao’s Themis Case, No Limit Gang Hato Airport Shooting.

38-year-old C.F.L. and 34-year-old A.A.F.E. appeared yesterday at a pro forma session in the large-scale investigation called Themis. Both suspects were arrested during a major action in Curaçao on November 26 and 27, 2020. They have since been in custody. In the investigation, the sights are focused on the NLS gang of Coral Specht and Shurandy “Tyson” Quant. It was arrested and extradited in Dubai last November. The 36-year-old J.K. arrested who was involved in the Hato shooting at the airport of Curaçao in 2014. Both men who now had to appear are also suspected o

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